Some forces should be careful!How many troops can two 075 ships "same frames" at a time?

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Some forces should be careful!How many troops can two 075 ships "same frames" at a time?

2022-05-15 06:10:19 4 ℃

The first ship "Hainan Ship" of the Chinese Navy's 075 amphibious attack ship officially installed the South China Sea Fleet on April 23 last year. Not long ago, the same ship "Guangxi Ship" appeared in the official MV "Flagship War Song". It is particularly exciting that in the video, the "Hainan Ship" and "Guangxi Ship" have been trained together. The "same frame" of two 40,000 -ton amphibious attack ships means that the 075 amphibious attack ship has basically formed formation Fighting power, the Chinese Navy's power projection ability is higher.

Judging from the content of the MV, the combat effectiveness elements of the "Guangxi Ship" are complete. Not only are all relevant crew membership and familiar with equipment operations, but also "hardware" such as direct-18 carrier helicopters, domestic general transport air cushion ships and naval marine teams, but also in place. Once there is a combat task, the ship can use helicopter and air cushion boats to carry out "vertical landing" and "flat landing" at the same time, plus the characteristics of the fast beach of the 05 -type amphibious chariot, the comprehensive amphibious combat power of the "Guangxi Ship" can be described as described as the "Guangxi Ship" can be described as a combined amphibious combat power. Quite considerable.

Previously, there had been speculation that the loading capacity of the domestic 071 amphibious dock landing ship was about a synthetic camp. The displacement of the 075 amphibious attack ship is basically 1.5 times to 2 times of the type 071 ship, and the loading capacity may reach about two synthetic camps. In this way, the "Hainan Ship" and "Guangxi Ship", which have preliminary combat capabilities, can basically be one -time invested in 4 synthetic camps, close to half of the synthetic brigade. If the Chinese Navy is equipped with 8 075 ships in the future, two synthetic brigades can be sent during wars, and this force is very amazing.

At the same time, it should be seen that in the context of the PLA's rapid promotion of various digital terminals, the combat capability of the modern army is still increasing. Judging from the previous many domestic exercises and the Sino -Russian joint military exercises, the combat effectiveness of a PLA digital synthesis camp has been approaching or even more than a traditional mechanized regiment.

For many countries and regions, their troops remain at the level of mechanization, rather than initially realized modernization and informatization like the PLA. In other words, in the face of the two synthetic brigades projected by the Chinese Navy, the other party needs to compete with nearly two mechanized divisions. Considering the powerful ground attack firepower of the PLA and Air Force, and the attack intensity of the missiles of the Army's long -range rocket launchers and the Rocket Army, the opponent's offensive of the PLA landing forces must be extremely rapid. As for which potential opponent is most likely to face the Liberation Army's landing operations, it must not be said that everyone knows .

Further thought, the Chinese Navy's six 071 amphibious dock landing ships also have a strong projection capacity. In addition, a considerable number of 072 tank landing ships can be loaded with heavy -duty troops for amphibious operations. In the combat mode, the 075 ship with the strongest projection capacity is likely to be the first attack wave. Under the cover of its own fire, the landing troops are released to the enemy's beach with the maximum projection volume. Immediately, the 071 amphibious dock landing ship and the 072 series landing ship will provide a steady stream of subsequent landing forces to launch a second and third attack waves. In this login combat mode with both "stimulation" and "toughness", I don't know how long some forces can be supported ...