The Chinese Navy sailed freely and reached 50 nautical miles of the US -Australian submarine communication station.

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The Chinese Navy sailed freely and reached 50 nautical miles of the US -Australian submarine communication station.

2022-05-15 06:09:54 5 ℃

On the afternoon of May 13, the Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton held a press conference claiming that an electronic reconnaissance ship affiliated to our country appeared near a naval communications base near the West Coast of Australia. The reconnaissance ship is our 815A electronic reconnaissance ship 792 "Neptune".

▲ 815A electronic reconnaissance 792 "Neptune"

According to the navigation trajectory issued by the Australian Ministry of Defense, the electronic reconnaissance ship of the "Neptune" approached the Holt Communication Station located on the Ex Coast of the West Coast of Australia on the 8th to 11th from the 8th to 11th. 50 nautical miles (92 kilometers). Daton said that this was the longest distance that Chinese naval ships had reached Southern Australia in Western Australia, and it was "unprecedentedly good behavior." The words of Duton obviously lack the factual basis. The Convention on the United Nations Marine Law stipulates that the width of the territorial sea of ​​a country must not exceed 12 nautical miles, and the width of the collar sea and the connected area must not exceed 24 nautical miles. Do it in the Gonghai.

▲ "Neptune" navigation trajectory

Our 815A electronic reconnaissance ship is not the first time to appear in the waters near Australia. In July 2021, nine countries including the United States, Britain, Australia, France, and Japan launched the "Protective Army Knife-20121" joint in northern Australia. For military exercises, our "Uranus" passed through the Torres Strait to get close to "observation". As long as you do not enter the territorial sea, there are no problems in these actions. The American marine monitoring ship (actually a bipolar reconnaissance ship) "Victory" and "Loyalty" have been in high -intensity operations in the waters near our Xisha Islands in the past year. Collection of data information that has a relationship with the submarine. Since they claim that this is the so -called "free sailing", why don't we still cure the body of the person? I hope they can also respect our free sailing, rather than the "threat theory" of Ziwu.

▲ "Neptune" shot by the Australian Ministry of Defense

It is reported that the communication station of the "Neptune" electronic reconnaissance ship is jointly operated by Australia and the United States, and the full name of the Harold E. Holt Naval Communication Base (Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt) Support the United States, Australia and its allies operating in the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean waters. According to information, the base was built in the 1960s and named after the late Australian Prime Minister Harold Edward Holt. It can provide extremely low frequency (VLF) communication for naval ships and submarines, with a frequency of 19.8 kHz and a transmission power of about 1 trillion trillion trillion Tile is the most powerful communication transmission station in the southern hemisphere. Observed from satellite images, this base consists of 12 towering radio transmission towers, which is just arranged to form hexagonal. For the outside world, the Holt Naval Communication Base is mysterious, and it is not surprising that the scope of "exploration" of our electronic reconnaissance vessels is not surprised.

▲ Satellite image of Holt Naval Communication Base

In recent years, the 815A electronic reconnaissance vessel has made great contributions to our navy's intelligence collection. A total of 8 ships were built with a total of about 130 meters, a width of about 17 meters, a maximum speed of 20 knots, and a full -load displacement of about 6,600 tons. There are all electronic equipment on the ship, including the 366 main/over -view search radar, passively detect antenna, electronic reconnaissance system/communication relay system and satellite communication antenna, etc. Receiving upgrading can better perform multi -dimensional three -dimensional electronic reconnaissance tasks. At present, we have the largest electronic reconnaissance fleet in the world's naval sequences. Such a force can ensure that we can implement all -weather and uninterrupted reconnaissance on various goals within a certain range and master its deployment trends. In addition, through the accumulated electromagnetic situation perception and the collection of communication bands, it can also provide a basis for the decision -making of the command agency, such as electronic interference and anti -radiation strikes.

▲ The radio transmitting tower in the Holt Navy Communication Base

Let's go back to this matter again. I don't know if everyone still remembers that Australia established the "Oukus" three -sided security partnership with the United States and Britain in September last year. The diffusion mechanism; in addition, Australia also signed an agreement with Japan in January this year, allowing the Australian military to enter Japan with training purposes. All signs show that Australia is working with the so -called Western ally to try to "welded" in the first island chain. Allows you to treat me as an enemy every day, and you don't allow me to go to your house. There is still such a reason in the world? With the continuous rise of the Chinese Navy, we will not only go to Australia to sail freely in the future, but also may go to North America and Europe to sail freely. We can not only send reconnaissance vessels to sail freely. With free sailing, Western countries must learn to get used to slowly.

▲ Australian Minister of Defense Duton