Ukraine did not expect that the chain at critical moments of the United States, Pentagon: Aid Ukraine Plan may suspend

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Ukraine did not expect that the chain at critical moments of the United States, Pentagon: Aid Ukraine Plan may suspend

2022-05-15 00:05:30 4 ℃

The Russian -Ukraine conflict has arrived on the 80th day, and the two sides have fallen into a difficult tug -of -war. In the Halkov region, Ukraine has recaptured several settlements, but the Russian army is also re -assembled. In the Mary Upoore Steel Factory, the Ukrainian national armed forces still did not break through.

In order to reverse the situation and regain the loss, Ukraine is preparing to launch a large -scale counterattack, but Ukraine may not expect the United States to drop the chain at a critical moment. According to Russian media reports, the US Department of Defense spokesman John Cerbin recently said that the United States may have to suspend its weapons to Wuwu.

The reason is that the United States Aid Act is difficult to produce. Kobe also shouted to the US Senate and asked to take action as soon as possible. The new round of U.S. -U -U -U -U -U -Wuxi plans is worth about $ 40 billion, of which the direct military assistance to Ukraine is nearly $ 25 billion, and it also covers the fields of military personnel training and intelligence.

For US military assistance, the Ukrainian government has long been coveted, and Ukrainian President Zelei has shouted to the United States many times, asking for military assistance and financial support as soon as possible. At present, the United States Aid Act has been passed in the House of Representatives and has also been supported by the Senate Democratic and Republican leaders.

However, the Senate's two -party members have not reached a consensus and have been opposed by many Republican members. The Republican Senator of the United States and Republican Senator Rand Paul bluntly stated that it cannot save Ukraine by destroying the US economy.

Due to the opposition from parliamentarians, the two parties in the United States quickly passed the bill without debate by members of the United States. The bill is expected to put on hold on the US Senate for a period of time. But for Ukraine, they have no time to wait.

It is not ruled out that the American self -directed and self -directed and self -directed and found a step under yourself. As of now, the United States has provided Ukraine with $ 60 billion in assistance. In order to cope with the new crown epidemic, the United States has borrowed money before, and many people in the United States are worried that there will be imbalance in income and expenditure.

Although the Biden government has been bragging about the results of resistance, the reality is very facing. At present, the cumulative death case in the United States has exceeded 1 million. This is because the Biden government chose to "coexist" with the virus and did not take strict prevention and control measures.

In addition to the new crown epidemic, the American people are still facing a serious crisis of inflation. Food and gasoline prices have soared, which directly increases the cost of living in the United States. Under multiple crises, the anger of the American people has also burned the Bayeng government, and Bayon's support rate continues to fall.

The US aid plan for the United States is only to fatten the domestic fire dealers, and it does not ease the survival pressure of the American people. In the past 20 years, the US military fire dealers can be said to have made a lot of money. If anyone likes war, it must be the US arms dealer.

But in the long run, the U.S. inflation crisis will only become more and more serious, and Biden will be driven down sooner or later. Therefore, even if the Bayeng government wants to continue to arch the fire in Ukraine, it is necessary to consider the feelings of the people in the country, and they must clean up the domestic messy stalls.

In addition, the focus of the United States is not in Ukraine, but in the Indo -Pacific region, there are more than one Ukrainian allies in the Indo -Pacific region. Many countries and regions are lined up behind Ukraine to wait for the US military assistance, such as Taiwan, China.

Prior to this, in order to meet the needs of Ukraine, the US notification of Taiwan authorities M109A6 self -propelled howitzer will be postponed. Domestic people are worried that the Bayeng government is not conducive to the U.S. Indo -Pacific strategy and will create contradictions for both parties.

At present, the Biden government hopes to open the bow by left and right, while using Ukraine to restrain Russia, while supporting the Taiwan authorities to fight against mainland China, it will never be thick. In order to appease the Taiwan authorities, the United States may tilt resources in the future, and the support for Ukraine will naturally decrease.

Ukraine said that it is nice to be an American allies, and the unpleasant point is the "cannon fodder" of the United States. Of course, American politicians will not care about the idea of ​​the Zelaeli government. They will only make the most conducive to their choices. After the purpose of the United States, Ukraine will also be abandoned.

The Ukrainian army can persist until now, and it is inseparable from the strong support of the United States behind it. If the United States suspension of assistance, I am afraid that the situation will soon reverse. Even if it finally evolves into a long -lasting battle, Ukraine may not have any cheap.

Because the battlefield is in Ukraine, regardless of the outcome of this war, Ukraine will be severely damaged. It takes at least several years to rebuild the infrastructure, and the national strength will further decline. If Zelei can refuse the United States to win, it may be able to change the ending.