Never let Russia isolated?The United Nations has spoke by the Chinese representatives of the Chinese representatives

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Never let Russia isolated?The United Nations has spoke by the Chinese representatives of the Chinese representatives

2022-05-15 00:05:34 4 ℃

Over the years, the United States has been "united" allies in the way of shaping the enemy and blocked Russia. Since 2014, the situation in eastern Ukraine has been tight, and the provocation of the Russian and the Ukraine has almost become a conventional "activity bone". But Crimea has been taken in Russia in his arms, and its purpose is to demand NATO east to stop. The United States continues to render the risk of "invasion" in Russia, and the US intelligence agencies have been finalized several times that Russia has applied for military operations. By early February 2022, the United States had troops to mobilize and deploy troops in Eastern Europe. While deploying offensive weapons to Ukraine, it also encouraged other countries to help Ukraine.

In fact, since the end of the Cold War, NATO, led by the United States, has passed east expansion, increased troops, integrates bases, military exercises, military assistance and other methods, and continuously advanced the frontier to Russia's doorstep. While the military blockades woven Russia, the United States led NATO countries to launch Georgia's "Rose Revolution" around Russia, Ukraine's "Orange Revolution", and the "Tulip Revolution" of Pyshis Stan. The three consecutive years of revolution have disintegrated Russia's CIS organization. Combined with economic sanctions, the war weakened, and the diplomacy was isolated, the United States smashed a set of "combined fists" into Russia. Unbearable, Putin launched special military operations in Ukraine.

Prior to the outbreak of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, President Putin made it clear that he had no interest in Ukraine's territory. Russia's request was that NATO stopped eastward expansion and guaranteed that Ukraine would never join NATO. However, President Biden refused to provide such guarantees and continued to arch fire in Ukraine. The Zellezki government clearly stated that if it has no intention of implementing the 2015 with Russia, France, and Germany, it has been reached and recognized by the United States. It will re -incorporate Donbas states into Ukraine and enjoy a high degree of local autonomy. With the continuous upgrading of Russian and Ukraine's conflict, the United States and Europe have continued to increase their military aid against Ukraine, and strengthened economic sanctions on Russia, as well as discredit and diplomacy.

According to Reuters reported on May 12, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution involving U -e -human rights with 33 votes in favor, 2 votes against and 12 abstains. The resolution believes that the issue of Human rights in Ukraine is "deteriorating" due to the "aggression" of Russia and requires strengthening review, especially to evaluate the nature and reasons of "human rights violations" in Mary Ubol. Rather than saying that this is a resolution involved in Ukraine, it is a anti -Russian resolution. Due to the obstruction of the United States, Russian representatives were absent from the meeting. The US representatives declared at the conference that because Russia had realized "unable to defeat Ukraine", it led to "worse human rights acts", and it clearly stated that Russia must immediately stop "aggression" and call on the international community to show "solidarity" in Ukraine.

In fact, as early as Russia launched special military operations, there were serious human rights issues in Ukraine. The Russian citizen of the Ace Camp was killed by Bas, which is one of the main causes of Putin's launch of military operations. To put it bluntly, Russia's military operations were originally to understand the rescue of the Russian people, and its essence was to defend human rights. However, the United States has a inverted cause and effect, and has repeatedly put pressure on Russia through diplomatic means in international public opinion. At the same time, it was also manipulated by the United Nations to introduce a number of resolutions against Russia, and even promoted the suspension of Russia's qualifications to suspend Russia's membership and continuously manufacture the confrontation and division of the international community. There is no doubt that the issue of human rights has become a tool for the United States to make personal gain for politics, not for the peace of the world, but how can there be real human rights without peace?

As the saying goes, Lu Yao knows horsepower, seeing people's hearts for a long time, and in maintaining human rights and world peace issues, we must not let Russia isolated. During the voting of UNPO resolutions this time, both Eritria and China voted against it. Chinese representative Chen Xu also spoke at the meeting, saying that on the issue of Ukraine, the sovereignty and territorial integrity, including Ukraine, should be respected. The purpose and principles of the United Nations Charter should be observed. It is also the direction of Chinese efforts. Countries should jointly support the Russian and Ukraine talk negotiations. The international community should create positive conditions, rather than setting up obstacles, adding resistance, not to pour oil on the fire to intensify contradictions. China calls on the principles and original intentions of the people of the Human Rights Council to adhere to the true intention, and insist on the real true intention. Multilateralism.

Senior US diplomat, the last Soviet ambassador Matlock, commented that the Ukrainian crisis is a farce carefully planned by the Bayeng government to serve domestic political purposes. Faced with the rising inflation, the new crown epidemic, accusations from the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the failure to obtain the right to support the party's "better reconstruction" bill, when the Bayeng government prepares for this year's parliamentary election election this year's election His public opinion support continues to be sluggish. Since the "victory" is getting lower and lower in domestic issues, why not pretend to be a "victory", such as "aggression" of Russia to Ukraine through "fighting Putin"? To put it bluntly, all the behaviors of the Biden government on the Ukrainian issue are due to their own political interests, not just for justice, nor to preside over justice.