The United States extended his hand to the gate of China, and South Korea was the first to welcome!China is never used to it, act quickly

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The United States extended his hand to the gate of China, and South Korea was the first to welcome!China is never used to it, act quickly

2022-05-14 18:02:53 9 ℃

The current Russian and Ukraine issue has not been properly resolved, but the forces of the United States and NATO immediately spread to Asia immediately, ready to accelerate the sanctions sanctioning China. According to the data, South Korea published official news that it will announce a two -week joint military exercise with the U.S. military. It is worth noting that the time of this military exercise is set on the day before the official taking office of the new president Yin Xiyue, reflecting that South Korea's move attaches great importance to this military operation.

Facing the advice of the United States and NATO, China said that it would never swallow. China's current comprehensive strength is enough to resist the universal slander and deliberate provocations of the United States. At the same time, China will also take action to maintain China's land safety as soon as possible.

The United States extended his hand to the gate of China

The Russian -Ukraine conflict broke out for more than two months, and Russia was sanctioned by Western countries such as the United States during the military operation with Ukraine. Russia's sanctions and losses have brought opportunities to the United States. They will greatly affect Russia's economy and military in recent years, and the United States can have more energy to shift to Asia and deal with China. The deterioration of Russia -Ukraine's relations did not have an impact on the United States, but instead promoted the ambitions of US sanctions in China. What's even more ridiculous is that after the United States promotes the conflict of Russia and Ukraine and let the economy of the entire world slum, not only does not reflect on itself, it has sprung up the idea of ​​sanctioning China. In other words, all of this is arranged by the United States. It is a disordered domestic situation in Russia, and then it has increased sanctions on China.

There are two reasons why the United States is anxious to expand its sphere of influence to China: First, the United States believes that a series of sanctions in Western countries will weaken all aspects of Russia in the near future. Russia has always maintained a good relationship with China. At the same time, both countries are countries with strong comprehensive strength in the world. If China is sanctioned by the United States, Russia will definitely assist China. After all, Russia and China have always associated in the way of suffering from the Communist Party and the same way. Although Russia will certainly not interfere with China's internal affairs, Russia will not ignore China. The United States knew this very clearly that it did not dare to impose sanctions on Russia and China at the same time. Today's domestic situation in Russia is quite chaotic, and even if she wants to help China, she is weak.

That's why the United States was so anxious to impose sanctions against China to prevent Russia's intervention. The US Minister of Defense has also said that Russia has suffered great losses in Ukraine's military operations. The United States hopes that Russia's current military strength can be reduced to the same military operations as U.S.. The ambition of the leader's speech was exposed.

The second is that the United States believes that EU member states are influenced by Russia and Ukraine's conflict, and now they have a strong sense of defense and anxiety. If the United States announces sanctions against China, the EU will actively respond to the United States' call and join the war. After all, the European Union is also quite alert to China's development. Once China is strong, it means that there is another country in the world that is comparable to the United States. Then if there is a dispute between the two countries, this is quite unfavorable to the EU, it is better to stifle the development of China in advance.

In fact, the United States exposed its ambitions for sanctions on China a long time ago. Not long ago, the United States had started with Taiwan, China. American experts set off public opinion, claiming that mainland China is currently stepping up the research and development of nuclear weapons. And The false news spreads strongly with Taiwan overseas, and even media reports said that mainland China is likely to launch military operations against Taiwan during the war of Russia. These false reports have a great impact on the people in Taiwan on their thoughts, and have a great conflict on mainland China. In fact, all the efforts made by the United States are to slander China, and they have spread some ridiculous lies as the facts. However, most people in the world understand that everything in the United States has no evidence, but the leaders of the United States still regard it as a powerful tool for sanctioning China. Today, the United States believes that everything is ready, and it will start to announce a lot of sanctions in Asia. And South Korea became the first country to welcome the United States in . The military exercise jointly organized by the United States in South Korea was to threaten China not to act lightly.

South Korea's first greetings

In fact, careful analysis is obtained, South Korea's current steps that have stepped up good to the United States are lacking consideration. The reason is likely that the newly appointed South Korean president did not conduct a comprehensive and specific analysis of the global situation, nor did he solicit the opinions of Korean senior leaders and the general public. Therefore, South Korea's current decision is quite one -sided, and it will eventually harm South Korea themselves.

First of all, the relationship between South Korea and China is pretty good. It is understood that most Korean people have not regarded China as competitors, let alone regarding China as enemies. At the moment when the international situation is complicated, most Korean people believe that South Korea should currently maintain neutrality and uphold a balanced foreign policy. After all, South Korea and China have maintained good exchanges in tourism, trade, and military. In addition, the geographical location of China and South Korea is relatively close. China's domestic stability also guarantees South Korea's peace. Therefore, relevant person analysis believes that although South Korean people will not be particularly friendly to China, they are unwilling to join the United States for sanctions on China.

And Korean senior leaders have large differences in the relationship between China. The survey shows that most Korean leaders oppose South Korea to participate in the action of curbing China, tend to support peaceful exchanges between China and the United States, and are unwilling to choose to stand side by side. South Korea should fully consider the overall interests of South Korea, while maintaining friendly relationships with China and the United States, rather than choosing to support one party and suppressing the other, because no matter how they choose, South Korea will be affected. If the newly appointed Korean president unilaterally puts US -South Korea cooperation first, and ignores or even destroy South Korea -China relations, it is worrying. But it is obvious that the new president of South Korea is currently more inclined to the United States. According to South Korea's current behavior analysis, joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States are strengthening the relationship between South Korea and the United States. It is understandable why South Korea does this. After all, South Korea has always maintained a very good relationship with the United States. The United States has long provided military protection for South Korea for a long time, and South Korea is also very willing to deploy various missile systems in South Korea. In contrast, South Korea does trust the United States more. The intimacy between South Korea and the United States is affected by many factors. First, both South Korea and the United States are capitalist countries. In many concepts, South Korea and the United States are unified. Both countries pay more attention to the development of the economy and the impact of capital, and do not pay much attention to the safety and coldness of the people at the bottom. Second, the US military forces are stronger than China. In summary, the dominant status of the United States has not changed, and the status of the US dollar as a international currency has not been affected. Faced with the advice of the United States, South Korea had to make compromises.

China is never used to it, act quickly

Facing South Korea's deliberate catering of the United States, China said that it would never be used to South Korea's invasion and threat. Faced with South Korea regardless of the interests of China and South Korea, China said that China does not need to pay too much attention to friendship with South Korea. It's just that South Korea's move is destroyed by China and South Korea's intimate relationship over the past 30 years. China and South Korea have achieved fruitful results in the past cooperation, and have also brought real benefits to the people of the two countries, and established a role model for friendly exchanges. Indeed, the development of China -South Korea relations is facing challenges. China has also confidently believed that as long as China and South Korea work together, continue to work hard and run in each other, then they can overcome difficulties and achieve further cooperation.

But it is disappointing that the rigidity of Sino -US relations in recent years has also affected China's exchanges with South Korea. You know, China does not want to fight against the United States from beginning to end, but some senior leaders in the United States and the media continue to interfere with normal exchanges between China and the United States, and forced other countries to join the United States for sanctions on China. South Korea chose to compromise and join the United States' struggle against China under the urgent steps of the United States. In this regard, China is just a pity, which means that China's efforts have been destroyed in the past few decades. Once, China has worked hard to establish a friendly relationship with South Korea, because the American hegemon thought has fallen apart. However, China has never felt fear and fear. Facing the provocations of South Korea and the United States, China has stated that it will be brave to welcome.

In the development of China in recent years, it has established a huge influence. China's nuclear weapons and military weapons are enough to use to defend China's land security. China has great development potential and rich natural resources, and the huge domestic market has provided development opportunities for many countries. South Korea's exchanges with China will only bring losses to South Korea without affecting China.