Biden did not argue, just expressed his end to end, and Russia later announced the evidence of the US military's "heavenly crimes"

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Biden did not argue, just expressed his end to end, and Russia later announced the evidence of the US military's "heavenly crimes"

2022-05-14 12:09:39 8 ℃

Recently, the United States and Western countries have promoted the Russian and Ukraine conflict behind the United States. Although it shows that the NATO army has not directly entered the market, there are more and more shadows in the back of the back. Essence Even during this time, the Yueye Steel Factory, which is more and more, is actually a temporary command post in Ukraine. It is also reported that there are biological military weapons.

Although Russia and Ukraine are still in the stage of conflict, Russia has held a grand parade in the victory day as a period. Shortly after the parade, US President Biden said that he was worried that Putin could not make the Ukraine crisis end, and I am now trying to find the best solution to Putin to find a conflict problem.

Earlier, the West has stated that unless Russia regrets, it will never end the conflict easily. As a result, suddenly the United States changed its attitude and "softened" directly to Russia. Is it strange?

On the day after Biden's "softness", Russia publicly stated that it had mastered the exact evidence of the U.S. military's biological military activities in Ukraine. According to Russia, all the funds of these biological laboratories are derived from non -governmental organizations controlled by the Democratic Party. Pharma, Modner, Geely, Merck and other pharmaceutical companies have participated in related plans.

Among them, the specific implementation of the U.S. military has the following five points: the first point is spreading in the Lugusk area that contaminated the counterfeit currency of the resistance of tuberculosis; the second point of the US National Defense Ministry of Defense conducted human experiments in the psychiatric hospital in Halkov; the third point lies in the third point; Mary Upol collected and classified cholera diseases, and sent the selected strains to the United States through the Kiele; fourth point transported a large number of detoxification agents such as organic phosphorus such as organic phosphorus; Use large -scale lethal weapons. Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense had stated that there were more than one drone to put an Anti bottle container to the Russian position.

As we all know, biological weapons are contrary to humanity. This weapon can be owned, but it cannot be used. It is already a tacit understanding of the reached of all countries in the world. The United States not only promoted military conflicts, but also made such anti -human crimes in the conflict, which was very excessive.

It was revealed in 2019 that in a P4 -level laboratory, the U.S. military had done high pathogenic microorganisms such as Ebola virus, plague, and anthracnium. Even the laboratory has leaked accidents more than once . Data show that about 400,000 people in the United States now suffer from Lym disease. This disease is mainly contagious by tapeworms. Some evidence shows that P4 Lab leaked corchiae with pathogens between 50 and 70 in the last century.

The above things are only announced by the Russian and the U.S. military themselves. You must know that the U.S. military has nearly 300 biological research laboratories worldwide. What kind of research these laboratories are engaged in, I am afraid the U.S. military dare not announce it. It can be seen that the United States is a "dual -standard" country that is afraid of the world that is not chaotic. Iraq was deeply harmed.

Of course, the U.S. military's development of biological weapons is also worthwhile to wake up China. At present, the United States has also established a biological laboratory in South Korea. It is said that the viruses studied in it are targeted at yellow races. I dare not think that once the United States starts war with other countries, and suddenly uses a large number of biological weapons, the world will become. Don't think that the United States will not do this. You must know that the United States has used biological weapons in North Korea 72 years ago.

Now wait for the Russian army to completely win the Asian Steel Factory. If the Asian Steel Factory is really like the outside world, it is the US biological laboratory, then the "anti -human" crimes committed by the United States will be white in the world. Then At that time, the United States was regarded as a lot of argument.