Cruise for mainland fighters?The Taiwan side announced that the missile test was performed in the southeast and closed the airspace

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Cruise for mainland fighters?The Taiwan side announced that the missile test was performed in the southeast and closed the airspace

2022-05-15 06:10:10 5 ℃

After successfully dragging Russia into the quagmire of war, the United States recently increased its provocation on the Taiwan Strait issue, including parliament members to visit, sell offensive weapons, and sent warships to cross the Taiwan Strait. In addition, the US politicians have also stated on the Taiwan Strait issue. One is to "always prevent the use of military options in mainland China", and the other is that "if there is something in the Taiwan Strait, it will give mainland China a heavy price." After the Meitai increased hooking action, mainland China also started densely targeted drills around the Taiwan Strait, including displacement of aircraft carriers. What is noticeable is that after the Liaoning ship had reached the exercise for several days, the Taiwanese side seemed to have responded to announce that it was fired for 4 days in the southern Taitung missiles to comprehensively close the surrounding sea and air areas.

According to the Global Times reported on May 11, Taiwan Union News Network recently announced that the Taiwan Navy will conduct missile tests in the southeast of Taima from 10th to 13th from the 10th to 13th. Green Island and Lanyu Outside Sea, with a range of more than 200 kilometers. During the test shooting, the "Southeast Sea Airspace" will be fully closed. Although the news released by the Taiwanese side has not many words, the basic meaning has been expressed. To some extent, it is the "response" of targeted drills in the mainland, because not only the mainland aircraft carrier, the PLA military plane has been continuously continuously since the 5th, and has continued to be continuous since the 5th. 4 days of cruise platform island "Southeast Airspace".

It is precisely because of the increase in the United States and Taiwan's hooks that China has recently increased its military response in the Taiwan Strait. Two of them are particularly noteworthy. First, from May 6th to 8th, the Eastern theater conducted comprehensive exercises of troops such as sea, air, and Chang Dao in the east and southwestern directions of Taima Island. Times clearly mentioned the word "Chang Dao".

Some military experts said that this action is very rare, because "frequent guidance" refers to the conventional guided missile troops. In the future, if military options are used in the Taiwan Strait, conventional missiles will be the first batch of blows. On the one hand, it can destroy the airports, docks and military bases across the island, and paralyze its counterattack ability; on the other hand, aircraft carriers, fighters and warships that can interfere outside the domain can be used. Directly mentioning the word "Chang Dao" indicates that the mainland is already testing the three -dimensional comprehensive strike capacity and how much warning is, you can understand it by himself.

Second, from May 5th, the Mainland Liaoning ship aircraft carrier strike group has been carried out in the Taipao. From the news released by the Japanese Self-Defense Force, the Liaoning ship has implemented hundreds of sub-carrier aircraft take off and landing, including J-to- The 15 fighters and the direct-10 armed helicopter, the latter still flying ultra-low-altitude. Moreover, the escort formation carried by the Liaoning ship is a real "strike group" configuration, one 055 destroyer, three 052D destroyers, one 052C destroyer, and one 054A frigates.

Observation found that the Liaoning ship crackdowning group exercise is "170 kilometers south of Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan". Although it does not mention the island, it sounds more complicated, but it is very clear from the map. Facing Hualien in eastern Taiwan. The leaders of Taiwan often inspect the Jiupeng base, which is known as the "Taiwan 51 district"; the Jiashan base with the largest "underground air force" and more than 400 fighters in the Far East is in this location. Obviously, the content of the Liaoning ship drill includes "assisting and blocking the counterpart of the Taiwan side."

After analysis, the Taiwanese side also believed that "mainland aircraft carriers are conducting offensive and defensive drills on the background of Taiwan Island" and passing this information to the United States. The Pentagon said that "no signs of attacking in Taipei in mainland China" also felt that they also felt that they also felt that they felt that in mainland China had signs of attacking Taipei. " Some inaccurate, in addition to the "Lincoln" that has been deployed in the West, also sent the "Reagan" from Japan, and also prepared to come to this area.

After the United States supported the waist, the Taiwanese side immediately moved, not only did the missile missile but also "completely closed" the Southeast sea airspace. This also means that if the Taiwanese exercise has been in the 4th day, if the main military plane insists on cruising this area, it will risk the risk of "shot down". It is reported that the missile's test of the missile in this side is its "male style" series, with a range of more than 200 kilometers. Although it will not pose a great threat to the fighter for many upgraded fighters for mainland electronics and radar systems, it will not pose too much. The "signal" sent by it had to be noticed. This indicates that with the support of the United States, the Taiwan authorities are ready to provoke, and the reunited exercise in this area is very easy to wipe the guns and get angry. People can't help asking, do the action like this side want the mainland to transform the exercise plan into a real military operation?