Do you expand me?Southern Oussem ladder entered Russia's referendum to be determined, or the fierce tricks of Capin's counterattack in NATO

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Do you expand me?Southern Oussem ladder entered Russia's referendum to be determined, or the fierce tricks of Capin's counterattack in NATO

2022-05-16 12:03:25 30 ℃

Unconsciously, the Russian -Ukraine conflict has lasted for nearly three months, and the US -Russian game has also entered the stage of heat. Recently, you come and go, and the United States and Russia have come and go. Just as Russia's "neighbors who couldn't move" Finland were about to "enter the meeting" NATO, the South Ossets ladder unexpectedly announced that it had been finalized to hold a "merged into the Russian Federation" referendum. According to Global Network, the leader of the South Ossetia Bibirov announced that it will hold a referendum under the guidance of the "historical vision" on July 17 this year.

When the news was announced, Bibirov claimed excitedly: "We are going home, and when‘ completely unified ’is here, this will be the beginning of a new grand story." I believe that as soon as I hear this, everyone can also notice that there is a constant "historical relationship" between the South Oussean ladder and Russia. During the Soviet Union, the Southern Oussean was a autonomous state in Georgia. After the Soviet Union disintegrated, the region was always "separated" and obtained a substantial independent position. After the Russia War in 2008, the Russian side announced that it was independent of the South Oussean ladder and established a military base locally. Subsequently, the region began a "long way home" for 14 years in the region. The previous leaders had repeatedly applied for "merged into the Russian Federation", but they were "relentless rejection" of Ke Palace. It was not until the outbreak of the Russian -Ukraine conflict that Moscow finally "Songkou".

You know, the population of the South Osseta is less than 50,000. It is not difficult to imagine how a small economy. Since the "break" with Georgia, the region has been in a state of "isolated from the world" for decades, relying on Russia's "support". Therefore, Russia had a military counterattack against Georgia for the sake of Nanda Olympic Steel. Russia is regarded as a "backyard".

However, it is different from the past. On the occasion of NATO, there is no need to leave any potential power vacuum risks in the Caucasus region. In addition, even if most of the "brothers" in the Soviet Union have "ranked" in the United States, there are still some "hardcore brothers" loyal to Russia. If Russia allows the southern Osseta ladder to be merged into the Russian Federation, it can be regarded as a response to NATO's repeated expansion, that is, "the person's way is to counter the person's body." The South Ossee has previously stated that when the referendum of the national referendum that is merged into Russia depends on when the Ke Palace feels that the time is "mature". As NATO approached Russia's "home door", the South Osseta ladder finally waited for this "good time".

It is worth noting that the "knocking" of the South Oussean ladder is afraid that the Ukraine on the side is "shivering". After all, during the Russian and Ukraine conflict, Hermuson in southern Ukraine also said that it would "re -integrate" Russia and submitted an application to the Kremlin. It is conceivable that once Hulson follows the pace of the South Oussean ladder and has become part of the Russian territory, it will not rule out that other parts of Ukraine will also have a follow -up effect, that is, the Ukrainian territory may be fragmented ...

From the southern Oussean to Ukraine, whether Russia will accept these two places, it is waiting for Putin to decide.