When Europe was caught in the energy crisis, it was "broken" by Ukraine.

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When Europe was caught in the energy crisis, it was "broken" by Ukraine.

2022-05-15 00:06:18 5 ℃

According to Russian media reports, Ukraine closed the Solaronov natural gas transit station, which caused Russia's natural gas to drop to the EU. It is understood that after the number of natural gas transportation at the Sohoranov transit station, it accounts for about one -third of the total amount of natural gas in Russia.

The reason given by Ukraine is that there are force majeure factors. But Russia said there was no so -called force majeure factor.

There is an obvious contradiction that Wufang said and did. Ukraine said that he could not control the transit station. Since it was unable to control it, how did you turn off this transit station?

In fact, the purpose of Ukraine is not to prevent natural gas from crossing the country, but to move this vital transit station to the Samo area closer to Kyiv, not the Lugansk area where it is now.

Ukraine is basically impossible to control Lugusk. To control this important gas transmission pipeline, you have to control the transit station in his own hands. So it's so troubled.

But this does not have any impact on Russia. European countries that buy gas are also European countries. Russia made money and issued goods, and it will not cause any losses to Russia.

Therefore, Russia is a mentality of watching the lively, and is still arming.

Russia said that it has fully fulfilled its obligations to European consumers and has paid transit service fees.

In this case, it is very European. The European people are deeply in the energy crisis, and about one -third of the natural gas supplied by Russia has been intercepted by Ukraine. What is the significance of supporting Ukraine?

If you calculate it at the source, this is not tie or chill.

After the collapse of Russia and Ukraine, the natural gas of Russia lost in Europe still passed from Ukraine. Collection of natural gas "tolls" is one of the main economic sources of Ukraine. Later, Russia cooperated with Europe to establish pipelines that were directly connected to Europe, in order to bypass Ukraine, lack "tolls", buyers save money, and sellers earned more. It is a win -win sale.

However, in order to help Ukraine, the West would rather bear higher cost energy prices, and did not give up Ukraine, and even helped Ukraine to bargain to Russia. Even when "Beixi-2" was expected to open, Europe was still repeated When pressureing to Russia, when Russia is required to push Qi, some transit Ukraine still requires Ukraine to earn "tolls".

Now that Ukraine is on to Europe, there is no way to take Russia, so to force Europe to put pressure on Russia through the way of breath.

But the current situation is not the same as normal times. Now Europe is experiencing a serious energy crisis, and Russia has been holding Europe through natural gas. At this time, Ukraine does not have charcoal in the snow.

It is embarrassing that although Europe is worried, I am afraid that it will still be used by Ukraine. Recently, Europe has been doing things that are not flattering, and I have helped Ukraine a lot, but Ukraine just does not buy it, always stabbing Europe, and now through the card European neck, I use card Europe's neck again. The way is forced to help yourself.

Ukraine's attitude towards the United States has always been more respectful, but his attitude towards Europe has always been in his mind. It can be seen how bad European diplomatic work is.

Although Ukraine's "air break" is not authentic, the problems in Europe themselves should also reflect on it.