Domestic "train carriers" go to the United States!One time it is equipped with a 136 carriage, using the world's first leading technology

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Domestic "train carriers" go to the United States!One time it is equipped with a 136 carriage, using the world's first leading technology

2022-05-15 06:10:20 7 ℃

Recently, some experts said that the new crown epidemic in the past two years has caused economic globalization to be severely impacted, the supply chain has become increasingly tense, and even the development plans of some countries have been broken. Integrated, in this context, the concept of developed countries' support for economic globalization was shaken, especially in the United States, which openly carried out trade war and technological warfare to create rounds of tension and crisis. Data show that the total of more than 1,300 trade protection measures implemented by the United States over the past 10 years, ranking first in the world. However, from the perspective of the outside world, the United States has been deliberately obstructing the development of trade in other countries. Not only will it not alleviate the crisis facing, but it will promote the "escape" in Asia and other places in risk aversion capital and further promote the development of developing countries.

In fact, my country's development has been accelerating over the years, and has risen to the world's second largest economy. According to domestic media, the total service import and export of service in the first quarter of 2022 increased by more than 25%, close to 150 billion yuan. The development of global trade can also inject a strong energy into the global economy that is suffering. Among the many exported goods, high -tech products, ships, mobile phones, and mechanical and electrical products are high. It can be said that Made in China is constantly moving towards the international market, and some of the United States wants to buy heavy money.

As we all know, my country is a large high -speed railway. In the past, many goods used to import and export this method, but there is also a major disadvantage that it is easy to be restricted by ground track and has to switch to other transportation methods. Therefore A major issue, in this regard, some experts have proposed that a "train carrier" can be built, that is, in the past, the train always needed to unload the goods halfway to use other transportation methods, and the "train carrier" can cancel the loading and unloading. The process directly move the train carriage to the ship. What surprised all countries was that such a wonderful thought was really realized. my country has successfully developed the world's largest train -specific transport ship- "Chenki".

The "Chenki" is 180 meters long, and the tonnage is close to the aircraft carrier. It can carry 136 train compartments at one time. It uses the world's first advanced rail transformation loading and unloading technology. After the ship stops at the port, these train compartments can use the rails of the port to transfer to the rails of the transport ship. After arriving at the destination, they can be loaded and unloaded separately. It is no exaggeration to say that the "Chenki" can complete the transportation and assembly of 136 train compartments in just 2 hours. In this regard, even the United States pays great attention to it, and spend a lot of money to buy it.

It can be seen that my country has shown a certain strength in this field, and more advanced ships will be created in the future.