The Baltic Sea is becoming NATO's "Inner Sea"

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The Baltic Sea is becoming NATO's "Inner Sea"

2022-05-16 06:05:21 25 ℃

If Finland and Sweden join NATO, Russia will find a serious security problem ...

"Joining NATO will strengthen the security of Finland. As a member of NATO, Finland will strengthen the entire defense alliance. Finland must apply immediately to join NATO, hoping to quickly carry out the steps required for this decision in the next few days."

At 10 am local time on the 12th, Finnish President Nigero and Prime Minister Marlin issued a joint statement that officially announced the support of Finland's application to join NATO.

Sweden is said to be like Finland and plans to apply to NATO on the 16th.

What kind of changes will this bring? The Baltic Three Kingdoms cheered.

Lithuania Foreign Minister Gabriel Langzbelis said: "This indicates that northern Europe is also a NATO territory. From all practical, political and security perspectives, this will be more reliable."

Estonia Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Litz said Finland's joining NATO means that NATO's own power will "significantly enhanced, and the security of northern Europe and the Baltic Sea will be strengthened."

Latvia Foreign Minister Edgas Linkvich said the most geographical intuitiveness -the Baltic Sea is becoming NATO's "inner sea".

Latvian Foreign Minister Edgas Linkvich

Count the countries around the Baltic Sea. The north coast is Sweden and the Netherlands, the east coast is the three countries of the Baltic Sea, the south bank is Germany and Poland, and the west is Denmark. If Sweden and the Netherlands join NATO, the Baltic Sea is really surrounded by NATO, oh, no, there is a flying place in Russia in the southeast corner -Kalinenrad.

But even this flying land does not affect the Baltic Sea to become NATO in the NATO at that time, it can be seen that Russia's security situation is further deteriorating.

"NATO expands its existence in the Baltic Sea, and will frustrate Russia's efforts to move in the narrow Finnish Gulf." The United States "News Weekly" said: "Similarly, Russian Flying Garinrad will be surrounded by NATO from all directions."

At a press conference held by the Ministry of Defense of Estonia, Donanton, deputy minister of the Ministry of Defense, said, "Obviously, with the addition of Finland and Sweden, the leader and marine space of the Baltic Sea will become a new and coherent space belonging to NATO countries. "Therefore, I think we will fight against Russia more powerful."

Ensinian Defense Forces Chief of Staff Enno Motz also said that Finland -and possible Sweden -joining NATO members will improve the combat capability of the alliance in the Baltic Sea.

Russia emphasizes that Finland's joining NATO will cause serious damage to the bilateral relations between Fenfen and maintain stability and security in the Nordic region, and stated that Russia will formulate response measures, depending on how NATO implements the expansion process.

According to the Russian News Agency, President President President Pesov said on the 12th that Finland's joining NATO will undoubtedly threaten Russia's security. The Russian border cannot bring peace. "

"For decades, the military -free alliance policy has been the foundation of the stability of the Northern Europe. It provides a reliable level of security for Finland. It is a solid foundation for our two countries to establish mutually beneficial cooperation and partnership." There is no hostility to Finland, and the goal of NATO is very clear -creating another wing for the military threats faced by Russia, as for "why Finland becomes its national territory into the forefront of military confrontation with Russia, and at the same time loses independence of independent decision -making Sex, history will make judgments. "

The threat of Russian experts is more obvious.

According to Russia's satellite news agency, Russia's famous military expert Alexese Leonkov said that if Finland joins NATO, Russia may review the target settings of the Western Military Region's defense system and change its strategic nuclear forces.

Former Russian President Medvedev also warned recently that if Sweden and Finland join NATO, Moscow will strengthen the ground, sea and air defense in the Baltic Sea, and hint that if these two countries join NATO, the nuclear expansion in the region will expand in the region Essence

"In this case, it is no longer possible to talk about any non -nuclear status in the Baltic Sea. It must be restored to balance," Medvedev said. "Until now, Russia has not taken such measures and does not intend to take such measures."

Medvedev said that Russia will needs to strengthen the ground forces and air defense systems in the region and deploy a large number of naval forces in the Waters of Finland.

Some people in NATO have begun to worry that the Russians may deploy nuclear weapons or more hypersonic missiles in Kalinrad.

The New York Times commented that the longer the war duration, the increase in the risk of upgrading. The border of the war is expanding, and the war itself has been reshaped into a struggle between democracy and autocracy . This is not just an exaggeration. This is noisy. The risk brought by it is obvious.