"Big Block" appears!The Russian army dispatched it to attack the Ya Shi Ying

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"Big Block" appears!The Russian army dispatched it to attack the Ya Shi Ying

2022-05-16 12:02:51 26 ℃

Reference News Network reported on May 15. According to the US "War Zone" website reported on May 13, a photo appearing on the Internet recently shows that the Russian army is now using 2S4 "Tulip" 240 mm caliber mortars to the port cities in southern Ukraine in southern Ukraine. The Ya Sui Steel Factory of Mary Upol fired laser guides.

It is reported that this mortar is the largest active weapon in the world. The Ukrainian armed personnel in this building insisted that they would never surrender.

The 2S4 mortars were first installed in the Soviet Army in 1975. The "Tulip" mortar has a relatively limited range and slower shooting speed. It can only fire 1 shells every minute. This is largely because their shells fired are large and heavy.

Historically, 2S4 mortars are usually used to launch 290 pounds (1 pounds or about 0.45 kg) or 500 pounds of non -system high -explosive shells, of which the latter has an extended rocket propeller. Standard artillery shells can crack down on targets other than 6 miles (about 1.6 kilometers), rockets can hit the target 11 miles away.

It is reported that the artillery shells that fired Xiangya Steel Factory in the photo were obviously a "brave" laser guideline, and its shape was completely different from the non -preparation shells used by the 2S4 mortar.

According to the initial design, the "brave" artillery shells need a cannon fire observer in front of it, and the latter will use a portable laser indicator to "illuminate" the target. Today, other platforms equipped with laser indicators can also play this role, such as drones.

It is reported that it is not fully clear about the exact reason why Russia uses the "brave" shells in the current siege of the Asian Step Factory. The Ace Steel Factory is located in the port city of Mali Ubol in the port city of southern Ukraine. It is considered the last stronghold of the Ukrainian army in the city. Right now, the Russian ground forces are basically at the front door of the Asia Schurgle Factory, and almost continuously implement the air and artillery fire against the building complex.

However, this building complex is located on a maze -like authentic network, and these tunnels have been helping to protect the defenders from bombing. Laser guides can crack down on specific thin points, and even play a role in blocking authentic entrances, which may explain the tactical motivation of Russia's recent use of this shell. The Russian army is very close to the facility, which also means that the limited range of the "tulip" mortar is basically not a problem.