No. 10 of the Privy Council: Aimed by Mainland missile simulation?Why is Taiwan worrying about the Harbor of the Soviet Union

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No. 10 of the Privy Council: Aimed by Mainland missile simulation?Why is Taiwan worrying about the Harbor of the Soviet Union

2022-05-15 00:04:39 9 ℃

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“解放军再度加强对台威胁!”岛内媒体13日一片惊呼,因为他们认为,有卫星空拍照拍到解放军在新疆的沙漠中打造了一个假的港口,来测试弹道导弹的打击能力,而The outline of this fake port is very similar to the Soviet -Australian military port in Taiwan.

The actual Taiwan media exclaimed the details of the report on the website of the US Navy Society on the 11th.

The original theme was to render the ability of the PLA to use missiles to strike water surface ships, claiming that the latest open source satellite photos showed that "China has always hone its ability to hunted its hunting ships in a remote desert to cope with future potential conflicts."

The American media also used to speculate on "China builds an aircraft carrier target in the western desert region as the target of the remote ballistic missile." Target. Reports call them "Navy target Great Wall".

The report also claimed that the design of the port ship was found for the first time. In December last year, an elaborate aircraft carrier target was found to have a full -size terminal and destroyer size at 8 miles southwest. Recent satellite images show that a missile hit the key part of the "destroyer" in February this year, and then the target disappeared after being dismantled.

From the place where the simulated destroyer as a target was hit, yesterday, the old driver Ma Shitu analyzed it from it.

How high is the PLA's anti -aircraft carrier ballistic missile.

However, the Taiwan side focuses on "which portion is the port."

Taiwan's "Dongsen News" analysis said that the American satellite air photo took pictures of unusual artificial objects in the desert in Xinjiang, mainland China. According to the analysis of the US Navy Society News Network, this is a fake port created by the Communist Army. It is used to test missiles. The target is not an aircraft carrier, but a destroyer, which causes curiosity of all walks of life.

The analysis believes that from the outline, this port is not like Japan's Yokosuka, Sashabao, and is not the same as the Subick Bay in the Philippines. Looking back at the Suao Port in Taiwan. Even the ships are the same.

Screenshots related to Taiwan media

In this regard, Taiwan ’s military experts and former Captain Xinjiang, Lu Lishi, said:" In the past, we thought that our ship was in Hong Kong, and we generally encountered only air attacks, but we must now consider the threat of ballistic missiles. "

According to the United States announced satellite pictures, the PLA's model warship was made of metal. It was completely complete before being hit. After the bounce, the center was bombed. Various signs of analysis should be to test the anti -ship ballistic missile.

In this regard, Lu Lishi said that the current naval air defense characteristics of the Taiwan Army have no way to search and intercept this attack from the tension.

What is worried about Taiwan is that this missile attack from the sky that cannot be intercepted by the Taiwan Navy may not only come from the mainland, but also from the waters of the eastern Taiwan.

"Dongsen News" reported that Susao fishermen had previously witnessed the Liaoning battle group at sea, of which 055 warships could fire similar ballistic missiles. The Liaoning ship formation entered the Western Pacific on May 2nd and continued to practice on May 11th. The fighter took off and landed more than 100 times.

Taiwan's experts Jie Zhong said that the carrier -based aircraft on the PLA carrier is actually a more suitable task to perform the fleet air defense. After the formal compilation of the 055 destroyer, the aircraft carrier battle group began to have a real long -range strike capability.

In fact, Taiwan speculates that "the Su -Australian military port has become the object of the PLA missile attack". In addition to the above analysis, it is more important that the position of this port is very unique.

According to the Taiwan army's own introduction, its navy mainly relies on Pocho Port to calculate Zuoying, Kaohsiung, Magong, Keelung, Suao and other ports. Most people are more familiar with the Zuoying Army Port. Hong Kong, the rest are shared Hong Kong for military and civilians.

Su, Macao and Port are located on the northeast coast of Taiwan. It is against the Central Mountains and overlooks the pride of the Pacific Ocean. It is a natural business, military, and fishing port. Among them, the military port is also called Zhongzheng Military Port.

The geographical location of the Suao Military Port

Suao Military Port Overlook

In the past, the east coast of Taiwan Island was carried back to the Central Mountains, which made the Soviet Union Military Port's geographical protection, which looked safer than other military ports, so it also had special attention.

On May 12, the U.S. Marine Corps Commander David Berg said at a hearing of the Senate Military Commission that the traditional combat advantage of the US military in the Pacific is being challenged by the PLA step by step. Supply capacity.

However, there are senior researchers at the famous think tank company that in the imagination involved in Taiwan, the United States will not have an advantage. "In the worse, in a Taiwan scene, its main ports are on the west coast, facing facing Mainland China. There is only one important port on the eastern coast of Taiwan, but there is no ability to replenish large -scale maritime supplies. "

The port on the eastern coast of Taiwan is the Suao Military Port.

Due to geographical advantages, it has also become the parent port of the four "Keelung" destroyers known as the "Treasure of Zhenjima" of the Taiwan Navy.

The so -called "Keelung -class" destroyer is actually the "Kiddon" eliminated by the U.S. military after having a more advanced "Aegis -class" warship.In December 2005, two Kidd ships arrived in Suao Chengjun, and the following year, the two also arrived in Taiwan, and they were "Keelung" (port number 1801), "Su -Australia" (port number 1802), "left left)," Left left), "Zuo Zuo)Camp number "(port number 1803) and" Ma Gong "(port number 1805).The "Keelung -class" destroyer ship is 172 meters long and the displacement is 10,500 tons. It is the largest tonnage warship of the Taiwan army and the only destroyer at the current Taiwan Navy.

Whether it is the particularity of its geographical location or the ship in the port, the island analysis believes that it is not surprising that the Soviet -Australian military port has become the goal of being simulated.

As long as the "Taiwan independence" is engaged, no military port is not safe.