Liu Heping: Finland and Sweden want to join NATO.

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Liu Heping: Finland and Sweden want to join NATO.

2022-05-15 00:05:04 4 ℃

Straight News: Turkish President Erdogan said that Turkey, a member of NATO, cannot support the plans to join NATO in Sweden and Finland in Nordic countries. What do you think of it?

Special commentator Liu Heping: I think that Erdogan's statement, whether for Sweden, Finland, or the entire NATO, is no different. Because all parties have believed that although Finland and Sweden have joined NATO's procedures, they have not yet finished, but in fact they are already on the board. This is not only because of the public opinion of Finland and Sweden. The point is that NATO is already "not reviewed first". Britain even took the initiative to sign a common defense agreement with these two countries to protect this matter. However, what never expected was that he killed Cheng Bite Gold halfway, and Turkish President Erdogan stood up.

It is particularly noteworthy that the reason proposed by Erdogan is actually that Sweden and Finland support the Kurdish workers and people's security forces that are characterized by Turkey as a terrorist organization, as well as the followers of Turkish Muslims Aya Grah in the United States in Europe. Essence You know, those who really support these terrorist organizations in the eyes of Turkey are actually all Western countries led by the United States, of course, including NATO. In order to fight the Syrian Assad regime in the Middle East and Russia in the Middle East, the United States and NATO not only provided a large number of weapons to the Kurdish Workers' Party, but also helped them train their army. Finland and Sweden just followed the United States and NATO. Therefore, Turkey ’s shot this time is targeted at Finland and Sweden on the surface, but it is actually aimed at the United States and NATO. Will the United States and NATO Army.

In addition, I think that Erdogan's heavy hand this time does not rule out that it secretly supports Russia and Russian President Putin in an extremely critical time to return to Russia and Putin to give him himself in the past. Highly help. Because in 2016 in Turkey, there was an attempted coup against Erdogan's own in China. According to reports, in this attempt coup, the United States not only did not stand on Erdogan, but secretly supported Erdogan's. The opponent, finally, secretly helped Russia, which made Erdogan lucky to escape. This is why Erdogan later changed from anti -Russia to a pro -Russia. It was also why Turkey did not follow NATO's sanctions and even strongly promoted Russia and Ukraine negotiations after the Turkish conflict.

Straight News: What impact will the Turkish President Erdogan from getting to join the relationship between Finland and Sweden, and will it affect the relationship between Turkey and NATO?

Special commentator Liu Heping: In fact, the relationship between Turkey and NATO was originally separated. If we compare NATO to a bucket of water, Turkey is just a drop of oil floating on the surface.

First of all, Turkey's joining NATO itself was a very obtrusive thing. You know, the military organization in NATO is constructed based on the peace theory of German philosopher Kant, that is, a defensive military alliance with a common belief, values, ideology, and political system, in a country with a common belief, values, ideology, and political system. Ensure the peace of the allies and the world. However, among all NATO member states, only Turkey is neither a Christian country, but also has no common values ​​and ideology with Western countries. In particular, other NATO member states are dissatisfied that since Erdogan's ruling, Turkey, which was once considered a model of secularization, also has a tendency to regain Islamic. During the Cold War that year, the reason why NATO accepted Turkey to enter the league is that it fancy it with Russia's revenge that did not wear the sky. It has played 17 times in history. The gate controls the only natural channel Turkish Strait connected to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

Secondly, the purpose of NATO was originally to deal with the Soviet Union during the Cold War and the later Russia. However, in recent years, Turkey under Erdogan's government has fought with Russia's eyebrows, and even the so -called "attracting wolves into the room" The Russian S-400 air defense missile system that is not compatible with the NATO weapon system was introduced.

Of course, what is most worried about NATO is the ambition of Turkey. Like the glory and dreams of Russia who wants to revive the Soviet era, Turkey also wants to restore the glory of the Ottoman Empire, and even hesitant to use troops to Syria like Russia, even while Russia and Ukraine conflict. The Kurdish armed forces in northern Iraq have adopted "special military operations". These aggressive measures make NATO, which claims to claim only to defense and not invade other countries. This is why Turkey has joined NATO, but the European Union has refused to accept him from beginning to end.

It is worth noting that after Erdogan's statement could not support Finland and Sweden to join NATO, the Bayeon government did not have mud, but instead touched Turkey to "clarify this." Then, it depends on whether Erdogan is really playing in this matter, and if you see if the NATO will dare to take decisive measures to clean up the gang.

Author 丨 Liu Heping, Shenzhen Satellite TV "Live Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan" special commentator

Editor 丨 Yu Zheyi, editor -in -chief of Shenzhen Satellite TV Direct News 丨 Dong Yi