With the European Union frozen Russian assets in just one month, Switzerland began to thaw, and found a reliable reason.

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With the European Union frozen Russian assets in just one month, Switzerland began to thaw, and found a reliable reason.

2022-05-15 00:06:20 5 ℃

After the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, as a world -renowned neutral country, Switzerland also chose to stand in a team to follow the United States and Europe to initiate sanctions on Russia. It also publicly stated that "Switzerland stands with the European Union when maintaining common values. Recently, some EU officials also stated that "to transfer frozen Russian assets to Ukraine", Russia has severely responded that "it is completely impossible and destroy the foundation of international relations." Perhaps I felt the importance of Russia on this matter. With the EU freezing Russian assets in just one month, Switzerland began to thaw and found a "reliable" reason.

According to the Global Times on May 14th, the neutral country and Switzerland that had previously followed the United States and the European Union and imposed sanctions on Russia had recently announced that there was no advance announcement in advance, and suddenly stated that some of the previous frozen Russian assets will be frozen. At present, the first batch of frozen Russian assets of 3.4 billion Swiss francs have been thawed, which also means that whether it is Russia's individual or Russian relevant agencies, this part of funds can be used freely.

It is reported that this is not the first batch of Russian assets in Switzerland. So, what caused Switzerland to suddenly release the frozen Russian assets?

According to Blinger, an official of the Swiss Economic Affairs Secretariat, the reason why Switzerland thaws some Russia's funds is mainly because "cannot determine whether these funds are directly owned or controlled by the sanctions." On the US and Western sanctions list, Switzerland will not thaw. On the contrary, because it is difficult to determine the specific owners of these Russian funds, it is difficult to determine whether they are within the scope of sanctions, so they understand the freezing.

From the perspective of Switzerland, it seems that Switzerland is still doing things in accordance with the law, but it may not be so simple. The reason why this is the following is the following reasons.

First of all, Switzerland is a well -known neutral country in the world. Swiss banks are well -represented in the world. Rich people in many countries have funds that exist in Swiss banks. According to the reason, who is the owner of these funds, the Swiss Bank and the Swiss government are clear and clear. There is no unclear situation. Secondly, if the need for top -level confidentiality, even the Swiss government and the Swiss bank can not make it clear, who is these funds, as long as the relevant reputation evidence can be used to use this funding Want to freeze?

Because the owners of these funds before frozen are within the scope of the US and European sanctions, then this shows that the frozen behavior at the beginning itself is unreasonable and illegal. Therefore, no matter how it explains, it is difficult for Switzerland to make it clear why it is frozen and why it is to thaw these Russian funds. In the final analysis, there may be only one real reason, that is, Switzerland does not dare to offend Russia too deeply. After all, Russia is a large country with global influence. Although Switzerland is a neutral country, Russia also has a way to implement revenge.

In addition, Switzerland's sudden freezing of Russian assets actually severely damaged its reputation, because everyone thinks that Switzerland is a neutral country, and the Swiss Bank is known for its strict confidentiality. The shame of the "neutral country" also followed the United States and Europe to implement sanctions, which seriously damaged the reputation of Switzerland. There is no doubt, who dares to exist the money in the future? It is likely that because the reputation is damaged and affects Switzerland's business exchanges, Switzerland began to thaw some Russian funds.

In this way, Switzerland pleased the United States because of following the US and European sanctions on Russia. By releasing some of the frozen Russian funds, it is also helpful to restore the relationship with Russia, and it also helps to recover its reputation. But thinking is quite complicated, full of careful calculations.