NATO military boots landed!A picture reveals Putin's difficult situation

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NATO military boots landed!A picture reveals Putin's difficult situation

2022-05-15 18:07:18 22 ℃

This day is still here! On May 12, Finland decided to apply to join NATO!

This major transformation allowed NATO's brand -new "military boots" to expand in Europe. And another boot is naturally Sweden, which is likely to follow Finland's footsteps.

In order to prevent Ukraine from joining the NATO, he had never thought about it but promoted the acceleration of the other two countries. The situation of Russian President Putin was evident. When both "boots" are on the ground, Russia will inevitably face stricter surrounds and blockade. What should I do at that time?

"It is urgent" to enter the appointment?

Finnish President Niexto and Prime Minister Marlin said in a joint statement that joining NATO will strengthen the security of Finland, and the country should "urgently" submit an application for admission. They hope that the country will complete the required steps within a few days.

1340 kilometers, Finland is the country with the longest -Russian border. After the Russian army entered Ukraine, the Finnish people's support for joining NATO reached a new high. Polls show that 76 % of the Finns expressed support for it.

Discuss the long -term neutral, as well as Sweden. The Swedish Social Democratic Party is expected to decide this weekend whether to overturn its position for decades and make historic choices. Sweden's "Express" quoted government sources and parliamentary schedules saying that "if there is an unpredictable incident", Sweden plans, like Finland, submitted an application to join NATO on the 16th.

Fen Rui has long pursued the military -free alliance policy. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, NATO has repeatedly attracted the two countries. However, the two countries transported anti -tank weapons and guns and ammunition to Wu this time have shown a change in position.

It is expected that at the Madrid NATO Summit at the latest from June 28 to 30, the qualifications for members of the two countries will be approved. NATO officials also pointed out: "If you can approve it as soon as possible, you will not wait for the Madrid Summit."

The road of expansion in NATO

For more than 30 years after the disintegration of the Soviet Union, NATO was extremely able to do everything and expanded multiple rounds, squeezing Russia's strategic rotation space.

Established in NATO in 1949, with 12 start -up members: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Luxembourg.

By the end of the Cold War in 1991, when the Soviet Treaty Organization with NATO confrontation disbanded, there were 16 member states in NATO, 4 newly added: West Germany, Greece, Spain, and Turkey.

In 1994, NATO signed the "Peace Partnership Plan" with Russia and 30 European countries to start the East expansion process. The expansion has been completed for five rounds.

NATO five rounds east expansion ↓

In the first round: In 1999, the former Warsaw Treaty members of Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic joined.

Through the first round of eastward expansion, NATO pushed its own defense line to eastward 700 to 900 kilometers, and the population increased by 60 million.

The second round: In 2004, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia joined.

This is the largest expansion since the establishment of NATO. Since then, NATO has built a "curved strategic defense line".

The third round: 2009, Albania and Croatia joined.

In this round, Westbargan countries entered the contract for the first time, and Russia's security space was further squeezed, and the European geographical security pattern was rewritten. During this period, NATO had intended to absorb Ukraine, but because Russia began to fight against it, the Ukraine's plan was stranded.

The fourth round: 2017, Black Mountain joined.

The fifth round: 2020, North Maleton joined.

After completing these expansion, NATO member states increased to 30 countries, the forces continued to grow, and Russia was forced to the corner and was in a state of half surrounded.

The following map can clearly see the situation of Russia. ↓↓

Whether it is Finland, Sweden, or Ukraine, Russia's strategy has little space left. In the future, there may be only a "hardcore allies" in Belarus. The situation is quite dangerous.

"It's not that we are threatening others. We have not gone to the United States and the British border. They come to us!" Putin previously pointed out that NATO promised not to expand east in the 1990s, and as a result, "shamelessly deceived us."

New journey of danger

Today, what is even more nervous to Russia is that the sixth round of NATO will come true. Putin wanted to stop Wu from entering the appointment, but let Finland and Sweden accelerate.

There is also a trend that is vigilant. June is a very important month. NATO will hold a summit in Madrid. NATO Deputy Secretary -General Jevana recently stated that he would invite President Ukraine Zeiski and the "Asia -Pacific partner" to attend the summit for the first time.

The agenda of the summit will include determining the concept of NATO's new league strategy in the next ten years to replace Russia as allies, and China has "not mentioned" strategy at all.

Jevana also confirmed that NATO may make decisions on the "new quality" of Eastern European military.

NATO's "big movement" revealed several important information:

First, the speech and expansion map of senior NATO officials can be confirmed. NATO will not only continue to expand east, but also expand north. The United States -led NATO Railway's heart to force Russia into a desperate situation. After the Fen and Rui entered the contract, Russia -Europe relations not only continued to deteriorate, but also the activities of Russia in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic region will further encounter constraints.

Second, to strengthen the existence of the European military, the definition of NATO and the "defensive organization" is no longer stained. This organization with a large number of nuclear weapons and conventional troops has repeatedly displayed aggressive offensiveness. Third, in Europe, NATO will be the Russian tree as the main enemy; in Asia Pacific, China has become the target of NATO's key response. NATO's tentacles have become more and more obvious to Asia Pacific, and its global journey has begun.

What can all this explain? In the final analysis, two words: danger!

Russia's "stress reaction"

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently stated that NATO has continued to expand along the Russian border and constitutes a military threat to Russia in the northern wing. Therefore, Russia must adopt "military tactical and other retaliation measures" to maintain its own safety.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that Finland's joining the NATO will violate international legal obligations, especially in 1947 that the parties have obligations that they do not associate or participate in the "Paris Peace Treaty" for one of the alliances, and the treaty of the relationship between the relationship between the relationship in 1992.

If Sweden joins again, from this, NATO will strengthen the garrison in the Nordic Army and hold more military exercises and naval patrols in the Baltic Sea.

This will make the two countries a potential strike target of the Russian army. Russian military expert Leonkov told the Russian satellite news agency on the 12th that the entry of Finland will expand the border between NATO and Russia, which will not only pose a threat to St. Petersburg, which has a population of millions of people, but also affects the Russian trading line. Bay.

"We will have another military opponent." He further analyzed that Russia may review the defense system of the Western Military Region and change the goal setting of strategic nuclear forces. Some advanced troops may be strengthened and mobilized.

Modvedev, vice chairman of the Russian Security Council, criticized that Western countries are increasingly "shameless" in Russia, trying to spread Russia's "nuclear conflicts" to scare the world. It is precisely the possibility of direct conflict between NATO to send weapons, training forces, and exercise to Urpill Black, and then increase the possibility of direct conflict with Russia, and thereby existing "the risk of evolving into a comprehensive nuclear war."

Former members of the French Council in NATO and former French ambassador to the United States, Ara, commented that NATO's expansion today is "more anti -Russia" than ever. Any country believes that the advancement of the military alliance to its own border is a threat, and these NATO behaviors "anger Russia."

Attitude of the Western world

In fact, in December 2021, when Russia initiated a talks with the United States and NATO, three red lines had been listed:

Ukraine does not join NATO;

Do not deploy offensive weapons or troops such as short -range missiles around Russia;

NATO stopped eastward, and returned to 1997 in the European military deployment;

However, after the negotiations with the United States and NATO, Putin made a pain that the West intentionally ignored Russia's strong security demand. In January 2022, NATO Secretary -General Stoltenberg claimed that the organization "never agreed to withdraw the army from NATO from 1997."

Recently, NATO Deputy Secretary -General Jevana said in Washington that NATO did not think that NATO countries were "facing Russia's risk of invasion."

He analyzed that because of the conflict of Ukraine, Russian military capabilities "will be weakened significantly within at least a period of time." NATO does not believe that Russia "currently has military capabilities to adopt some hostile operations for NATO."

As for the ideas of Fen and Ruiju, NATO member states have supported:

Countries' statements ↓

On May 13, Lithuania Foreign Minister Langzbelis said that northern Europe was also NATO territory. "From the perspective of actual, political and security, this will be even more reliable."

On the same day, Estonica Foreign Minister Lamez pointed out that Finland's joining NATO means that NATO's own forces will "significantly enhance, and the security of northern Europe and the Baltic Sea will also be strengthened."

Larvia Foreign Minister Links said that the Baltic Sea is becoming NATO's "Inland Sea".

On the 12th, a White House spokesman Puski said that if Finland and Sweden submitted applications, the United States will support them to join NATO and provide the necessary support for the transition period of the two countries.

On the same day, Denmark Prime Minister Freeslekson said it would promote and support Finland to quickly join NATO.

On the 11th, as British Prime Minister Johnson visited Sweden and Finland, the United Kingdom and the two countries reached a new security agreement, which will apply for the "gray period" for the two countries to become a formal member country to obtain collective defense protection to provide security guarantee.

On the 4th, German Prime Minister Shuoerz stated that, such as Finland and Sweden decided to enter the contract, these two countries "can rely on our support."