"How about the United States in Mexico in China?" France also unexpectedly reminded NATO

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"How about the United States in Mexico in China?" France also unexpectedly reminded NATO

2022-05-15 00:05:45 4 ℃

According to the Beijing Daily, the former French ambassador to the United States, Jilar Ara, tweeted, calling on NATO not to expand east.

NATO's east expansion behavior caused Russia's dissatisfaction. In recent years, Russia has continuously issued warnings in the face of NATO East Expansion behavior, asking the other party to abide by the agreement and not continue such dangerous actions. Facing Russia's warnings, NATO is not intended, especially when there is a US pressure array, it is even more unscrupulous to Russia. Many times, they will be the first to provoke Russia. Russia knows that once the conflict broke out and is not good for its own development, Putin usually does not choose to directly move the martial arts, but to choose to tolerate it without being able to bear it.

NATO Laurland touched the Russian inverse scales

However, when NATO expands, he hit Ukraine, and the United States is even more confusing and supporting Ukraine into NATO. This makes Russia unable to keep calm and launch special military operations to warn Ukraine and not continue such dangerous acts. It is just that NATO believes that there is no problem with his eastward expansion. Ukraine is a sovereign country. He has his own choice. Ukraine wants to join any organization is his own business, which has no impact on Russia. To put it bluntly, NATO wants to tell Russia that you are too wide. What do you want in Ukraine? Russia has no power.

Russia does not think so. Russia believes that NATO expands eastward and try to incorporate Ukraine into the organization. This is clear that it is necessary to block all aspects of Russia. Ukraine has important strategic significance for Russia. It can avoid allowing NATO countries to directly launch a military blow to Russia. Once Ukraine joins NATO, these countries can directly deploy weapons into Ukraine. At that time, any attack on Russia does not need to prepare and can be launched at any time. The monitor is equivalent to Russia's door. While observing the Russian army, the muzzle is also aimed at Russia. In this case, Russia's security is not guaranteed, and it must be resisted.

France is currently unexpected remarks

Russia and NATO have their own words. At this time, the former French ambassador to the United States, Greas Allo, was not at the United States, but warned NATO. Aro said that NATO's expansion behavior was the real reason why Russia launched military operations on Ukraine. Any country, once any military alliance is found to try to push the border, this behavior will be regarded as a threat to ensure their own safety. It will definitely take action. In this regard, Aro believes that NATO's expansion has clearly revealed the intention of anti -Russia.

How about the United States?

Allow also used China to make a metaphor, claiming that if China and Mexico alliances, what would the United States? Mexico and the United States are intersecting. Once the two are alliance, China can also deploy weapons in the country, presumably the United States will not allow such behavior. In this regard, Aro believes that Western countries are indeed too dual -bids. They only allow themselves to do so, but they do not let other countries do this.

Of course, Ara also only does a metaphor. China is a country that is truly peaceful and peaceful. Solve the problem, do not continue to intensify the contradiction. This will not have any benefits for anyone. On the contrary, it will also cause some confusion in the international community, such as the grain crisis, the more serious inflation problems, and the expansion of the war.