Turkey's opposition!Finland and Sweden have joined NATO?The reason for the Foreign Minister of the Three Kingdoms was actually ...

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Turkey's opposition!Finland and Sweden have joined NATO?The reason for the Foreign Minister of the Three Kingdoms was actually ...

2022-05-16 06:05:30 25 ℃

On the evening of May 14, local time, Turkish Foreign Minister Chawusholu stated through social media that he met with Finnish Foreign Minister and Swedish Foreign Minister in Berlin, Germany to join NATO exchange opinions on the two countries. But he did not disclose more information.

Chawusho Lu was attending the two -day NATO foreign minister's informal meeting in Berlin. Before the meeting, he told the media that Sweden and Finland repeatedly ignored the warnings of Turkey and clearly supported the Kurdish Workers' Party and other organizations that were identified by Turkey as a terrorist organization, which hurt the feelings of the Turkish people. A country that is about to become an ally obviously should not support terrorist organizations that attack another allies every day.

On May 13, Turkish President Erdogan made it clear that Turkey's "do not hold positive opinions" to NATO in Finland and Sweden. Turkish presidential spokesman Karen told the media on the 14th that Turkey did not close the gate of Finland and Sweden to join NATO, but Turkey's concern for national security must also be considered.

Turkish President Erdogan Picture Source: Xinhua News Agency

According to Xinhua News Agency on May 14th, Turkish President Rejuep Toyp Erdogan stated on the 13th that he opposed Finland and Sweden to join the North Atlantic Convention. Kurdish Workers' Party.

Erdogan told media reporters in Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey on the 13th that it may be possible to join NATO on Finland and Sweden. "We have no positive views."

Turkey is currently the only member of the organization that clearly opposes Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Turkey's long -term identification of Sweden and other Nordic countries provided asylum for the supporters of the Kurdish workers and Turkish religious Fethura Hulun.

The Kurdish Workers' Party was founded in 1979. Over the years, the Kurdish settlement areas that have been seeking to establish an independent country in the Kurdish settlement area in Turkey, Iran, and Syria, and were listed as terrorist organizations by Turkey, the United States and European alliances. Julun was said to be related to Turkey's attempted military coup that occurred in 2016 and is currently in exile in the United States.

Erdogan believes that in 1952, it was an error in Greece's joining NATO. Today, Turkey cannot make mistakes again.

NATO headquarters sculpture and flag picture source: Xinhua News Agency

Regarding Turkey's statement, Foreign Minister of Finland and Sweden said on the 13th that they hoped that they would continue to discuss with the Turkish Foreign Minister during the informal meeting in Berlin, Germany on the 14th.

Swedish Foreign Minister Anlindian told Agence France -Presse: "The Turkish government has not directly passed us such information ... We also have the opportunity to discuss the application for Sweden to join NATO."

Finnish Foreign Minister Pecca Harvesto said he was looking forward to "continuing discussion" with Turkish foreign minister Mev Luta Kashionu when he weekends.

According to regulations, NATO must absorb new members under the premise of "unanimous consent" of 30 member states. Agence France -Presse reported that NATO may agree to the application of Finland and Sweden during the Madrid Summit at the end of June, and 30 member states will subsequently approve the NATO decision.

Jane Pusky, secretary of the White House, said on the 13th that the United States is understanding the situation to clarify the earthwork; absorb the "welcomed by NATO member states". The US Department of Defense spokesman John Kury said on the same day that Turkey is an important NATO ally, which has not changed.

Sorchaga Aputi, the head of the Turkish research project in Washington, USA, believes that Turkey may bring risks to Turkey on Turkey's position on the entry of NATO in Turkey, making it similar to "the EU Hungary" in NATO. Turkey should "privately" expressed concerns about terrorism to Fenrui.

However, in the view of Elizabeth Blau, a researcher at the US Enterprise Research Institute, this is exactly where Erdogan is clever. "He (Erdogan) knows that this is the opportunity of Turkey's" asking price "to other NATO member states ... For example, F-35 fighter jet."

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