Zelei received bad news, France poured cold water to Ukraine, and black may be abandoned by the West

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Zelei received bad news, France poured cold water to Ukraine, and black may be abandoned by the West

2022-05-15 06:10:28 6 ℃

A few days ago, the Chairman of the European Union Commission Feng Delin said that the European Union would give opinions on the questionnaires of Ukraine's entry into the Union next month, and French President Macron directly poured cold water and delivered a speech on May 9th that "Become a member of the EU The country is a complicated process. It is impossible to achieve it overnight. The process of Ukraine to join the European Union is long. It takes a few years to finish the entire process. In fact, it is likely to take decades. "Subsequently, Ukraine Foreign Minister Kulieba said," Ukraine is the only country in Europe that died for the EU values. If Ukraine cannot obtain the status of EU candidates, it means that Europe is deceiving Ukraine.

It can be said that Macron gave Ukraine a stick without politely, decades? This can wait until the daylily is cold! Ukraine does not want to wait a year. Zelei wanted to make Ukraine join the EU immediately through the conflict of Russia and Ukraine. The purpose was to make the EU "blood transfusion" for it and get the EU's economic and military support.

The European Union followed the United States to promote the continuous development of the Russian and Ukraine War. It must not only bear the impact of millions of refugees in Ukraine, but also bear the main responsibility of supporting Ukraine's continuing war. More importantly, it has now been abducted by Ukraine's morality. If Ukraine does not agree to join the EU quickly, it will cause the "justice" image with the United States to break! The European Union is estimated to be the unjustness of Ukraine in this war.

At this section of bones, the European Union is not stupid. Besides, it is also necessary to have conditions to join the European Union. Ukraine, which is currently in war, does not meet the additional standards. From the perspective of the current economic and livelihood level of Ukraine, it is difficult for the EU to accept Ukraine. Essence In this way, if Ukraine's joining will only drag the European Union, the EU will not be able to accept Ukraine.

So Macron does this equivalent to remind Ukraine not to hold hope, and recognize reality. Earlier, Austrian officials stated that "Ukraine cannot join the EU within the next 5 to 10 years," while German Foreign Minister and the Dutch Prime Minister have made similar statements. In fact, in the eyes of many EU countries, Ukraine is just a small stroke in the United States. It supports some weapons to give a few small money. Once it becomes a part of the EU to let everyone have the responsibility for him, it is absolutely impossible.

In short, the European Union is nowadays. The "chess piece" of Ukraine has no value for the European Union, and it is time to "abandon". After a war, Ukraine really lost!