"Ya Shiying" boss: I can't hold my wife and call someone to save me

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"Ya Shiying" boss: I can't hold my wife and call someone to save me

2022-05-15 00:04:39 8 ℃

The boss of "Yasuying", the noble,

The last hope can only be pinned on the wife.

Author: Xu Yan Yao Zhenyu

Editor: Ling Yun

The 27 -year -old blonde woman was full of sadness and begged the Catholic Pope Fang Ji each: "Please talk to Putin and save my husband ..."

The woman's name is Catalina Proveko. In her opinion, the situation of her husband and his "comrades" is very critical, and it has reached the point where there is only "last breath".

· Catalina (first from left) begging the Pope Fang Ji (first from the right).

The "Save Husband" immediately attracted the attention of the world -her husband Dennis Proveeko, the number one commander of the Ukraine "Asia Camp", is now trapped in the Ace Steel Factory.

After the outbreak of Russia and Ukraine, his name disappeared on Ukraine's website. Foreign media analysis said that this may be "to avoid being used by Russia." After all, on the Russian Wikipedia, he was considered "the incarnation of the new Nazis of Ukraine."

However, recently, Prove Pengko, who has been invincible, not only started to show his face frequently, but also sent his wife to appear for help.

Wife goes abroad for help

On May 11, the Vatican Saint -Peter Square, Cartelina and the wife of another member of the "Asian Camp" finally met the pope. They immediately started to complain: the husband was besieged for a long time, and the lack of food and drinking medicines had fallen into a desperate situation.

"You are our last hope! I hope you can save their lives, please don't let them die." Cartelina said to the Pope. The Pope responded that he would do everything possible to pray for them.

· Catalina (first from left) frowned, as if crying.

Cartelina is really anxious.

On May 8th, the "Ukraine True News" interviewed her husband and asked about the situation of the Asia Steel Factory. The commander of the "Asia Camp" only used four words to summarize: extremely difficult.

On the same day, Ukraine President Zelei Sky also said at a press conference that Ukraine could not use military means to "liberate" Mary Ubol, which was controlled by the Russian army because Ukraine did not have enough heavy weapons. At the same time, he acknowledged that it was difficult for the Ukrainian soldiers besieged in the Acelon Steel Factory to evacuate.

· Zeski (Data Map).

In just five minutes, asking the Pope for help, of course, Carter Linna played. More "details", she was released through major international media early in the morning.

Earlier, she emotionally showed reporters' photos of her husband, saying that she could not only care about civilians, "the life of soldiers is also important."

· Catalina (right) showed her husband's photos to foreign media reporters.

In her mouth, the trapped "Asian Camp" members were in a hurry. They ate mold bread every day, and drinking water became a dream. There are more than 600 people who are injured, but the medical conditions are worrying. Some people are only wrapped in bandages, and some people simply have amples. They coexisted with the corpse of the "comrades".

· On May 10, "Asia Camp" posted photos on social media. The photos showed that the injured members of the "Asia Camp" were under dirty conditions, and some people lost their limbs.

She sent a text message to her husband and said, "Keep, we will do my best to save you!"

She began to seek help from Europe, the United States, and international organizations, spoke in English, and asked them to perform the Dunkirk -style rescue mission.

"We need to do this now, because people die every hour or every second."

"We need some brave countries to give Russia's ultimatum, and save our soldiers, civilians and children through the sea or air."

However, when Carterlina traveled sympathy for her husband everywhere, someone picked out her "black history". She was not unlucky to marry a "silly white sweet" member of the "Ya Shiying". It is the so -called not a family who does not enter a family.

· Catalina (right) and his companion Nazi.

Inherit the grandfather's hatred

Prove Pengko, who sent his wife to appear, is really mysterious. Some foreign media said that President Chechen and Putin Ramzan Cadrov made a reward of $ 500,000 to buy his life.

As for his life trajectory, people can only put together from the words in the past.

He was born in 1991 and graduated from the Language Academy of the National Language and Language University of Kyiv. He studied in English teachers. He was nicknamed "radish" - "Asa Schurga" and later called him so.

As a fanatic fan of Kyiv's Dinamo Football Club, he joined the "Asia Camp" and instructed a company in 2014 to fight with pro -Russian people in the Wudong area.

· Proco Pengko (Data Map).

Prove Pengko is ambitious. In an interview in July 2016, he stated that "('Asian Schurga') mission is to establish a new type of army." To improve the military capacity of the army, we must start with practice, not from the theory, not the theory, not the theory, not from the theory of theory. start".

He also let go, and the "Asian Camp" troops led by himself "can move independently in the front line, and will not disappoint people in the battle like other sub -units."

Some people think that Prove Pengko's madness and hardship may have nothing to do with his family. Although he was born in Ukraine, his grandfather came from the Kajuelia region of Finland and served in the Finnish Defense Force. In 1939, war broke out between Finland and the Soviet Union. His grandfather went to the front line. Although he survived, he hated the Russians since then.

Prove Pengko inherited the hatred in his grandfather. "Can you imagine how it feels like losing his family? All his brothers are dead ..." He once took a photo in uniforms and weapons. In the photo, you can see his clothes on the cross flag of the Republic of East Carrier in history. This is a symbol of the nationists who seeks East Cardians' independent Kajuelia nationalist.

· Proveno's clothes have a cross flag.

In September 2017, Provengko became the commander of the "Asian Camp". Two years later, the captain was still a third -level medal awarded by Zelei.

In March of this year, he was awarded the title of "Ukrainian Hero" by Zelei. Because not long before, he commanded the "Ya Shiying" to fight against the 150th motorized infantry division of the Russian army. "Ya Shiying" declared that they killed Major General Oleg Mijiev, the commander of the division, and sent the so -called corpse photos to the Internet to crack down on Russia's morale.

The news of "Mijeev's death" was then endorsed by Grassonko, a consultant of Ukraine, but was not officially confirmed by Russia.

Since then, the "Ukrainian hero" was rumored to leave the army for a while.

Walklessly turn your face

On April 11, Russian media reported that a former member of the Ukrainian parliament issued a post on social media that Provengko abandoned his thousands of troops in Maliwol and tried to escape from the Russian surrounding circle overnight.

His evidence was that the pro -Russian militians had shot down a helicopter to respond to the Ukraine Commander's escape near the southwestern coast of Mali Ubol. After that, the Russian army also shot down a Mi-8 helicopter that attempts to cross the Russian army. The purpose is to pick up the Ukraine 36th Brigade Commander Baraxuk and Procop Pengko.

· Proco Pengko (Data Map).

Proveno naturally did not recognize it, and then posted a video after "denying the three consecutive consecutive" stated that it would never surrender to the Russian army. He claimed that he looked down on deserters and surrender, "they chose the path of shame. These people should never be heroized."

In order to undefeated the Russian army, he frequently came out, and even the bottom line was ignored.

On May 2nd, Germany's "Mirror Weekly" released a three -minute video. In the video, a woman in Ukraine said that she had previously worked at the Asian Steel Factory. After the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, she took refuge with her husband and children. As a result, she was hijacked by "Asia Camp" as a hostage for "human flesh shields". The "Asia Camp" had closed her family for two months and did not allow them to leave through the humanitarian corridor provided by the Russian army.

Even if the true face was revealed, Prove Pengko blushed at all. Soon after, he posted videos through social media that they had fought 70 days with the Russian advantageous troops and "kept a comprehensive defense" and were "proud of 'Yasuying'". "

· Proco Pengko (Data Map).

But on May 7, all the civilians of the Asia Steel Factory evacuated. Seeing that his "amulet" was gone, he couldn't sit still. The "Asian Camp" held an online press conference, saying that the evacuation from the Iron and Steel Factory was the only feasible choice, and asked Kyiv to adopt the "decisive step" to promote this action.

As a result, Zelei said: Brothers, I can't do it!

The desperate Probono couldn't help but "spray".

He was interviewed and stated that if the Ukraine "more actively prevented the Russian army" before, the siege situation was avoided, and the actions of the 36th Naval Marine Brigade were "difficult to understand."

"First of all, they surrendered as early as April 4th. As a result, we lost the only connection between the" Yasu Camp "and the 36th Brigade. Then unexpectedly, the commander of the 36th Brigade was in Without anyone's warning, he decided to break through a direction that was not agreed in advance, and he lost many people like this. Similarly, many people did a wayward and eventually became a captive of Russia ... The uncoordinated actions led to catastrophic consequences, so that we could no longer be reversed (situation). "

· Proco Pengko (Data Map).

After Tucao, he was traveling with Ukrainian leadership.

"Is this the decision of the 36th brigade commander? Or he was driven by someone of the leadership? I don't know. But anyway, this is completely logical -they have absolutely sufficient military equipment and ammunition for defense, I don't know why it made such a decision. "

However, "mouth cannon" is useless. Proveno, who is hopeless internally, can only pin the last hope to the outside world and send his wife to the United States to sell miserable. I knew today, why bother?