"The terrorist organization's base camp wants to enter the NATO, Turkey does not agree"

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"The terrorist organization's base camp wants to enter the NATO, Turkey does not agree"

2022-05-14 18:03:30 6 ℃

(Observer Network News) This week, Sweden and Finland's application for joining NATO is even more revealed. While Russia issued serious warnings, there were also NATO member states.

According to Reuters on May 13, Turkish President Erdogan said on the 13th that Turkey could not support Sweden and Finland's plans to join the organization, and said that these Nordic countries were "many terrorist base camps."

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"We are paying attention to the development of Sweden and Finland, but we are not positive." Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul that it was a mistake to let Greece join Greece before NATO.

"As Turkey, we don't want to repeat similar errors. Moreover, Scandinavia is a small hotel of terrorist organizations. They are even members of parliament in some countries. We cannot agree (they join)."

On May 12, Finnish Prime Minister and President issued a joint statement to support Finland to apply for joining NATO. The situation develops according to the previously announced process, and the next step of the Finnish parliament will discuss this voting. According to previous reports, Sweden will also apply for a contract with Finland. The two countries are expected to officially announce the application decision in June.

NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg said that Finland would be "warmly welcomed" and promised it would join NATO "smoothly and quickly". This is also supported by Washington.

However, Turkey has repeatedly criticized the treatment of some organizations in Sweden and other Western European countries, and the latter was regarded as "terrorists" by Turkey.

Aaron Stein, director of the US Think Tank "Foreign Policy Research Institute", commented: "Considering the existence of the Kurdish workers and 'Glane", the Turkish national security elite class regards Finland and Sweden as half as half as half as half as half as half as half as half as half. Hostile state. "

On the other hand, Reuters pointed out that Turkey has condemned Russia's "invasion" Ukraine, transported armed drones to Ukraine, and tried to promote peaceful negotiations between the two sides. But Turkey did not support Western sanctions on Moscow and seeking close trade, energy and tourism contact with Russia. Although Turkey officially expressed its expansion since joining NATO 70 years ago, because the new member states need to obtain unanimous consent, Turkey's opposition may cause trouble to Sweden and Finland.

On the 12th, Russian presidential spokesman Peskov said at a press conference that the "absolute" behavior of Finland's joining NATO would pose a threat to Russia, and Russia will analyze the consequences of this move to Russia's security. "The expansion of this military group will not make Europe and the world more stable."

At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a serious warning that Russia would have to take technical military means or other means to eliminate the threat caused by Finland and Sweden to join NATO.