Medvedev: G7 is directly interfering in Chinese affairs

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Medvedev: G7 is directly interfering in Chinese affairs

2022-05-16 00:02:56 20 ℃

【Text/Observer Net Jufeng】

Former Russian President and current vice chairman of the Russian Federal Security Conference, Modvedev issued a statement on the social media (Telegram) on May 15, after the statement of the Seventh Dummary Group (G7) Foreign Minister meeting.

G7 Foreign Minister gathered in Germany to discuss the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and food issues. He also named China in the statement that he called on China not to help Russia, including weakening international sanctions or defending Moscow in Ukraine. On the Ukrainian issue, G7 also unilaterally accused China of "use information manipulation, false information and other means" to "wash" the "invasion" behavior of Russia, and urged China to stop this action.

Regarding this allegations, Medvedev commented that this is the embodiment of "continuing to directly interfere with Chinese affairs", and they are reminding China to "we can punish you".

Medvedev Tu from Russia Media

The G7 stated after the meeting that it would never admit that Russia tried to change through military operations, and would firmly support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries including Krimea and all countries.

In response to the content of the "Ukrainian border change" in the G7 statement, Medvedev responded in a domineering response, "Let me euphemistically say: my country does not care about G7 countries that do not recognize (Ukraine) new borders. True will. Western friends, don't forget Kosovo's precedent. "

After the G7 members, they promised to continue to provide weapons to the Ukrainian government's needs. And Medvedev pointed out that "this is actually that the G7 must continue to fight against the agent with Russia, instead of effectively solving the energy and food problems of the people."

In response to G7 to gradually reduce Russia's energy dependence, Medvedev claimed that "this means that the G7 will continue to rob the people and support Ukraine's corruption regime, and some people in these countries are not clear about the essence of this matter."

Regarding the G7 threat to continue to take restrictions on Moscow, Medvedev sarcastically said, "We also think that the G7 countries will give Russia's material assistance to help Russia complete the Naziization and de -militaryization of Ukraine. But we think wrong."

In the end, Medvedev reminded that the G7 foreign minister's statement forgot to mention Russia's strategic nuclear capabilities.

Medvedev's latest post selection

From May 12th to May 14th, the Seventh Kingdoms Group held a three -day foreign minister meeting in Wan Gels in northern Germany to discuss the Ukrainian issue and the global food crisis. However, in the statement after the meeting, the G7 not only called on China not to help Russia, but also mentioned the issue of nuclear control in China, claiming that it would be committed to "active military control dialogue with China."

Two days ago (May 13), Medvedev posted a long post on social media that the severe sanctions against Russia caused by the United States and its allies due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine will change the existing world order and should be centered on the United States as the center. After the collapse of the world concept, a new global security structure will appear.

He emphasized that many international institutions have proven to be "invalid" in Russia and Ukraine's conflict, and it will inevitably go to decline. He specially names the European Commission of Europe's main "human rights organizations" -Sto Europe. Two days later (15th), Russia announced its decision to withdraw from the European Commission, and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov's relevant letters have been handed over to the organization secretary general.

Medvedev believes that this world will eventually establish a new security structure. In this security architecture, first of all, in fact, then legal recognition of the following facts: the fragility and the world of the concept of westernized international relations are used. The collapse of the concept of the United States and the interests of countries that strongly confront the Western world have been respected by the international community.

"These are not predictions at all (but inevitable)," Medvedev emphasized.

G7 Foreign Minister held a conference map in Wan Gels, Germany.

The United States has repeatedly accused China of "standing" Russia in Russia's conflict in Russia and Ukraine. The consistent and clear, China has always made an objective and fair attitude, and made a judgment independently based on the right and wrong of the matter, showing the claims. On the issue of Ukraine, any oblique Chinese efforts, distorting the intention of Chinese side, making rumors to discredit China's false information, the purpose is to pass on contradictions, provoke confrontation, and take the opportunity to gain profit. This is neither responsible or moral.