Don't give Biden face to face, Vietnam says a bunch of beautiful words that make China happy, which means not to rely on the United States?

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Don't give Biden face to face, Vietnam says a bunch of beautiful words that make China happy, which means not to rely on the United States?

2022-05-16 00:02:19 22 ℃

The US President Biden wanted to demonstrate China with a "American-ASEAN Special Summit", but it was unexpected that this meeting became a big stage for ASEAN to preach its independence and independent claims. Even if it looks the most intimate Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Mingzheng, as soon as he arrives in the United States, it is clear that between attachment and independence, Vietnam has always chosen independence, which embarrassed Biden.

But what we want to say is that although we are very welcome to Fan Mingzheng's bravery, but the heart of prevention is indispensable. The attitude of these small Southeast Asian countries to the United States requires us to observe and be vigilant for a long time.

On May 11th, the day before the summit was held, Vietnamese Prime Minister Fan Mingzheng had already arrived in the United States. But Fan Mingzheng was so positive that he did not go to Bayeng, but to smash Bai Dengzhuan ——

The first time he arrived in the United States, Fan Mingzheng was invited to participate in a public dialogue organized by the US Think Tank Strategy and International Issues Research Center (CSIS). During the conversation, he talked about Ho Chi Minh: "Between independence and dependence, Vietnam has always chosen independence. Chairman Ho Chi Minh once said that "there is nothing more precious than independence and freedom '."

Coincidentally, during the summit, he dared to shook his face so much to worship the Vietnam. For example, Cambodia also said that he was willing to make friends with the United States, but he was definitely not selected between China and the United States.

A summit that attracted ASEAN countries to jointly anti -China was opened like this. But everyone knows that it is the United States itself.

Raise your eyes to see the world today. The Russian and Ukraine conflict intensified, but the US government took the entire West to support Ukraine. At the same time, it made comprehensive sanctions on Russia. It was poured on this conflict fire, which caused the world to face an unprecedented food crisis, urgent energy, economic downturn;

The "Taiwan independence" elements jumped up and down. The United States ignored the overall situation of Sino -US economic and trade and relations. Instead, it took the initiative to support the "Taiwan independence", rudely interfered in China's internal affairs, attracted the surrounding countries to jointly anti -China, and made the entire Asia -Pacific region sweep.

From the west to east, from the EU to ASEAN, the more chaotic the world, the happier the world of the United States. The gangs are gangs everywhere to engage in small circles. One does not let go. In the United States, which small country dares to deal with it with peace of mind?

It is reported that Biden also stated at this summit that the United States will invest US $ 150 million to ASEAN to strengthen Southeast Asian clean energy construction, maritime safety, and anti -new crown epidemic. But on May 10, the House of Representatives of the United States just passed a $ 40 billion of the Ukraine Aid Act.

A 40 billion yuan, one 150 million, in the face of such a thick United States, even if there is a Southeast Asian country intending to take this opportunity, how can you accept these small countries?

The United States can have turned the whole world around it, but the greedy nature has made the United States full of good cards, so that more and more small countries have to embark on the road of autonomy. In a public dialogue, Fan Mingzheng said that the world is turbulent and competitive today, and at the same time, many "choices" have emerged, which has made Vietnam a firm confidence in independence, which is a proper irony to the United States.

In contrast, China. Wang Yi, a Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister, has already emphasized that China opposes any power politics, will resolutely preside over justice, uprightness, and always stand on the correct side of history and stand on the side of human progress.

The relationship between China and other countries is "the gentleman is as light as water", and it is "accompanied without alliance";

Cooperating with other countries, China adopts attraction rather than temptation;

To compete with other countries, China pays attention to win -win rather than unique.

In the past, many small countries were greedy for the small profits given by the United States and could not understand why China insisted so much. But now, when the entire world has begun an irreversible "anti -globalization", the spirit of independence and respect with other countries has finally begun to emit a dazzling light.

In the dialogue on the 11th, Fan Mingzheng also stated that Yuefang always pursued an independent, autonomous, peaceful, friendly, cooperative, development, diversification, and multilateral foreign policy. Friends and reliable partners.

Look, the little brother of Vietnam finally learned something from the Chinese master.

Vietnam's statement makes us please. However, can this be said to be at ease of these small countries in Southeast Asia, just wait for these small countries to vote for us?

If someone really thinks so, it is a big mistake.

This is actually a very simple common sense: Which small Congress chose to stand by the time now?

History has proven many times that Vietnam has always been very cunning. Everyone says beautiful words, but the conflicts and contradictions between Vietnam and China will not disappear. From the sovereignty of the South China Sea to the economic homogeneous competition relationship, Vietnam's vision of China as the first imaginary enemy will not change in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, if Vietnam is smart enough, it will not rush to hug the American thighs in a hurry at all now. If China occupies an advantage, Vietnam can pretend that nothing happened, and if the United States occupies an advantage, then Vietnam will definitely jump out at the most appropriate time and sell itself to the highest price to China. U.S.

In addition, the Russian and Ukraine War also had a profound impact on the choice of these small countries. After the Russian and Ukraine War, "anti -globalization" has begun to accelerate, and the "New Cold War" has come to fact. In this situation, "security" has surpassed the "economic development" and has become the most concerned element of the first -party relationships that countries are most concerned about.

This will be particularly strong in Southeast Asian countries that are sandwiched between China and the United States. These small nations actually understand that they are in trade as a transit station in China and the United States. Its economic prosperity is inseparable from any side of China and the United States. No matter how you call independence, as long as China and the United States have to fight evil or even fight, all from the Taiwan Strait to Malacca are all stirred into a pot of porridge, and your economic and foreign trade will inevitably suffer.

Yes, the "independent independence" of these small countries is really shouted than one, but if you think about it, if you really pursue independence and do not bird the United States, then you will not be able to participate in this summit?

In addition to the ASEAN member of the ASEAN, in addition to offending Myanmar in the United States and the Philippines that are tossing the election, all the remaining eight countries are present. What does this mean? It shows that this sound is "independent", but it is intentionally shouting to Bayon, hoping that Biden can raise the price that let him stand in line.

The current situation is changing. These small Southeast Asian nations have not shown obvious pro -beauty or pro -Chinese tendencies, and can also put on a very cool look of "I can ensure my own independence", but they are undergoing the initial temptation and opening price. Essence In a few years, in the area of ​​Indo -Pacific, as long as there is a spark of a little war, the speed of these small countries holding thighs is definitely faster than the speed of light.

Therefore, at this time, the United States had to hold this special summit at this time, and took the initiative to pull into the relationship with ASEAN. She was willing to see the leaders of these small countries shouting "independence" on their own land and singing against themselves. It's just that the United States is too stupid?

Now the United States is indeed lost, but as a world overlord, the United States still has some capacity of the box.

So this is a problem that we must pay attention to at the moment: Do we have to wait until when we wait, can we only have the thighs of these small countries. Is there only the United States?

People shouted "Heroes save me!", You are still chanting "the gentleman's friendship is as light as water", which is a bit out of time. From this point of view, China's policy of "accompanied" policy may make some changes.

Of course, this is not to say that we must also engage in our own "NATO" immediately, go to help to help, and interfere with the internal affairs of these small countries, making the situation even more tense, and there are more reasons for the United States to fight against China.

In other words, we should take more comprehensive considerations of our relations with Southeast Asian countries. From the previous economic and trade cooperation, it is changed to both economic cooperation and security care. Assure. Some responsibilities, we are also daring to bear the responsibility.

We firmly believe that as long as we are willing to do this, with the strong strength of our own country, we will definitely do better than the United States. New East Asia, which is truly peaceful and more in line with my country's interests, will definitely rise.