Russia "power off" Finland

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Russia "power off" Finland

2022-05-15 06:10:30 7 ℃

[Text/Observer Network Qi Qian] Faced with a serious warning of Russia, Finland seems to be "ate a scale," and firmly wants to join NATO. As the contradictions between the two parties intensified, Rao Nordic, the Finnish branch of Russia, announced on May 13 that because it was difficult to receive payment, it decided to stop supplying electricity on Finland on the 14th.

Russia and Finnish power operators have issued a "power off" statement

According to the official website, Rao Nordic has been exported to Finland to Finland through the Power Supply Exchange Nord Pool for many years, but since May 6, the company's bank account has not received payment from Nord Pool.

Rao Nordic said in a statement that the above situation has never occurred in the transactions over the past 20 years, "very special".

"Unfortunately, in the current lack of cash income, Rao Nordic cannot pay power imported from Russia." Rao Nordic announced that it would suspend power from Finland from May 14th, while "looking forward to the improvement of the situation."

Finland's grid operator Fingrid subsequently confirmed that Finland will "temporarily stop" from Russia from Russia from 1 am on the 14th local time.

Fingrid said in a statement issued by the official website that even so, Finland's power adequacy is not threatened. Recent data shows that the electricity imported from Russia accounts for about 10%of Finland's total electricity. The statement also stated that the self -sufficiency rate of Finland's power generation is constantly increasing. With the increase of wind power, Finland is expected to achieve self -sufficiency of electrical energy in 2023.

Reima Päivinen, vice president of FINGRID, said that while increasing the self -sufficiency rate of power generation, the company will also import more power from Sweden to make up for the gap in Russia's imported power.

According to Reuters, as early as three weeks ago, FINGRID company's possibility of reducing power supply to Finland by restricting one -third of transmission capabilities. Pai Venin also said that Fingrid has nothing to do with Rao Nordic's arrears, because Nord Pool is the party to deal with them.

NORD POOL has not commented on the incident. However, a spokesman for the company told Reuters that they had never used ruble settings in electricity transactions, but instead "according to their own standards" settled with euro, Norwegian Krona, Sweden, or Dan Yin Krona.

Finnish President and Prime Minister issued a joint statement that supports Finland to apply to join NATO

On May 12, Finnish President Shaoli Ninito and Prime Minister Sanna Malin issued a joint statement announced that it would support Finland's "no delay" application to join NATO, which immediately caused a stir.

On the one hand, Germany, the United Kingdom and other national strengths are in Finland, and Sweden also follows Finland's positive attitude towards the application for joining NATO; on the other hand, the Russian side has issued a serious warning saying that Russia will have to take technical military means or other means to eliminate Finland and Sweden. Join the threat caused by NATO.

In addition, Turkish President Erdogan said on the 13th that Turkey could not support Sweden and Finland's plans to join the organization, and said that these Nordic countries were "the base camp of many terrorist organizations."

The White House spokesman Puski responded on the 13th that the future qualifications of the two countries of Finland and Sweden have received "wide support" of NATO member states, and the United States is "working hard to coordinate Turkey's position." Earlier, U.S. President Biden said in a conference call with the leaders of Finland and Sweden that the United States supports NATO policy.

According to Tas Society, the Russian Presidential Palace Kremlin spokesman Peskov denied the statement of Russia on the 13th, and he called the relevant reports of the Finnish media "another newspaper scam."

However, he reminded Finland, the Russian President Putin previously proposed the natural gas "ruble settlement order".