Taste the bitter fruit!Morrison's anti -China was almost crazy, but he had tripled himself and planted a big heel.

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Taste the bitter fruit!Morrison's anti -China was almost crazy, but he had tripled himself and planted a big heel.

2022-05-14 00:09:52 15 ℃

To say that in the past two years, the national leaders who have been in the "anti -China line" have been the first to be the first to the Australian Prime Minister Morrison. He chose to hug the American thighs and release arrogant remarks crazy, not only repeatedly intervened in China's internal affairs in the Taiwan Strait, Xinjiang, and Hong Kong, but even attempted to interfere with my country's diplomatic policy and policies.

"The train runs fast, relying on the front of the car." Originally, Australia's anti -China emotions became stronger with the economic downturn and weakness. This is a problem left over from history. Called Asia, people who can't see these yellow skin are good.

The emotions lurking in the Australian people crazy after Morrison came to power, "pro -American anti -China" has become more and more "main theme" on Australia.

At the beginning, Morrison had a lot of "dividends". After all, he kept taking the lead in rendering the "Chinese threat theory". The charming character of "watching a good dog" in the American family made the Western world praise! But now, things are reversing, and Morrison is being "anti -bull" by democracy!

The Australian election is still about ten days. Originally, Morrison was ascended to be re -elected, but now he has been in trouble, enough to make him troublesome! Things should start with a poll.

Australian authoritative media recently released a poll data. Data show that more than 70%of Australian people are uneasy about the security agreement between China. Because of this, the Morrison authorities have also received criticism from people from all walks of life. The reason is that this "jumping beam clown" messed up the diplomatic relationship with China and the Rosen Islands.

This may sound a little around. Let's simply say that Morrison controls the media through power and let the media release the Chinese remarks every day. As long as it is related to China related content.

At the same time, we will make the so -called "Chinese threat theory". For example, the signing of the Safety Agreement in China is interpreted by the Australian media as "China to deploy a military base in the South Pacific", which is absurd.

If Morrison's "brain -free anti -China" can still receive a batch of "brain -residual powder" in a short time, it is time to be awake for these "brain residual powder".

Because everyone can see it clearly, did Morrison shout every day to hold the American "thigh" to check and balance China? So how can China build a military base in the Solomon Islands that are close to Australia? This is the dwarf of the giant of the language! Therefore, this election is imminent, but the votes are flowing to competitors in large quantities!

However, you can't blame others in this matter. You can only blame Morrison himself. You said that such a clear and innocent China Safety Agreement was maliciously interpreted as a "military base"?

People are not in a hurry! You know, you can really get a short supporter if you play the "anti -Chinese card", but they hope that you can make some results. When you do, you will abandon it and throw you into the trash.

Witness the devout believers at dusk. I don't know how much supporters have lost around at this moment. I am afraid that the number will not come!