Putin warned Finland

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Putin warned Finland

2022-05-15 06:10:08 7 ℃

(Observer.com) On May 14, local time, Russian President Putin responded to the Finnish President Shaoli Ninito. Among them, Putin made it clear that Finland's abandonment of military neutrality is wrong.

According to the "Moscow Communist Youth League Member", the Finnish president office said earlier that the two parties were direct and frank, and Nonito notified the Russian side in the call that Finland planned to join NATO in the near future. According to the Kremlin palace, Putin has clearly informed Nigito on the phone that the changes in Finnish foreign policy may have a negative impact on the relationship between the two countries.

Putin also emphasized that Finland itself has not been threatened, and it is a wrong way to choose to give up long -term military neutral policies.

During the call, Ninito also explained to Putin that the reason why Finland did this was caused by worrying about the situation around Ukraine, but Putin reminded that Russia and Ukraine's negotiations have actually stopped because "Kyiv is not interested in constructive dialogue" Essence

Recently, as Russia launched special military operations on Ukraine, Finland and Sweden began to consider abandoning neutrality to join NATO. NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg and the United States' permanent representative of NATO, Smith, welcomed this. The US President Biden claimed to support the "NATO Portal Open Policy, and supporting Finland and Sweden to decide their future, foreign policy and security. The right to arrange. "And the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zaharava said earlier that the Russian side had warned Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

In January of this year, NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg (middle) and Swedish and Finnish foreign ministers attended the news conference information map

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stated that Finland's joining NATO will directly violate its obligations under international law. First of all, it was the 1947 "Paris Peace Treaty", which stipulated that either party could not form an alliance or participate in the opponent's alliance. In addition, it was 1992. The "Basic Treaty of Russia and Finland" stipulates that the two parties cannot threaten or use force to use force on their territorial integrity or political independence.

On the other hand, Finland and Sweden are the countries that actively advocate and destroy nuclear weapons in the world, while NATO is a real "nuclear alliance". In this regard, Igor Coheqin, editor -in -chief of Russia's "Defense" magazine, believes that (once the two countries join NATO) Russia's only response can only rely on tactical nuclear weapons to eliminate the destruction of military average and "Ises The Kander's "missile system was transferred to the Western Military Region, and the" caliber "missiles on the Baltic fleet and submarine should be equipped with nuclear warheads to deter NATO.

Regarding the above -mentioned arguments, the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Gruhko responded that it is too early to talk about the deployment of nuclear weapons in the Baltic region. However, he also reminded that Sweden and Finland will actually abandon the nuclear state -free state. "We can roughly imagine the situation of the two countries after the status of the member states. The border has increased by about 1,300 kilometers to defend this boundary, so you need to add military deployment and so on. "

Gruhko warns that if NATO will advance nuclear forces and infrastructure to the Russian border, Russia will take full prevention measures.