128 votes in favor of 0 votes against!Lithuania passed the decision, and the Foreign Minister: must overthrow Putin

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128 votes in favor of 0 votes against!Lithuania passed the decision, and the Foreign Minister: must overthrow Putin

2022-05-15 00:05:40 4 ℃

A Russian conflict, half of the world was pulled into the water. Under the double blows of "food shortage" and "oil shortage" in European countries, there have been crisis, and the public demonstrations have been demonstrated one after another, but it seems that it is not a matter to be encouraged to some crazy countries in the United States. As long as it is for Russia, it is "win" regardless of losses! For example, Lithuania, in the matter of anti -Russia, it shows an unusually positive attitude.

Lithuania again "new moves"

According to media reports, Lithuania conducted a parliamentary meeting to discuss issues with "whether Russia is regarded as supporting and implementing terrorist countries" and voted and voted. In a radical atmosphere, this issue is approved by full votes. At this moment, Lithuania has completely "pulls" Russia. In addition, the resolution also required the international community to hold accountant Russia and set up a "Special International Criminal Court" to investigate and evaluate Russia's crimes. The United Kingdom and the United States dare not say "conviction" Russia, and a small Eastern European country in Lithuania does not know much.

As for Lithuania, Russia believes that Russia is a "country that supports and implement terrorism" and has committed the "crime of large -scale war", but the evidence is full of fun -it is unknown and false. event". However, Lithuania is confident and lonely. This was the case at the beginning of the establishment of the Taiwan office, and now it is accusing Russia of the same way. In addition, on the day of the meeting, the media interviewed Lithuania Foreign Minister Langzbelgis. Lanzbelgis told the media that Russia was brewing a new round of war, and its goal would be NATO. He also made an appeal to Western countries through the media to overthrow Putin regime, otherwise Russia will always be in a "belligerent state."

What do you think about the United States?

Lithuania is aimed at Russia. In addition to being unobstructed, the biggest possibility is to please the United States. At this stage, as long as it is unfavorable to Russia, regardless of authenticity, it can receive a strong advocacy of the United States. The United States has also made great efforts in the "war crime" of Russia. Lithuania stood up and made public statements this time, which is undoubtedly a good investment in the United States. Similarly, this also meant completely offended Russia. So, what did Lithuania have fancy?

Some analysts speculate that Lithuania frequently shows the United States, which may be related to its geographical issues. Lithuania was pinched by Russia and Belarus, and in the west, Russia was known as the "Flying Land" Kalinenrad. It has long been made into a "strategic fortress" by Russia. In 2008, the "Iskander missile" -the range that can cover some NATO countries.

In other words, if Russia wants to deal with Lithuania, shells can cover it all. In this way, the purpose of Lithuania is clear -I hope the U.S. military can become its protector.

Some sources: Henan Radio and Television Station

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