Show the reserve food to Poland and plan to recruit millions of soldiers.

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Show the reserve food to Poland and plan to recruit millions of soldiers.

2022-05-15 00:06:09 5 ℃

In the future, several messages from Ukraine make people feel unusual: 1) Ukrainian President Zeleiski signed an order to transport Ukraine's national reserves to Poland; 2) Ukrainian defense said that he needs to call for 1 million Military personnel; Ukraine Foreign Minister Curiba said that every inch of land in Ukraine, including Crimea!

These three messages are easy to make a judgment: the Russian counterattack plan in Ukraine is serious; Ukraine's counterattack plans include Crimea, the legal territory of Russia's domestic law. Even Ukraine is likely to cross the Russian goals. Of course, the Ukraine has now begun to carry out the targets in some Russian territory.

Put the reserve grain in Poland, indicating that Wu is preparing to fight the full war with Russia

At present, Russia's definition of Russia and Ukraine's conflict is "special military operations", not a state of war defined by international law. Therefore, Russia has restrictions on many military operations in Ukraine, and will not implement large -scale bombing of Ukraine's infrastructure and civil facilities, including Ukraine's reserve grain base. However, once the military conflict between the two sides is upgraded to an unlimited comprehensive war, the food reserve of Ukraine will be an important goal of being hit. Ukraine now moves the reserve food to Poland to avoid this unbearable situation.

Some people may ask that Russia has not yet spoken to fight against Ukraine's reserve food. Why did Ukraine rush to transfer these? This is the worrying place: Ukraine is seriously preparing to carry out counterattack against the Russian side, including entering Crimea and even over the border to crack down on Russian military facilities. Therefore, Ukraine has begun to prepare for the Russian army to further upgrade retaliatory military operations.

Calling 1 million troops, this is a necessary military guarantee for Ukraine to implement a big counterattack

Pre -war U -military conventional forces are about 200,000, and nearly 400,000 armed personnel who have been upgraded after the war broke out. Except for the troops in the capital and western land, the number of troops fighting against Russia in eastern Ukraine is about 200,000. Russia's current number of troops is about 90,000, and troops fighting at the front line of Ukraine have 150,000 to 200,000. Therefore, in the comparison of the number of troops between the two sides, the Russian army has an advantage in the total number, and the troops of both sides of the Ukrainian front line theater are similar.

According to the current strength of both sides, it is unlikely that the Ukrainian army to implement large -scale military counterattacks. In accordance with the basic combat principle of attacking three, Ukraine can only achieve a large counterattack only with a 3-5 times advantage of the formation of 3-5 times on the front line combat forces. Therefore, only the Ukraine's troops have expanded to about 1 million, can 600,000-800,000 troops be put in the eastern battle areas, and the U.S. and European equipment with performance dominant in theoretically, they have a great probability to defeat the Russian army.

Of course, these are currently only the strategic intentions of Ukraine. Obviously, the Russian side will not sit at the expansion of the other party, and it will definitely take corresponding measures to deal with it. For example, Russia may also mobilize the reserve forces, and the Russian army has 2 million reserve personnel more advantageous than Ukraine. In addition, if Ukraine forms a local war zone advantage in conventional forces, Russia may be forced to use nuclear forces. Judging from this rising rising trajectory of crisis, force is not the best way to resolve the Russian and U -H -military conflict.