The secret exposure of the United States and Soviet Union: "Biochemical Weapons" attacks Los Angeles, 2,200 nuclear bombs flew to the United States

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The secret exposure of the United States and Soviet Union: "Biochemical Weapons" attacks Los Angeles, 2,200 nuclear bombs flew to the United States

2022-05-15 18:06:35 21 ℃

The following story reads like a plot in thrilling movies, but each of them has really happened on the ground.

Aiming at Los Angeles

Most people remember that the biggest threat during the Cold War period came from nuclear blows launched by external powers. However, what Americans can't think of, in fact, they are still in the danger of testing the test.

In addition to nuclear weapons, the United States is also afraid of attacks that are not known for their use. The worst situation is to use the enemy to use a submarine or a small and small patrol boat to launch a biological war on coastal cities.

According to the records of the sales, in order to estimate the damage to the destroying cities that have been hit by biological warfare, the Pentagon has ordered a densely sprayed bacteria that is said to be harmless to Los Angeles. Historians said that after the experiment in 1950, Los Angeles's local health records showed that a disease similar to pneumonia increased sharply. At the same time, they also said that the test caused one person to die.

In 1966, the Pentagon ordered the US Army to launch a similar biological attack on the city's subway system. The details of this experiment are still dense.

Code "B" operation

About 30 years ago, the White House of the United States was attracted to all the attention: "Red" China wanted to build its own nuclear weapons, and senior officials designed several plans to deal with China to destroy China.

China ’s test explosion atomic bomb is successful, the picture shows the first time to rush to the heart of the heart

In 1963, General Maxway Taylor, the co -chairman of the Staff of Staff, deployed a set of unconventional war plans codenamed "B". This plan plans to launch a secret attack on the weapon factory in the center of northern China to achieve the purpose of preventing the People's Republic of China from building its own national nuclear weapons. The offensive plan is performed by a 100 -person destruction team composed of non -nuclear explosion envoys or Chinese nationalists.

The plan was rejected under the dedication of the US State Department. As a result, China was able to successfully carry out its nuclear weapons plan and exploded the first atomic bomb at its northern test base on October 16, 1963.

Super sensual soldier

One of the most strange is this file that reveals psychological spies. The project funded by the Central Intelligence Bureau, code -named "Boiling Burning Flame", began in the early 1970s and was located in the Stanford Research Institute. The Central Intelligence Bureau claims that the super -perception soldiers deprived of the sensation of their feelings have never provided any useful information. However, the project is still a successful plan.

Its success is that in the past 60 years, Stanford University has also secretly developed a super -level flat -line radar (OHR) system, which has accurately determined its position after a few seconds of intercontinental ballistic missiles launched an intercontinental ballistic missile in the former Soviet Union.

The OHR system operates with a microwave frequency of the Soviets as brain waves. OHR's ​​inventor Ostwald Verad later said that he did not understand why he was assigned to "bake the flame" mission at that time. Some people speculate that mystery lies in the super -perception soldier is actually a strategy that the Soviet spy is induced from OHR.

Green channel

Just after the Soviet Union exploded its first atomic bomb in August 1949, the Americans thought it was time to understand which types of weapons it had created by their opponents. In order to discover these weapons, the US Air Force implemented a green channel experiment at the Hanford nuclear production plant.

On the evening of December 2, 1949, the factory "released three tons of uranium fuel that was only allowed to be frozen for 16 days," reported by the Ministry of Energy, which has been released, saying that the purpose of this release is to copy a reactor of the Soviet Union's reactor for the Soviet Union's reactor In pollution, it discharged more than 7,800 lily (concentrated in the chemicals of human thyroid gland) into the atmosphere in the northwestern part of the Atlantic Ocean, and the nuclear accident occurred in the three miles was released.

Blue Gemini Constellation

Most Americans know that the Gemini Aerospace project of the National Aerospace Administration is a follow -up operation of Machel's single -person driving rail flight. But few people know a secret action, that is, the blue Gemini constellation plan. The plan tries to borrow the technology of the National Aerospace Bureau and the astronauts to perform military missions.

Gemini No. 7 on the orbit

At first, the Space Administration was very interested in being able to share the launch costs together. As an exchange, the Aerospace Office allows Air Force officers to participate in the flight task as a co -pilot. According to the document of the sales, the army provides a $ 100 million in funding for the Space Agency. However, when senior officers began to set the details of their action plans, the administrative officials of the Aerospace Bureau became more and more interesting for this astronauts who used their astronauts as high -altitude flight observations.

With the bankruptcy of the codenamed "B" operation of the Chinese nuclear weapon factory, the conservatives of the State Council eventually suppressed the plans for the militaryization of the National Aerospace Administration's manned universe. As a result, the blue Gemini constellation never flyed to heaven.

Doomsday Hotel

Since the 1970s, Washington SAR has been circulating a magical story about a "Doomsday Hotel". It is said that there is a shelter that avoids the doomsday of the world's end of the world near the US capital, but it is only available to the nobles of the officials.

Under the evidence provided by the highest legislature, senior officials of the army acknowledged the existence of this shelter called "Meteorological Peak", but refused to disclose the specific location, so as not to become the target of the former Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile. Kansas "Doomsday Hotel" in the United States, a set of $ 3 million in sales, can avoid the nuclear war

As the intercontinental ballistic missiles in all countries now target the vast ocean, the position of the "weather peak" is finally revealed: it is 120 kilometers from Washington, Beliville, Virginia. Today, this place has become the computer and telephone system center of the Federal Special Love Management Center.

In 1995, the second world -do hotel was also exposed. It was located directly below the Baiuli Spring Victory Land in western Virginia. At present, it has been opened to tourists.

Former Soviet Union's secret radioactive dust dust

The Russian government has now acknowledged that a series of nuclear accidents on the former Soviet nuclear weapon factory have indeed happened.

This series of accidents began in 1948 and occurred in the Malaysia area south of the Ural Mountains. In this area, the former Soviet Union manipulated 7 production reactors. Former Soviet history records showed that due to the number of radiation energy in the atmosphere in these accidents, the radiation energy generated by the nuclear test on the ground on the ground 500 times, coupled with the 1957 British Xien Poor and the British Winders Geisgel's two major nuclear accidents have a total of 5 times the total radiation energy.

On April 26, 1986, the No. 4 reactor at the Cocked Nobel Nuclear Power Station in Ukraine exploded and caught fire. A large amount of radioactive substances entered the atmosphere

This report seems to have heard for the first time for the public, but it has long been heard for the US government. For a long time, a high -secret agency called the "Air Force Technology Application Center" has always been conducting long -distance monitoring plans. The center has monitored the former Soviet Union's radioactive falls for 50 years.

Large -scale war in just 7 minutes

If you have had to report a very, very bad news to your boss, then you can imagine that when the officers stationed in Xia Yanshan, Colorado, suddenly discovered that 2200 were appeared on their radar screen. When the former Soviet missiles, what kind of panic mood should they be.

This "warning missile launch" diplomatic etiquette needs to be further confirmed, and then directly announced to the then US President Jimmy Carter. As other follow -up stations are similar to reports, this suspicion is intensified. It is said that the difference between the United States in just 7 minutes is about to launch its intercontinental ballistic missile. The confusing suspicion is finally the truth: it turned out that someone placed a training tape into a machine that was faulty. As a result, a pure book caused a pure book On the attack.

Since the incident in 1979, the U.S. Air Force has shifted its training base and has since improved the tracking quality of its tracking center.

Soviet abandoned nuclear bomb hole library

Moscow's phantom arsenal

During the 1980s, the United States carried out the largest weapon assembly ever in history. The reason was explained in detail in a widely issued Ministry of Defense's literature entitled "The Military Force of the Soviet Union". According to the book, the weapons controlled by the Soviet Union are far better than the US weapons and equipment in each category.

However, it is unexpectedly unexpected that most of these Soviets have made most of the weapons and equipment that have never existed. According to the information of the Central Intelligence Bureau, which has been stored, it is speculated that what caused the US Department of Defense in the "Soviet Military Power" is a illusion weapon that does not exist at all. For example, the most frightening modified T-80 tank has no existence at all. In fact, military analysts mistakenly put an old T-72 on the side of the fabric side edge of the fabric. New weapon.

In fact, the former Soviet Union even could not afford the indeed weapons. At a press conference, General U.S. Harbier, the highest commander of the US Strategic Command, acknowledged that in the 1980s, "the modernization of Russia's military forces is far less than us," the result is "the service life of their arms equipment is also facing the end of the end "".