Morrison revealed "” teeth "and threatened to do: This is really hurt by China

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Morrison revealed "” teeth "and threatened to do: This is really hurt by China

2022-05-15 00:04:52 8 ℃

Recently, Australian Prime Minister Morrison once again signed a cooperation agreement signed by China and Solomon Islands to start hype "Chinese threats". Morrison said that Australia will cooperate with allies to ensure that China will not establish a military base in the Solomon Islands. Although the agreement between China and the Solomon Islands has not yet been announced, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of my country also clearly stated that it will not establish the so -called "military base" in Solomon, but the United States and Western countries will still be restless and frequently hype a security threat to the South Pacific region.

Compared with NATO military organizations to surround the Russian regiment, want to deploy dangerous weapons to the door of Russia's house, and touch Pujing's strategic red line. Is it? Morrison even called this thing that did not exist at all, "crossing" the red line of Australia! There is no doubt that Morrison is clearly drawing a red line for China, but the true meaning of the word "red line". Do Morrison really understand?

As we all know, the "crossing the red line" in international relations refers to an unacceptable behavior. The response to it will exceed the traditional diplomatic category and even adopt military operations. No, everything that NATO has done to Russia is obviously crossing Russia's red line, which has also led Putin to take military operations, hoping to deter NATO! Then the question is, Morrison frequently speculates that China will establish a military base in the Solomon Islands, saying that this move is a red line that has crossed Australia. Is this indicating that Australia is preparing to martial arts against China?

The analysis believes that Morrison has a heavy bomb at this critical moment, and there are actually two reasons for the safety agreement signed by China. First, the Australian election is approaching, and since China announced the signing of a security agreement with the Solomon Islands, China ’s increasing influence in the Pacific region has become a popular political issue before the Australian election. In this case, how would Morrison let go of this opportunity? You know, as a pioneer of "anti -China", Morrison has always encountered China's "tit -without brainless black", and "will not change forever" with the United States!

Even if the support rate of the issue of China involved in China was used, Morrison had no repentance! Earlier, the British media "Guardian" once believed that before the election, Morrison may not be ruled out that "carefully planned the next intimidation activity", including further upgrading conflict with China. Because of this, as the days of the election are getting closer, Morrison gradually shows "獠 teeth", frequently hyped that China "crosses" the Australian red line, which has a meaning to move China! The reason why Morrison does this is actually to get votes, hoping to get more support!

Second, the United States has always tried to establish multiple military bases around China to form a C -type encirclement in China. Especially not long ago, a report disclosed by the US think tank showed that the United States is planning to find a base that can deploy medium -range missiles near China. There is no doubt that in the eyes of the West, it is not only a political correctness, but also a very normal thing. What they think is to block China and Russia in a small circle. Not only is it not allowed to step out of this circle, but China and Russia are not allowed to get closer and closer to the west.

But how can China and Russia allow the west? The less letting us go out, the more China and Russia go out! The more China and Russia are not allowed to go closer and closer, then China and Russia need to respond to the United States and the West with four incompetence: that is, China -Russia cooperation has no upper limit, strive for peace and no upper limit, safeguard safety without upper limit, and unable to oppose hegemony! What does that mean? It is, the more the United States and the West do not let us do it, then China and Russia have to do it. Not only are they going closer and closer, but they also have to go out of the western siege. There is no doubt that signing a security agreement with the Solomon Islands shows that we have the ability to get out of the western siege circle!

Because of this, the United States will be nervous about this and began to hype "Chinese threat". Morrison lied that China would establish a military base in the Solomon Islands. The idea is that China will "surround Australia"! It seems that Morrison frequently hyped that China has "crossed" the Australian red line, not to "martial arts" in China. On the contrary, this shows that the paper agreement by China and the Solomon Islands hurts! Having said that, not to mention Australia, I am afraid that even the United States has no determination and ability to move Chinese martial arts! Even if the United States dares not to, what does Australia take? Do you take your mouth? (Tibetan)