It turned out that Britain had participated in the war, and a large number of officers entered the Ukraine before the war started to provide command and intelligence.

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It turned out that Britain had participated in the war, and a large number of officers entered the Ukraine before the war started to provide command and intelligence.

2022-05-15 06:10:38 7 ℃

According to Russian media reports, Russian officials have already mastered exact evidence, proved that British officers are in Ukraine, especially the front line positions for a large number of military properties. They use various identities to cover themselves, mainly to provide command and intelligence for Ukraine.

In fact, it is no news that Britain entered Ukraine to help the Ukraine and the Russian army. As early as March, there were constant information showing that there were a certain number of British military personnel in Ukraine. Compared with other European countries, Britain has shown great enthusiasm for conflict in Russia and Ukraine. Why do they do so? Someone watched and smiled and said: Britain is the Majesty of the United States, and he acts as a fighter for the United States.

Then the question is, Britain is the front drive of the United States, nothing more than because of interests. Could it be that other countries don't look at these interests? Actually.

The main reason why Britain can calmly be with Russia is energy issues. When the war broke out, it was still the cold winter, and European countries needed natural gas provided by Russia for winter. However, due to the restrictions of the Geese Strait, the British imported Russia's natural gas is less than 3%of the total. In other words, Britain can not be afraid of Russia's energy threat, while Germany and France cannot. This is also the main reason why Britain compared with these two big powers.

Furthermore, Britain also "holds" Russia's lifeblood. The International Financial Futures Options Exchange, located in London, is the earliest and largest settings in Europe and the world's third futures option trading center. Judging from the performance of this period, Britain, as an old member of the capitalist world, did not follow the laws of market economy.

Options futures transactions have become financial weapons in their hands and can be targeted at will. As a large energy export country, Russia is the top priority of the futures market. The British either suspend the trading involving Russia's futures varieties at will, or it is to declare that it is invalid for a certain period of time. Its rogue face shows.

It seems that the United Kingdom is to curb Russia and support Ukraine's flags, and to participate in it in depth. In fact, as long as it involves Britain's own interests, the abacus will be thieved. Such as the problem of refugees in Ukraine. They planned well. With the natural barrier of the British Strait, the problem of Ukrainian refugees will not affect themselves.

But what I didn't expect was that Britain's "reputation" in the West was so good. There are many Ukrainians who are in risk, thinking of getting rich across the strait. In fact, there is no way. Because of the scale of 5 million people in Ukraine, it is difficult to fully digest in European countries. After all, everyone in the family is not good because of economic decline and epidemic.

But Britain watched these "good friends" who thought of their own homes, but ruthlessly rejected them. Find various reasons to refuse to provide entry procedures. Its ruthlessness can't even look at France, and has criticized Britain many times in international public places. Later, for the support of public opinion, the United Kingdom barely issued a part of the pass, but the application conditions were extremely harsh. It is equivalent to the "Gao Fu Shuai" in Ukrainian refugees to be eligible to be shortlisted.

Having said so much, it seems that Britain will regain the domineering of the former "sun -free empire" and show its role on the international stage. actually not. The main reason why Britain is jumping up and down is because there is no money. Because there is no money, Britain has greatly reduced the purchase scale of the F35; because there is no money, the scale of the army has been greatly reduced; because there is no money, it is the former younger brother Gan Ma died.

The United States was just a British colony in the past, but the wealth was there. In addition to giving policies to the United States, Britain wants to maintain the scale of military expenses, and it must increase its activity, otherwise it is difficult to pass the budget in Parliament. For the British military, they may be more enthusiastic about participating in Ukraine than those politicians, because it involves their survival issues.

It is no wonder that Russia pointed out that 12 days before they sent troops, British officers had become the Ukraine Command of the Karamatosk City of Donetsk. Whoever is more keen on war is actually clear at a glance. It's just that Britain, as an old power, still has the right to speak internationally, so many people are observed.