Putin told the Finnish President: It would be a mistake to abandon military neutrality policy

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Putin told the Finnish President: It would be a mistake to abandon military neutrality policy

2022-05-15 00:05:18 4 ℃

On the evening of May 14, Finnish President Ninix asked Putin to call, and the presidents of the two countries frankly exchanged their opinions.

Finnish leaders told Putin personally that Helsinki will decide whether to apply for joining NATO in the next few days. Joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization can strengthen Finland's own safety.

President Ninitland said that his discussion with Putin was direct and clear. He told Russia's peers that Finland's decision was influenced by Russia's request to continue to expand and the situation of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian war affected Finland's concept of security.

President Putin emphasized that for Finland, it would be a mistake to abandon traditional military neutral policies because Finland's security was not threatened. The change of Helsinki's foreign policy line will have a negative impact on the relationship between Fenfen. In the past few decades, friendly cooperation between the two countries is based on the mutually beneficial nature.

The leaders of the two countries also discussed the situation in Ukraine. Putin specially shared his assessment of the negotiation process of Russia and Ukraine. Putin made it clear that the Russian -Ukraine negotiation process has actually been suspended by the Kyiv regime, and Ukraine has no interest in serious and constructive dialogue. (May 14, 2022, Liu Peng)

Russian leadership is concerned about the intention of Finland and Sweden to join NATO

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Alexander Gruhko today pointed out the impact of Finland and Sweden joining NATO:

1. Russia believes that joining NATO neither in line with the interests of Sweden and Finland, nor does it meet the consensus of maintaining European security and stability. This will only lead to the militaryization of Northern Europe until recently, Nordic is still the safest region in Europe.

2. Finnish President and Prime Minister said in his speech to the Finnish parliament that joining NATO will strengthen the security of Finland and NATO. Any wise person knows that the result will be completely opposite, and Finland's military security will be greatly weakened.

3. We can imagine how the situation will develop after obtaining the qualifications of NATO member states in Finland. NATO State will immediately say that because NATO and Russia have added 1,300 kilometers of Finland, the 1300 kilometers are very fragile. The border should be strengthened and the NATO and weapons must be deployed there.

4. Stoltenberg said recently that NATO can move nuclear weapons to places near the Russian Federation. Polish leaders said they were preparing to accept the deployment of nuclear weapons. If the relevant statement is transformed into some practical steps, Russia must of course take sufficient preventive measures to respond to ensure reliable deterrent power.

5. Finland and Sweden to join NATO is a strategic change that will trigger a political reaction from Russia. Russia will definitely analyze the results of the new force configuration that may be generated after the eastward expansion of NATO, and emotions will not play any role in decision. As long as you look at the map, you can understand how much the expansion of NATO has on the basic security interests of the Russian Federation.

Russian Audit Damom Dumar, Alexeh Rulavrev, threatened to Finland:

If Finland decides to join the NATO Group, then Russia questioned the significance of Finland's existence is absolutely reasonable and logical.