The United States wants to borrow Ukraine to drag Russia and ignore the fire in the backyard

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The United States wants to borrow Ukraine to drag Russia and ignore the fire in the backyard

2022-05-16 06:05:52 50 ℃

The Russian and Ukraine War was deadlocked, but the United States continued to "hand over knives" to Ukraine, providing a large number of military and economic assistance, intending to overwhelm Russia. Unexpectedly, the backyard of the United States caught fire, and a major domestic event in China also shocked Biden.

On May 14th, the US Senate leader and Republican Mickey McConal led by the US Senate, the US Senate delegation to visit Kyiv to meet with Ukraine President Zelezki. Strengthen sanctions on Russia. The intention is very obvious, just to use Ukraine's hands to consume Russia's military and economy.

Relying on the identity of a superpowers, the United States interfere with the domestic affairs internationally and attract allies to crack down on disobedient countries. However, the United States is indeed a mess in China. The new crown epidemic is still high. Inflation and prices are soaring, social division has intensified, and guns are flooding. On May 14th, a shooting incident in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, USA, killed at least 10 people and injured 3 people.

Grama tried a press conference on the afternoon of the Farro City Police Department, saying that a total of 13 people played in the shooting, 4 of them, including a supermarket employee, including a security guard. Among the victims, 11 were black and two were white. Gunner Payton Gelon is a 18 -year -old man, wearing tactical equipment and wearing a helmet. The shooting supermarket is located 3 kilometers north of the central center of Buffalo. The community where the supermarket is located is mainly African residents. The gunman comes from other regions and arrives in Buffalo after a few hours of driving. He first shot 3 people in the supermarket parking lot and injured 1 person. After the murder in the supermarket, the patrol police persuaded him to put down the gun and arrested him. Bronry, a special agent of the Federal Investigation Bureau of the Bafafar area, said that he was investigating the shooting incident with hatred of hate.

That night, the White House issued an announcement that US President Biden issued a statement on the large -scale shooting. In the statement, Biden said, "Tonight, we are sorrowful to everyone who has been traumatized in the terrible shooting of the 10 victims who have been taken away from the innocent life, and everyone who has suffered from physical and mental trauma in this terrible shooting event. We thank you for being brave. Law enforcement officers and other fast response personnel who immediately took action were trying to protect and save their lives. The first lady and I prayed for the victims and their families, and the people of the people across the country were with the people of Buffalo. "The statement also said that "While the law enforcement department work, we still need to learn more about the motivation of today's shooting, but we do not need anything else to state a clear moral truth: that is the hate crime of racial motivation and this country. The architecture is incompatible. Any domestic terrorism, including the behavior made in the name of white racism ideology that is dislocked, runs counter to everything we claim in the United States. Hate must have no shelter. We must do everything to end all efforts to end. Domestic terrorism encouraged by hatred. "

The representative of the supermarket worker union Mark Manna: These workers come to work every day, thinking about serving the community, getting a salary life, but suffering this crazy behavior. This is too scary. This is a dark day for supermarket employees, and this situation needs to be changed. On the evening of the 14th local time, the suspect Peton Kingdelun first appeared in a local court. He was accused offending the crime of murder and not being released on bail. Another court hearing will be held next week. Statistics show that since this year, 1,5840 people in the United States have been killed in the gun involved and another 13,017 people have been injured.