NATO and Russia are really likely to start war. US military experts revealed that Poland will be a "ignition person"

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NATO and Russia are really likely to start war. US military experts revealed that Poland will be a "ignition person"

2022-05-14 18:03:28 7 ℃

After the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, NATO has not stopped the "handing knife" behind Ukraine. It not only launched rounds of sanctions on Russia, but also provided military assistance to Ukraine. , Missiles and offensive drones were sent to Kyiv. What's even more excessive is that the United States and Britain, which dominate NATO, also encouraged Ukraine to "use NATO aid weapons to launch an attack on Russia." In this regard, Russia has warned NATO to lead to the consequences of "unpredictable". However, the United States (NATO) obviously did not take Russia's warnings too seriously, and may even take the initiative to provoke war. Some US military experts said that Poland will act as a "ignition person" to help the United States promote war with Russia.

According to a Russian satellite news agency reported on May 13, the US retired colonel, former defense chief consultant, and military expert McGregor recently said that the possibility of "the war in western Ukraine" and the "war outbreak of Russia and NATO". McGregor pointed out that "the success of the Russian army and the tragic situation of the Ukraine" run counter to Washington's plan. He speculated that the Biden government was trying to reverse the situation and keep his face in despair. "It seems that Poland provides a way out."

In fact, this speculation of McGregor is not groundless. As early as the end of April, Western media broke the news, saying that the United States was conspiring with Poland, "willing to help Poland from Ukraine to get back its own land." Because during World War II, Ukraine was still the Soviet Union. As a weak country, Poland also was placed under the Soviet Union at the time, which is now in Ukraine. Although more than 70 years have passed, Poland has been embraced by this matter. Good opportunity, send troops to Ukraine, and recapture their own land.

In this regard, Russia issued a warning at the first time that any military forces in NATO countries entering Ukraine will be regarded as "war against Russia", and Russia will make the most severe counterattack. The vice chairman of the Russian Security Council, Medvedev, said directly that NATO transport weapons, training forces, and exercise conferences to "increase the possibility of direct and open conflict between NATO and Russia" and have the risk of conflict development into a real nuclear war.

In this regard, the United States directly responded that "any pressure cannot prevent the US military from helping Ukraine." In addition, from the United States encouraged Ukraine to attack Russia and direct the "doomsday fighters" of the Nuclear War to start drills and propose auxiliary of US $ 40 billion in assistance, it is really possible to prepare for "personal ending". Of course, this "personal ending" is not a direct war from the United States and Russia, but to push NATO to the front, let NATO members Poland take the fire as the "agent" of the United States (NATO) and Russia, and the United States is the United States. Sitting in the town in the back.

Judging from the current chaos in the United States, Biden does need a war to enhance popularity. First, because of the epidemic, the United States not only diagnosed more than 80 million, but also died more than 100 million, and people's hearts were disturbed; the second was the birth of multiple factors such as epidemic, inflation, supply chain break, and US dollar currency value. And boosting; third, this year is the year of the US midterm election. The Democratic Party has only led the Republican Party with a weak advantage in Congress. In this context, the mid -term election may be defeated, so that the position of the majority of the Congress will be the place of the Congress. In this way, Biden will become the "lame president", and there will even be a dilemma of "the white palace difficult to get out of the White House".

In summary, the Bayeng government is really likely to find a "agent" to make a big fire with the real gun of the Russian knife, using war to boost people's hearts and forcing the United States to reshuffle. What's more, for nearly three months of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, Russia has been dragged "exhausted". At this time, the United States stands on the boxing station and is very likely to win.

In addition, Poland, which has "revenge" with Russia, is also willing to act as the "agent" of the United States (NATO) and Russia. On the one hand, Russia has led to Poland three times in history, and Poland wants to take this opportunity to "revenge"; on the other hand, Russia has played 79 days, and it seems that there is no way to take Ukraine. After Poland, The bigger, not to mention the backing of the United States (NATO); the third, if the war is good, Poland is really likely to get the "historical territory" from Ukraine. After all, the United States will "talk about meritorious rewards." However, after the United States (NATO) has ended in person, Russia may not play against Ukraine. If Poland is the "head of NATO", it will probably be "nuclear" by Russia. After being persecuted to the corner, Russia has the courage to "return to the Stone Age". Is the United States (NATO)?