After Liaoning Ship's largest exercise, some people are uncomfortable

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After Liaoning Ship's largest exercise, some people are uncomfortable

2022-05-16 12:02:00 21 ℃

Recently, the Chinese Navy announced that the Liaoning ship carrier formation conducted practical training in the Western Pacific waters.

Many people may not know that behind these just dozens of words, there is a thrilling contest:

In the Western Pacific, the Liaoning Ship and the United States "Lincoln" "met in a narrow road". Recently, it may only be two or three hundred kilometers apart. At the same time, it entered the strike radius of carrier -based aircraft, anti -ship missiles, and air defense missiles.

The two large aircraft carrier formations are close to such a distance with actual combat attitude, which is very rare.

For U.S. aircraft carriers, this is also the first time in recent years to face the surface ship formation that has faced its strength.

The US media also came out of the old routine of "Chinese threats", saying that China is seeking to "replace" the United States and become the most powerful military forces in Asia.

You know, for decades, when American aircraft carriers were "swimming" around the world, they had few "opponents" that had been quite considerable. "free".

However, what makes the United States feel uncomfortable.

This sailing was the eastward east of the Liaoning ship more than four months -the Liaoning Ship passed the ancient Strait of the Palace and sailed to the Western Pacific.

It can be seen from the picture that there are four main strapers in China. They are extended as an extension, forming the so -called "first island chain" proposed by the United States in the 1950s. The Gonggu Strait is a relatively wide and convenient one.

In this exercise, Lord Tan discovered two special features:

In terms of the number of ships, the formation of this exercise is the largest aircraft carrier formation that has been dispatched in my country so far.

There are 7 ships of the Liaoning ship carrier this time:

In 2013, the Liaoning ship was trained for the first time in the form of an aircraft carrier formation. It was equipped with two 051C destroyers and two 054A frigates, with a total of 4 ships.

In the movie "Red Sea Action", those who undertake the task of withdrawal overseas are 054A frigates. In reality, the task of withdrawing overseas Chinese with Libya was completed by 054A.

In December last year, Liaoning ship was equipped with a 055 destroyer, one 052D destroyer, two 054A frigates and one 901 comprehensive supply ship, with a total of 5 ships.

In this Liaoning ship aircraft carrier formation, there are two 052D destroyers, which further enhances the formation of the formation.

Authoritative military experts told Lord Tan that the Liaoning ship has been exploring the matching of the ship in the aircraft carrier battle group. This time the exercise is close to "full match".

In terms of the tonnage of the ship, for the first half of the century, the Pacific has the same tonnage as the US aircraft carrier formation for the first time.

Take the "Lincoln" as an example. The total tonnage of the "Lincoln" aircraft carrier formation is around 150,000 tons.

And the Liaoning ship carrier formation:

The tonnage of the fleet is roughly the same as the US aircraft carrier fleet. This may be a situation that many people dare not think about 10 years ago.

Ten years ago, on September 25, 2012, the Liaoning ship officially delivered the Chinese Navy and rewritten the history of China's no carrier.

Once upon a time, the aircraft carrier has always been the "proper noun" owned by the United States. The United States has the most aircraft carriers, and the role of aircraft carriers is vividly played -whenever the United States wants to intervene in regional affairs, American aircraft carriers appear frequently.

In the American dictionary, the aircraft carrier not only means making air power and sea power, it also has greater significance -deterrence:

Make sea blockade to persecute other countries

Expand the scope of the projection of strength to intervene in geopolitics

For a long time, the United States, where two aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific, have great military advantages to Asian countries.

Even after the Liaoning ship laid off, the U.S. military had doubts about whether the Liaoning ship could form a real combat capability.

The important indicator of testing a aircraft carrier's combat capability is the frequency of its carrier -based aircraft.

In this exercise, the carrier -based fighter and carrier helicopters on the Liaoning ship conducted take -off and landing training.

Among them, there are two key information:

The first is the number of training exceeding 200 times; the second is the night and landing.

This shows that the Liaoning ship can already achieve a full -scale and high frequency take -off and landing, and has the ability to deal with medium and high intensity operations.

From the Liaoning ship equipment, to its nearly "full -bodied" posture, it conducted practical training. This road has been in China for 10 years.

From scratch, from weak to strong, from rivers to the coast, from offshore to deep blue, every step of these, the Chinese navy has gone extremely solid.

What makes some people uncomfortable, in addition to the conditions and training subjects of the Liaoning ship, as well as the movement of the Liaoning ship after May 6. The press release of the Eastern theater mentioned:

From May 6th to 8th, the Eastern theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army organized troops such as sea, air, and long -term guidance to conduct practical exercises in the east of Taiwan Island and the Southwest sea airspace to further test and enhance the combined combat capabilities of multi -military and soldiers.

This kind of exercise is not the first time. The reason why it has attracted attention from all parties is precisely because of the existence of the Liaoning ship -although there is no news to confirm that the Liaoning ship participates in the exercise.

But during the exercise, the Liaoning ship was moving. This movement moves the whole body.

On May 4th and 5th, the Liaoning ship was trained at 320 kilometers in the southeast of Okinawa.

This location is the most common training area in the Liaoning ship in recent years. It is mainly to conduct wide ocean -to -surface combat training and the combat environment that is familiar with the Western Pacific.

After the exercise, the Liaoning ship battle group arrived at 150 kilometers south of Ishigaki Island and stayed in this area for 3 days. The picture is the position of the Liaoning ship battle group. At this point, some people have to calculate.

Taiwan, there are several anti -ship missiles:

Xiongfeng Type Type, a range of about 150 kilometers

Xiongfeng Type three, a range of about 150 kilometers

Liaoning ships are 280 kilometers from Taiwan.

In other words, the location of the Liaoning ship cannot be disturbed and threatened. And the Liaoning ship combat group, there are these equipment:

Haihong Flag-9B ship short missile, range of 260 kilometers

F-15 carrier-based aircraft, the combat radius can reach more than 1,000 kilometers

Eagle strike-21 anti-ship missile, range exceeding 1500 kilometers

In this distance, some people should be considered a good calculation and weighing.

In Go, there is a saying that it is called "eye -catching", and the key is hit. The location of the Liaoning ship is "eye -catching".

Perhaps it was a long time ago that the anti -ship missile had no effect on the Liaoning ship. Before and after the exercise, the American "Lincoln" aircraft carrier once approached the Liaoning ship.

The distance between the two means that the drills of remote investigations, electronic confrontation, and simulation of confrontation can be performed.

As for why you are not approaching, you can read the press release of the Eastern theater:

From May 6th to 8th, the Eastern theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army organized troops such as sea, air, and long -term guidance to conduct practical exercises in the east of Taiwan Island and the Southwest sea airspace to further test and enhance the combined combat capabilities of multi -military and soldiers.

"Chang Dao" is the rocket army's conventional missile forces. In general, it is the "Dongfeng Express" we usually say.

The Dongfeng-21C has the ability to attack large maritime mobile targets, so it is also called "aircraft carrier killer". The U.S. Department of Defense summarized a "refusal strategy" -il China is "refusing" the U.S. aircraft carrier group outside the core interest range.

In 2007, Dongfeng-21C disclosed for the first time.

In addition to the word "Chang Dao", there is another new change in the press release:

From May 6th to 8th, the Eastern theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army organized troops such as sea, air, and long -term guidance to conduct practical exercises in the east of Taiwan Island and the Southwest sea airspace to further test and enhance the combined combat capabilities of multi -military and soldiers.

Generally speaking, the related expressions are "around the island" and "southwest of the Taima Island".

The southwest of Taimao is closer to the mainland side. And this exercise specifically mentioned "east of Taima Island". Lord Tan noticed that there were 1 transport-8 anti-submarine aircraft and 2 bombing-6 bombers entering the airspace in eastern Taiwan from the southwestern airspace in Taiwan.

Military expert Lan Shunzheng told Lord Tan that the military aircraft flew over Taiwan's airspace and had become the norm. Looking back on our military plane to fly over the Taiwan airspace, it is iconic, which is the "flying island" that bombarded-6K in 2017.

Boom-6K can accurately destroy key facilities such as airports and command centers. It and the service of the same sequence strategic bomber meant that the Chinese Air Force had the first time in the real air strategic strike ability, and also made China the only country in the world that has the three -in -one strategic strike ability.

And its flying island is also telling the "Taiwan independence" elements who tried to "conspire independence", and Taiwan's whole territory is within the scope of the blow. These people have no "rear" at all.

And who is east of Tai Island, the Yun-8 anti-submarine aircraft is anti-submarine, it is self-evident.

The above is just the "normal" exercise of the People's Liberation Army. In the future, there will be more and more exercises.

A series of exercises of the PLA are targeting the United States. The dark and dark, various small actions, believed in the PLA control.

As for some countries that are uncomfortable with the PLA exercise, it is not as good as China that makes them uncomfortable as China. The posture of the posture distorted.

A few days ago, the Migrant "Royal Port" missile cruiser passed the Taiwan Strait and publicly speculated. The ship is about to retire this year. It is inevitable that such a ship has a meaning of "Sunshine West Mountain".

For more than half a century, these people believe in "force first", with the absolute strength of the sea as deterrent, and interfere with the domestic politics. On the issue of Taiwan, these people have always passed the wrong signal to the "Taiwan independence" forces.

At that time, it passed.

Don't forget that Taiwan is an indispensable part of China's territory.

This is China's "housework". It is not allowed to say three or four, let alone others intervene.