Russia's artillery battalion, Ukraine gritted his teeth, he wanted to recruit 1 million soldiers, and the Russian troops in blood war

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Russia's artillery battalion, Ukraine gritted his teeth, he wanted to recruit 1 million soldiers, and the Russian troops in blood war

2022-05-15 00:04:54 11 ℃


With the closure of the Humanitarian Corridor, the Russian army finally launched a fierce attack on the Asian Steel Factory.

The Aya camp officer who had previously asked the US President Bidden, began to panic and asked the US rich Musk for help. However, whether it was Biden or Musk, they could not save them.

The heavy artillery of the Russian army was still arranged not far away. The -22M "reverse fire" bomber was circling over the sky, and was ready to have a "carpet" bombing at this six-layer fortress at any time.

It is only a matter of time to break the attack of the Asia Steel Factory, and this time is not far away.

In order to understand the defenders in the rescue factory, Zeelianzky also used the tricks. First, he threatened to stop negotiating with Russia permanently. Unfortunately, the threat was unsuccessful, and the offensive was fierce. For love, now, Zeelianzki will talk again, willing to put it on Crimean for the time being, and seek to meet with President Putin.

All the "operations" of Zelezi pointed to the same purpose -the Asia Steel Factory, so the outside world has been guessing whether there will be "big fish" in the factory area.

Unfortunately, the conflict has been on the 80th day, and the "big fish" is still a mystery, not to mention that even if there is a big fish, in such an environment, the situation is not optimistic, and even life and death may be unpredictable.

Ukrainian Minister of Defense Lezonikov couldn't sit still, a crazy plan to blurt out.

According to the reference news, quoting Russia's newspaper reported on the 13th that Leznikov posted on his Facebook account that day that due to the fierce war, the Kyiv authorities have launched a procedure to improve the ability of Ukraine's defense. Our next step is to ensure 100 100 Thousands of people participated in the war to resist the enemy.

You know, even before the conflict broke out, the total population of the entire country in Ukraine was only 40 million. If you remove the old and weak women and children, only the young men who can be used for combat can certainly become scarce.

After all, Ukraine's domestic gender ratio has always been unbalanced, and there are many well -known women and fewer men. Besides, after the conflict broke out, Ukraine also lost a large number of young men. Complete evacuation.

As far as the people left, there will really be 1 million Ukrainian youth men who are willing to leave their parents, wives and children, run to the front line, and sacrifice their lives to rescue the Asian Camp soldiers?

I think that mobilizing 1 million people will definitely not be as simple as Pitzonkov's own.

From the perspective of participants, at least 3 directions cannot be considered.

1. Who wants to be a cannon fodder?

Leznikov said a terrible number. This number is much more than the number of troops investing in the Ukrainian battlefield in the Russian army. Obviously, it is intended to win with the number of people. However, on the modern battlefield, relying on human sea tactics really is that useful? Who would be willing to be one of the people in the sea tactics?

Think of the beginning of the conflict, the Ukrainian authorities first asked for help from the outside world. Later, they simply opened the mercenary channel and made an appeal to the world, claiming that everyone who was willing to help Ukraine came.

As a result, after the mercenaries came, several artillery shells of the Russian army were scattered. Many mercenaries posted on the Internet. Some emotions collapsed, indicating that the cruelty of the battlefield was unimaginable.

Of course, Wu Defense Minister only said that he wanted to recruit 1 million soldiers, but did not explain whether it was the Ukrainian people, or the world's solemn. Because Wufang has said some time ago, it is most likely to be aimed at domestic.

However, domestic people have rushed to join the army. In the absence of training and combat experience, the possibility of turning into cannon fodder is definitely no lower than that of mercenaries. So the question is, and how many people can be willing to be cannon fodder in order to achieve Zeelianzki's political purposes close to the Western political purposes?

Second, since the Russian army entered Ukraine, he strictly adhered to discipline, continued to gather the hearts of the people, and created the image of the people.

Ukraine recruitment has always been two means, either forced or publicized. After all, a period of time before the conflict broke out, President Ukradiski had issued an order that the Ukrainian man between 18 and 60 was not allowed to leave the country because they had to stay "defended the country."

In addition, Zeleiski also said that if the elderly over 60 years old think that they are in good condition and can participate in the war, then they are unlimited to sign up to join the army.

At that time, the Wu government also issued weapons to the people, claiming that security pressure could be reduced, allowing everyone to protect themselves, or they could "fight for the country."

This is not the case for the whole people. However, in this step, the Ukrai government still feels that the soldiers are not enough, and they have to temporarily recruit troops. It can be seen that either the Ukraine has suffered heavy losses or the public's enthusiasm for participating in the army.

In contrast, the Russian army, on the one hand, "surrender does not kill", on the other hand, to send food and food for the people, and help find relatives and friends, medical assistance, and protect the evacuation. After this series of soothing people's hearts, there are also many people who abandon the dismissal of Wufang.

Third, some people do not recognize the practice of the Ukraine.

Recently, a video circulated on the Internet. When Zelei Sky was visiting the people's house, he was persuaded by a wrinkled old man with a wrinkled old man: Don't fight again, Russia is our brother, and the West is our enemy. Don't go to NATO!

Earlier, there was an old Ukrainian woman holding the Soviet Red Flag, who came to welcome the Russian soldiers, but was severely stepped on her banner by the Ukraine ... Under the suppression of Western public opinion, these sounds still reached through the Internet to reach What does the world explain? It shows that the eyes of the masses are clear, and many people can understand that the country of brothers will only benefit the West.

The behavior of raising guns to the Russian army is neither clever nor wise.

Of course, it is more likely that the words of Ukrando Leader Lezonikov are just talking in itself. The purpose is to scare the number of millions of troops to scare the Russian army and pressure Russia. In the negotiations.

Will the Russian army scare? Most of them are not.

Russia has adjusted its nuclear forces to make a state of war. A series of recent actions in NATO have made the Russian army more dissatisfied. Even Russia directly issued a nuclear war warning to NATO.

Russia is not afraid of the strength of nearly 30 countries in NATO, how can they be afraid of a dying Ukraine? Therefore, Zellezki should not have good luck.

Take a step back, even if Ukraine really comes to millions of militia and the Russian army, is there a chance of winning? Not necessarily, maybe waiting for him to be a more terrible result.