Is it necessary for China to develop larger and powerful explosives?What if the R & D should be ranked No. 1?

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Is it necessary for China to develop larger and powerful explosives?What if the R & D should be ranked No. 1?

2022-05-15 18:06:50 24 ℃

W Jun's learning fireworks believe that there is no need to develop more powerful explosives at all.

People who can ask such problems should be unfamiliar with explosives.

Explosives are not only powerful, but also cheap and safe.

At present, even TNT explosives are hardly used in military, but mixed explosives using TNT+black cabled gold+blunt sensor. In fact, it is to improve the safety during use.

This incident did not have a lesson to the army. Before TNT, there was an explosive called bitter acid, which was originally used by the printing and dyeing industry to dye yellow fabrics.

The name "bitter sour" itself is commonly known as triazoline phenol. This acid word is particularly worthy of playful. The triazoline phenol is not an acidic material, but the molecule is very attractive to electrons. Essence Chemical is also acidic. He can produce bitter acid salt with metals such as iron, copper, lead, aluminum, and tin in a humid environment. The sensitivity of bitter acid is far greater than bitter acid.

On the European battlefield, many cannons directly exploded when the artillery was fired. The reason was that the warhead was moisture, and the bitter acids inside produced bitter acid. During the shock of the artillery, the shell warhead exploded directly.

Why do you say bitter sour? The speed of bitterness is 7350 meters per second. Many military fans now say that the TNT explosion speed is only 6900 meters/s. The power of bitterness is a lot greater than TNT! Why not? Not safe.

In fact, there are too many explosives (including energy substances), and there is no need to develop it at all.

Do you know why everyone is energetic when it comes to TNT? It is mainly the "TNT equivalent" calamity, which gives you a concept of an agreed explosive. But why is the TNT equivalent, not the amount of Heisojin, not the Titor equivalent? It is mainly because the energy released after the 1 gram of TNT explosion is very close to the 1 kcal (1kcal) in thermalology, so the TNT equivalent is calculated as 4184 Joule.

You go counting 1000 calories = 1 large card = 4184 Jiao ear = 1 gram TNT equivalent.

In fact, the energy released by the TNT explosion is not a fixed value. It is related to the temperature, density, and surrounding environment. TNT's equivalent was marked with such a matter to calculate the map. Don't take it seriously.

Even the existing explosives are much more powerful than TNT. For example, the nitroglycerin that everyone sometimes eats, its explosion power is about 1.5 times that of TNT. The explosive power of the blank explosive black cable gold is 1.6 times that of TNT.

The strongest explosives are currently known as eight nitrate cubes, and the power of the explosion is 2.38 times that of TNT.

This thing is also called full nitrogen ion salt by many media, and the current price is comparable to gold. And the power is only 2.38 times the TNT. If you throw a "full nitrogen ion salt" bomb, you will really change it to gold. Looking back at the production cost of less than 40 yuan per kilogram, isn't it fragrant?

It is a bit too much to say that this thing can replace the atomic bomb that causes the hydrogen bomb, which is a bit too much, and it is directly pseudo -science.

At present, the best military fierce explosives are called Oakto, and the explosion speed is 9100 meters per second, which is 1.7 times that of TNT power. This thing is used in modern nuclear bomb design to detonate the core of the atomic bullet. Five Chang is now using this thing. This thing is expensive! More than 650 yuan per kilogram, it is already a very expensive high -energy explosive. It is not widely used, not to mention the eight nitrate cubes that are comparable to gold. In addition, there are dozens of energy materials to be developed between Oakto to eight ninxanes.

For example, hexitizer, the explosion speed of this material is 9340 meters per second, which is fiercer than Oakto. But this product is sensitive, and it explodes immediately after light.

The guy cut the bullet, removed the gunpowder, and disinfected the wound with gunpowder. A "咣" exploded, who can bear this stuff in military applications?

Therefore, people do n’t think about how fierce explosives are, and it ’s difficult to understand. E.g:

This is just a nutrition label of a piece of cream cake, 100 grams contains 380 kcal energy. How did we say TNT equivalent just now? The energy coefficient of this cream cake is 3.8 times that of TNT explosives ...