"Want to sanction Russia!" Many countries came forward, and Europe's ban on Russia fell again.

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"Want to sanction Russia!" Many countries came forward, and Europe's ban on Russia fell again.

2022-05-15 00:05:50 5 ℃

The clouds of the war are still shrouded over Ukraine. Under the "unremitting efforts" of Western countries, the front of Russia and Ukraine's conflict was stretched. Under the confrontation between the two armies, although Ukraine continued to lose its helmets and abandon, Russia promoted the speed. As the so -called "one drum, declining, three and exhausting", under the stimulus of no great results, the morale of the Russian army is inevitable. In order to inspire morale, a red field parade kicked off.

Russian red field parade, a new round of provocations in the West

The Kremlin held a military parade on the Red Square on the day of victory on May 9th, hoping to reproduce the male style during the Moscow and inspire the front line soldiers. A new round of sanctions in the west in the dark corner is germinated. This may also be a response to the Russian red field parade. After all, once the morale of the Russian front line has risen, the Ukrainian army is unlucky.

In addition to the victory day, the "doomsday aircraft" in the United States lift off the air, and the European Union also held a meeting first to discuss a new round of sanctions. It is reported that the focus of this new round of sanctions is likely to be in energy. However, the dependence of European energy in Europe has become a major differences within the European Union and cannot reach a unified intention, which means that the EU's so -called "new round" sanctions are a joke.

The dazzling sanctions are terminated

In fact, the US conflict in Russia and Ukraine formed a huge sanctioning army. As an important member of the European Union, a round of strikes have never been absent, and the types are even more dazzling, but these dazzling sanctions methods have only been "dazzling" -the EU never had The energy of Russia is really starting. In this way, Russia, which has been released, is really poor in the real damage of the economic field.

After using 100 points to damage 1%of the damage, the EU naturally felt "shame", so the meeting came into being -trying to achieve the vision of prohibiting the import of Russia's oil before the end of the year, but unfortunate The goal is too ideal. Unsurprisingly, some countries jumped out -Hungary. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Hungary has made the EU's oil sanctions plan for the first time.

If the European Union wants to import Card Russia's neck on oil imports, it will inevitably allocate internal interests. However, from the current point of view, the veteran power that accounts for an advantage is not prepared to give a small country such as Hungary.

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