Do you have to play fire?Lanzbelgis Talk: Must be overthrown Putin regime!

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Do you have to play fire?Lanzbelgis Talk: Must be overthrown Putin regime!

2022-05-16 00:03:16 22 ℃

As a small country in Eastern Europe, Lithuania has previously brushed a wave of existence in the international community because of provoking China on Taiwan's issue, and Lithuania, which has always been "dead", is not satisfied with offended China. Lithuania is also the highest jump. It is reported that Lithuania officials have even published extreme remarks on "calling for overthrowing Putin government", which has aroused heated discussions on international public opinion.

It is reported that Lithuania, as the loyal followers of the United States in Eastern Europe, is extremely hostile to Russia. At a previous meeting of discussing embargo Russia oil, in the face of the opposition from German Foreign Minister Berbek, Lithuania Foreign Minister actually accused the Germans in person to provide financial support for Russia's military operations, which allowed Bell Berk The people present were extremely embarrassing.

Earlier, the European Union forcibly passed the fifth round of sanctions on Russia, mainly involving embargo on Russian coal. Lithuania is also one of the most active countries in response. Pressure can be described as the "anti -Russian pioneer" among the EU.

Foreign Minister Lithuania: It should be overturned Putin regime

At present, under the circumstances of NATO's large -scale military assistance on Ukraine, Russia does not want to continue to continue the war and hopes to win the conflict as soon as possible. Otherwise Multi -person casualties.

However, Lithuania and other small countries in Eastern Europe welcomed NATO's military intervention in Ukraine's situation, which not only provided convenience for NATO to transport weapons to Ukraine, but also called on NATO to increase the garrison in its country, and even encouraged NATO to send troops against Russia. Know.

Not only that, on May 10, local time, Lithuania Foreign Minister Lanzbelgis's remarks made the outside world think that it was unique and would undoubtedly angered Russia. According to the US media CNN, Lanzbelgis told reporters that in order to let Russia end the current state of war, it is necessary to change the Russian regime. Therefore, we must strive to overthrow the current Putin regime from Russia and let Russia "purify". The US media said that this was the first Ministerial -level official of NATO member states since the Russia -Ukraine conflict.

In addition, Langzbelgis once again called on the United States to send more garrisons to Lithuania to increase the sense of security of Lithuania.

Lithuania may play a fire self -immolation

Observers point out that Lithuanian's "anti -Russia" emotions have reached the point of madness, and the extreme remarks calling on "overthrow Putin regime" are likely to make Lithuania a target of Russia, especially if Russia and NATO conflict in the future in the future Lithuania will be the target of the first strike.

Some sources: Chengdu Radio and Television

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