The Philippine election ended, and the beauty forced the Philippines to make a choice in the middle of China and the United States.

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The Philippine election ended, and the beauty forced the Philippines to make a choice in the middle of China and the United States.

2022-05-14 18:03:37 7 ℃

According to, the results of the recent elections in the Philippines in the 2022 were released. Presidential candidate Fifdand Marcos and vice presidential candidate Sarah Duterte-Carpio won the voting, but the election committee and the election committee and The Congress was officially announced after confirmation.

The Philippine election begins

The end of the Philippine election did not let everyone pay attention to the country, and everyone was curious about the attitude of the new president to China and the United States. The United States wants to win the Philippines to join its own camp. It is no longer a day or two. Duterte never chose to stand in the United States, but chose to continue to maintain neutrality. Now that the new president has determined, what attitude does Pian Marcos hold on the United States, will it be the same as Duterte?

Since the treasures of the United States are not Pinacus and Sarah, but choose to support the presidential candidate ranked second place, but now it is Macos that wins, which is good news for China. Compared to the United States, the victory of Paris Kos is not good for them, which has completely disrupted the plans of the United States. Even so, even if the United States still wants to force the Philippines to make choices between China and the United States, the United States tries to threaten the Philippines through public opinion and wants to force standing to stand. The United States has made confusion in the Philippines and provided all aspects of other candidates, and hopes to change the Filipino election results, but it is not as expected.

Beauty forced the Philippines to make a choice in the middle of China and the United States

The United States wants to interfere with the internal affairs of other countries, and has been accused by more and more countries. What attitude is Piancos? Will not support China. Xiaomakus said that he was just the Philippines. In fact, we heard the real meaning from the words of Xiaomakus, that is, the specific decision and choice power are decided by the Philippines themselves. They will consider their own interests, not their own interests, not their own interests, not Follow the pace of other countries.

Xiaomakus bright attitude

Little Macos has expressed his willingness to cooperate closely with China to maintain a comprehensive bilateral relationship. China does not need the Philippine station team. As long as the other party can maintain neutrality and not target China behind the United States, it is a good thing for my country. The United States tries to win the Philippines and concentrate the Asia -Pacific region, so as to cultivate the Asian version of "Ukraine", using it to target China and contain all aspects of our country. It is just that the United States has not been able to achieve plans, and it is also not smooth in attracting other countries.

Asian countries have realized that they are against China, which will only make their own losses greater. It does not make sense to get close to the United States. There are many younger brothers in the United States. As for the interests of other countries, it has nothing to do with the United States. If it is said that it can sacrifice the interests of other countries, the United States will not hesitate to choose to cooperate with the United States, which is a behavior in itself that puts a knife frame around the neck.

Under the confrontation of the great country, it will affect all aspects of the world. Especially once the small country is involved in it, it is impossible to draw out, and it is more likely to become a victim. If the Philippines chooses to tend to the United States and the relationship with China will be destroyed, it will lose a lot of benefits. When you choose to get close to China, you will be stared at by the United States. Marcos still chose to continue Duterte's policy, but relatively speaking, he would not be as tough as Lao Du as much as Lao Du. As soon as he had any dissatisfaction, he blame the United States or directly scolded.