Sweden and Finland joined NATO to enter the countdown stage, Turkish presidents stated that they opposed the joining of the two countries

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Sweden and Finland joined NATO to enter the countdown stage, Turkish presidents stated that they opposed the joining of the two countries

2022-05-15 00:05:19 4 ℃

Turkish President Erdogan said on May 13 that Finland and Sweden were not welcome to join NATO. Finnish Foreign Minister Havolo responded that he needed to be patient with Turkey's position, and also said that he would have the opportunity to meet with Turkish Foreign Minister in Berlin on May 14. The Italian Foreign Minister Dima made a statement that Finland and Sweden were fully supported to join NATO.

The President of Turkey stated that he opposed to joining NATO in Finland and Sweden

Turkish President Erdogan told the media on May 13 that Turkey pays close attention to the progress of Finland and Sweden, but "do not hold positive opinions."

Erdogan explained that the narvan countries such as Finland and Sweden provided asylum for the Kurdish Workers' Party, which were listed as a terrorist organization, and even allowed them to enter the parliament. Erdogan said he was unwilling to repeat Greece's use of NATO to deal with Turkey.

Finnish Foreign Minister Harvesto responded on May 13 that he would continue to contact Turkish Foreign Minister Chawusu Lu, and he needed to be patient with Turkey's position.

Finnish Foreign Minister Harvesto:

In fact, I have the opportunity to meet with my migrant foreign minister in Berlin tomorrow, and then continue our discussion. I think in this process, we need some patience, this is not something that can be done in one day. This is what I can say at present, let us solve the problem step by step.

Harvesto also said that Finland has always supported NATO's stance to crack down on terrorism and is a member of the "Back of Islamic International Alliance".

At the same time, the Italian Foreign Minister Dima, who is attending the Seventh State Group Foreign Minister, delivered a speech saying that Italy fully supports Finland and Sweden to join NATO. He said it is in line with the principles and values ​​of NATO. He also emphasized that NATO will continue to ensure peace in the next decades.

European Observation: Sweden Finland joins NATO and enters the countdown stage

Nordic and Sweden and Finland are developing in the direction of joining NATO. Once the two countries join, it will greatly enhance NATO's military capabilities to compete with Russia.

Since this week, the rhythm and process of applying for joining NATO in Nordic and Sweden and Finland have accelerated significantly. It can be said that Sweden and Finland joined NATO have reached a critical moment of "opening the bow without turning around". As a result, the 32nd member states have entered the countdown stage.

This week, British Prime Minister Johnson suddenly visited Sweden and Finland one after another, and signed a national defense security and common defense agreement with the two countries. The agreement stipulates that if any country is affected by foreign aggression, another country will have business for military assistance.

On the eve of Sweden and Finland's formal submission to NATO application, Britain and the two countries first signed a bilateral agreement similar to the small version of the NATO Charter's Code 5. During the approval of the transitional window period, the military protection commitments of the British important member countries such as the United Kingdom can be obtained in advance to avoid and prevent in this sensitive and critical empty window period. Russia may adopt military threats or military provocation attacks.

Subsequently, Finnish President Niexto and Prime Minister Marlin immediately issued a joint statement on May 12, clearly stating that Finland needs to quickly take necessary steps in the next few days, and urgently apply to join NATO. Because only when joining the North Atlantic Convention, it can strengthen the national security of Finland, and Finland is unable to respond to the danger of Russia alone.

The Secretary -General of NATO has also reiterated again that it will quickly and effectively deal with the application for Sweden and Finland. French President and German Prime Minister also stated that Finland fully supported Finland to join NATO.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs also announced almost at the same time that Sweden and Finland Foreign Ministers have been invited to attend the NATO foreign minister's informal meeting held in Berlin, Germany this weekend. At this NATO Foreign Minister's meeting, 30 member countries in NATO are likely to make a major decision to agree and welcome Sweden Finland to officially join NATO.

European political scholars and military experts also generally believe that in addition to increasing the adverse factors of the risk of direct armed conflict between NATO and Russia, it will also enable NATO to obtain Many interests and advantages.

After the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine War, Ukraine temporarily abandoned the established process that immediately applied to join NATO. However, if Sweden, Finland, the two Nordic neutral countries that borders Russia and neighboring Nordic in Russia, they will eventually join NATO, coupled with Georgia, Moldova, Kosovo and other neighboring countries that have accelerated the application to join NATO. In fact, it shows and confirmed that Russia tried to attempt The strategic intention of NATO's strategic intention to prevent NATO is completely shattered with military means.

There is a 1340 -kilometer -long border line between Finland and Russia. Once Finland joins NATO, the length of the border between members of NATO Group and Russia has increased by several times. Even the capital Moscow is getting closer, which greatly increases the breadth of the strategic siege of the NATO Group's strategic siege around Russia and the intensity of squeezing living space.

Although Sweden and Finland belong to small Nordic countries, the military strength of the two countries cannot be underestimated. The troops in Finland and Sweden are good at polar operations and have a wealth of experience in the ice and snow in the Scandinavia Peninsula. Today, Finland and Sweden not only have advanced weapons and equipment including the F35 Five -generation fighter and the Patriot anti -missile system, but also have a set of high -end military industry systems, such as the world -renowned eagle lion fighters developed by Sweden. Once Sweden and Finland join NATO, the military strength of NATO Group in Northern Europe must also increase significantly. All in all, Sweden and Finland's joining NATO will greatly enhance the military strength and strategic depth of NATO in northern Europe and even the Arctic. Deployment and concept.

The next thing that deserves close attention is that the time proceedings of NATO headquarters and all member states of NATO accepted the emergency meeting of Sweden and Finland, and the other was that Russia's upcoming politics, military, diplomatic reactions, and possibilities may be launched. Various types of fierce countermeasures.

Source: Phoenix Satellite TV Information Station

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