Taiwan scholar: Once the PLA closed, he has the ability to launch a non -warning assault and pose Taiwan directly to paralysis

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Taiwan scholar: Once the PLA closed, he has the ability to launch a non -warning assault and pose Taiwan directly to paralysis

2022-05-15 00:05:56 5 ℃

When "Taiwan Mei" hooks frequently on the mainland, there are Taiwan scholars bluntly: Once the PLA closed the station, he has the ability to launch a non -warning assault, and the Taiwan authorities are leaning on the Taiwan authorities. "The dream will eventually break.

For a long time, "Taiwan and the United States" continued to challenge. Following the end of April, the US Navy's "Santapon" Aegis missile destroyer penetrated the Taiwan sea, on May 10th, the US Navy's "Royal Port" missile cruiser again Put on the Taiwan Strait and publicly hype, release serious error signals to Taiwan. In addition, Taiwan media news on the 9th disclosed that at present, the US Army ODA Special Warfare Team is in Taiwan with Taiwan's "Army Special Warfare Forces" and "high -altitude special service squadron" to implement the "coordination" of special warfare in mountains, and waters. From the perspective of the "training" project, this time the U.S. military sent at least half of the special team to Taiwan, and it would not be less than 36 officers and soldiers. On the occasion of "Taiwan and the United States" publicly provoked, Sun Bingzhong, a scholar who had served in the Taiwan Army Intelligence Department, believes that the current situation of the Taiwan Strait believes that the PLA's strategy Under the guidance, once decided to solve the Taiwan problem with "force", "it is true that it can launch a sudden and sudden sudden raid of warning or early warning without alarm."

From the perspective of Sun Bingzhong, the PLA will adopt a strategy of "paralysis and then logging". First, the "navy and air force" and supervision system of the Taiwan army paralyzed by various types of projected weapons will be used to seize the three powers and comprehensively destroy the Taiwan army's combat capability of more than 60 % or more. Then it will be implemented. The Taiwan Army's "Navy" and "Air Force" radar station will be the first wave of attack targets. In this way, all weapons that require radar guidance will become waste. Once the Taiwan army's optical fiber line The microwave platform, sea cable station and communication machine room are destroyed, and Taiwan will be caught in a situation of being deaf, blind, dumb, and paralyzed.

Regarding Sun Bingzhong's view, Chen Guoxiang, a senior media person in Taiwan, believes that this judgment is evident. At the same time, Chen Guoxiang also mentioned that the current refusal of the PLA's anti -intervention/regional refusal strategy is to prevent and control external forces freely in the area of ​​the second island chain. In this regard, the Taiwan authorities have hoped that the challenges faced by the US forces will face the more the challenges. The more severe.

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, the PLA newspapers pointed out that from May 6th to 8th, the Chinese People's Liberation Army's Eastern theater organized the sea, air, and frequent strengths to conduct practical exercises on the east of Taiwan and the southwestern sea airspace. Further inspection and enhancement of multi -military combat capabilities. The outside world is very concerned about the term "frequent guide" mentioned in the report. The so -called "frequent guide" refers to the conventional missile troops, which generally refers to the conventional missile forces under the Rocket Army. Some military experts believe that this is a warning issued by the "Taiwan independence" elements, indicating that the complex situation created by the current "US Taiwan" has raised the PLA's preparation for military struggle.

It can be said that the remarks of Sun Bingzhong and Chen Guoxiang are undoubtedly poured a pot of cold water for the DPP authorities and the "Taiwan independence" forces on the island. A bill on "authorization of the U.S. military protection", although the main content of the bill has nothing to do with Taiwan issues, but is targeted at Russia and Ukraine's conflict, but it is not difficult to see that American politicians' views on the current international environment and " The true attitude of the ally, and the "pawn" of the Taiwan authorities is naturally among them. In fact, it has repeatedly proved that the DPP authorities relying on the road of "independence" is an unreachable road, and the fate of "Taiwan independence" will not change.