If Finland and Sweden "enter the contract", will Europe be forever?

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If Finland and Sweden "enter the contract", will Europe be forever?

2022-05-15 06:10:48 7 ℃

On May 12, Finnish President Shaoli Ninito and Prime Minister Sanna Marlin issued a joint statement that Finland will clarify that Finland will apply to join the North Atlantic Convention Organization. NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg said that the Finnish would be "warmly welcomed", and he promised that Finland's joining NATO will be "smooth and rapid." The United States, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom have also stated that they will fully support Finland to join NATO. The United Kingdom even actively signed a security agreement with Finland and Sweden, claiming that if Sweden and Finland are attacked, the United Kingdom will provide assistance to the two military forces.

According to the British "Financial Times" reports on May 13, the foreign ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania said in an interview that they will seek NATO's application for Finland and Sweden as soon as possible. Larvia Foreign Minister Links also said in an interview that "the Baltic Sea is becoming NATO."

However, Turkey, who is also a NATO country, clearly stated that it opposed Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Turkish President Erdogan said in a television speech on the 13th that Turkey does not support Sweden and Finland to join NATO. The reason why Turkey opposes is the Kurdish Workers' Party, who is referred to as "terrorist organizations".

Turkish President Erdogan

In accordance with NATO's game rules, in order to accept new members to join, all member states must be agreed by unanimous consent. Each country has a vote of rejection. Earlier, Croatian President Maranovic said that if Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO, he would use veto. Unless solve the problem of the Balkans. Nowadays, with such a statement of Turkey, there are still some variables in Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

Finland and Sweden have long pursued the military -free alliance policies, and today these two Nordic countries have decided to abandon their neutral positions that they have maintained throughout the Cold War, which will be one of the biggest changes in the European security field in recent decades.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalina Andatson and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Malin

How does Finland and Sweden shift from neutral to NATO?

Since the founding of the Soviet Union, there has been an objection to the borders connected to Finland, thinking that it threatens the safety of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), the second largest city in the Soviet Union, which is only 32 kilometers away from the border, and at that time, Finland and Germany The relationship is close, and the Soviet Union believes that Finland may become an accomplice in Germany's invasion of the country, so it continues to solve its boundaries by negotiating, threatening or trying to subvert the Finnish government. The armed invasion of Finland broke out. The Soviet Union had paid huge casualties to achieve Finland's territory cut, and Finland lost 10%of territory. At this point, the Finnish people also buried the seeds of Su Fei Su.

After World War II, Finland and the Soviet Union signed the "Sufen Friendship Cooperation and Mutual Aid Treaty", asking both parties not to join any security alliances to oppose the other party. For a long time, Finland has always maintained a neutral foreign policy.

In Sweden, we know that when World War I broke out, Sweden announced neutrality with Norway and did not offend both sides. At that time, whether it was the British and Russian side, or the German and Austro -Hungarian side, Sweden hoped that Sweden would stand in its own camp and turn Sweden into the frontier to attack each other. Fortunately, Sweden has a certain military self -defense ability. Whoever wants to hit Sweden will pay the price. During World War II, Sweden basically repeatedly repeated the neutral position during World War I. After the end of World War II, the world then entered the era of the United States and the Soviet Union. Although the capitalist system is pursuing, the capitalist camps led by Sweden and the United States do not have many intersections, and they are not interested in the "North Atlantic Convention" led by the United States.

After the Cold War, Sweden and Finland joined the European Union in 1995. Finland and Sweden continued to pursue a military non -alliance policy and did not join NATO.

However, in recent years, the diplomatic balance of the two neutralized countries was once broken: In May 2016, the United States and the five Nordic leaders held a summit to clearly propose that "expressed concern about the continuous enhanced military existence of Russia in the Baltic Sea"; in December 2021 Finland announced the purchase of dozens of US F-35 fighters, with a total value of nearly $ 9.4 billion.

In the past few years, the NATO member states forces have participated in military exercises in Sweden like a "home." After the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, Finland and Sweden deepened their connection with NATO. NATO Secretary -General Yanus Stoltenberg "shouted" two countries, claiming that NATO welcomes Finland and Sweden to join and ensure rapid acceptance. Since the upgrading of Russia and Ukraine, Finland and Sweden have supported the sound of "entering contracts". According to the latest polls, 76%of the Finnish in favor of "admission"; more than half of the Swedes supported Sweden to join NATO, which is the first time that Sweden, which has long been known for its neutral country. The huge changes in the public opinion of the two countries have also indirectly promoted Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

NATO infinite expansion will threaten global security

Under the leadership of the United States, the Cold War relics have expanded five times since 1999. The member states have increased from 16 to 30, and the border has advanced to more than 1,000 kilometers eastward to Russia's border. Today, NATO is seeking northern expansion again! Recently, the United States has further strengthened NATO's status and role through the Russian -Ukraine conflict, trying to put pressure on Russia through NATO eastward expansion and north expansion.

Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has refused to withdraw from the stage of history, induced or exacerbated the turmoil in some countries and regions. NATO has brought serious consequences on the bombing of the South League, attacks on Libya, and intervention in Afghanistan. The outbreak of Russia and Ukraine is an important reason for NATO East Expansion. The United States regards NATO as a tool for maintaining its own hegemony and used military organizations in the hostile country. Create security panic by selling security anxiety, strengthening the identity of enemy friends, and coercing regional partners to choose the side standing team, which has caused serious impact on the relations between great powers and European security order. In recent years, the United States and its allies have even tried to disaster the east, accelerating the promotion of "NATO" in the Asia -Pacific region, and the tentacles of hegemony are covered with the entire Eurasia.

Russia may adopt all kinds of revenge measures

For Russia, NATO's expansion will further reduce its living space: the border between Finland and Russia is about 1,300 kilometers long. Finland and Sweden guard the Baltic Sea out of the sea. Once the two countries "enter the contract", the second largest city in Russia will directly. Exposed to the scope of NATO's crackdown, the only safety in the northwest of the country is not only guaranteed, but even the Arctic route will face NATO. Coupled with the acceleration of Ukraine's "intended" and blocking the Russian Black Sea Fleet to go to sea in recent years, Russia's geopolitical tensions have been intensified.

Faced with the northern expansion of NATO's "humiliation", Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov stated on the 12th of Finland's leaders that Russia "affirmation" will see Finland as a threat. Essence On the same day, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a warning that Russia would be "forced to take military technology and other properties." Reuters quoted a number of Russian officials that previously said that "retaliation measures" include but not limited to "missiles with nuclear warheads in the Baltic Sea."

Faced with NATO's step by step, Russia is already a "red -eyed polar bear". If the rabbits are anxious, they will bite people. If Finland really joins NATO, Russia will basically fall into the siege circle of NATO. The border line of more than 1,300 kilometers will face the NATO troops. The fierce confrontation between Russia and NATO does not rule out that more ground forces, or even nuclear weapons are deployed on the border with the border, which will inevitably lead to greater geographical conflicts, and Europe may never be unbalanced.

Some analysts pointed out that joining NATO can not really solve the security predicament of Finland and Sweden. From the perspective of the two countries, "admission" is to enhance its own defense forces, change weak positions, and resist the "threat" of Russia. However, to make your feet into the NATO threshold, it is equivalent to placing itself at the forefront of confrontation with Russia in NATO.

The world today is undergoing a big change and turbulence. The practice of being obsessed with hegemony, pulling gangs, engaging in "small circles", and even the ideas of provoking the confrontation and splitting the international community by ideological lines will only lead humans to greater disasters.

Author 丨 Qiu Suijia, Shenzhen Satellite TV direct news reporter

Editor 丨 Yu Zheyi, editor -in -chief of Shenzhen Satellite TV Direct News

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