China doesn't want to fight, the United States has to fight?Ambassador Qin Gang throws three questions on the iron interception

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China doesn't want to fight, the United States has to fight?Ambassador Qin Gang throws three questions on the iron interception

2022-05-16 00:02:55 20 ℃

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US defense experts' interpretation of Sino -US competitive relations

At present, the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine has lasted for more than two months. The two sides have also launched fierce battles in the Donbass region. At this critical moment, the United States has not relaxed its suppression of China. According to reports from the media, US defense experts have recently published an article, in the article, he analyzed the competition between China and the United States in detail. He believes that after the development of China, the military capabilities have been significantly improved, and the strength of the top technical fields is comparable to the United States. It also completely changed the backward appearance.

Not only that, China has surpassed the United States in the field of hypersonic weapons and electromagnetic electromagnetic fields. Its main representative is Dongfeng 17 hypersonic missiles and electromagnetic rail guns. Moreover, Dongfeng 17 ultra -high -speed missiles have the ability to combat, and the electromagnetic rail guns are also accelerating. The Chinese Navy is likely to become the first new combat force equipped with electromagnetic rail cannons.

The continuous improvement of military capabilities also made the US defense expert believe that China may challenge the status of the United States. But this is not to expand the territory, but to expand its influence and scope of influence, and establish rules and order dominated by China. Moreover, he also emphasized that the reason why the United States has repeatedly used the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine to fight against China because the United States regards China as its biggest opponent, and China's threat to the United States has exceeded Russia's threat to the United States to the United States. Essence China not only has international first -class military strength, but also is second only to the United States. Some international financial institutions say that according to China's development speed, it is likely that China's GDP will surpass the United States ten years later and become the world's largest economy.

After that, the US defense expert was promoting China's threat theory. He said that some behaviors that maintain national sovereignty and territorial integrity in the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea, and the East China Sea are actually putting pressure on neighboring countries. expansion. He also said that China not only did not follow the United States and other countries to condemn Russia, but also helped Russia to avoid the blow brought by sanctions from Western countries, and continuously strengthened cooperation between China and Russia. It can be seen that China's ambitions. China wants to To overthrow the old international order, establish a new international order, and finally replace the United States.

Chinese ambassadors to the United States ask three questions

In fact, China has never wanted to challenge the United States. Whether it is the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine or the current situation of the Taiwan Strait, the United States wants to use these problems to suppress China, thereby curbing China's continuous development. The Taiwan issue has always belonged to China's own internal affairs, and the Chinese government has repeatedly reminded and warned the United States that the Chinese People's Liberation Army must not tolerate any external forces to interfere with the Taiwan issue. Even so, the United States has continuously used the Taiwan issue to provoke China, so in the game of China and the United States, who is the real picky person.

Although the United States has been suppressing China, China has always hoped that the United States can clearly recognize the focus of the development of Sino -US relations and actively promote the return of China and the United States to the correct track. Therefore, on the 7th of this month, the Chinese ambassador to the United States raised three questions at the relevant conference. These three issues are also expectations for future Sino -US relations. First, in the development of China and the United States, Chinese people should be played What is the character? Second, for the Chinese group, how can we do it to eliminate the emotions of American society's hatred of Asia and China? The third is how to strengthen the awareness of Chinese youth's identity and make them feel proud of being Chinese?

The Chinese ambassador to the United States said that because the United States has always regarded China as its opponent, it has deepened the confrontation between China and the United States, increasing the possibility of conflict between the two countries. Therefore, the Chinese groups in the United States should be united and actively promote the exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States in various fields. In other words, it is hoped to increase the possibility of conflict and differences through the Chinese -American group in the United States to increase cooperation and exchanges in China and the United States.

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