The Battle of the Ya Sui Iron and Steel Factory welcomed the inflection point, surrendering the yellow muscles of the Ukraine face, and the stretcher was lifted out. The female soldiers supported each other

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The Battle of the Ya Sui Iron and Steel Factory welcomed the inflection point, surrendering the yellow muscles of the Ukraine face, and the stretcher was lifted out. The female soldiers supported each other

2022-05-19 18:15:21 19 ℃

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that the Ukraine and the "Asia Camp" in the Asian Steel Factory had surrendered unconditionally. This marks the end of the longest and bloodproof battle since the outbreak of the Russian and Ukraine conflict. The Russian side lasted 82 days and finally won Maliwol, which was a major failure for Ukraine. It can be seen that the members of the "Asian Camp" and the Ukraine of the "Asian Camp" put down their weapons and lined up from the underground bunkers, and were then taken away from the steel factory by the Russian army. It may be because it has been hiding in the dark steel factory for too long, and the surrender soldiers look pale every complexion, and some wounded are even directly lifted out by the stretcher. The video released by Russian Red Star TV also showed that many female soldiers also helped each other to be taken away from the steel plant.

256 people surrendered within a day

Russia's Ministry of Defense spokesman Konashenkov reported on the 17th that the "Asia Camp" personnel besieged by the Ukraine and Ukraine military forces besieged in the Mali Ubolia Surva Factory had surrendered on the 16th. Konarkov pointed out that in the past day and night, a total of 265 armed personnel surrendered, including more than 50 serious wounded. The wounded had been taken to the hospital in Nightsk's New Yask area for treatment.

Ukraine: We are evacuated, not surrender

What makes people cry and laugh is that Ukraine still wants to retrieve a little face in surrender. The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces issued a statement on the 17th that the Marwol garrison of the Marwol has completed the combat task, claiming that "the Ukraine Supreme Command has already been in the command of the Ukraine Supreme Command. The commander of the troops stationed in the Asia Steel Factory rescued the life of the soldiers. " Remind everyone that the Ukraine of the Ace Steel Factory is completing the "evacuation".

Ukrainian President Zelei said in a video speech that the day of "withdrawal" was a "difficult" day. "We want to protect their lives. Some of them are serious injuries, and they are currently being treated. Ukraine needs these heroes to live. This is our principle. I think everyone who rational people will understand this."

In addition, the US media also rhythmic rhythm. The New York Times, the CNN, and the Associated Press all unified the caliber, calling this large -scale surrender as "retreat" and "ending combat tasks".

When asked the steel factory "big fish", Peskov "hit Tai Chi"

Tas News reported on the 16th that Russian President Putin spokesman Pesov said that Putin ordered the cancellation of the anti -attack, blocking the factory area and allowing civilians and dismissal soldiers to evacuate, all of which are considered by humanitarianism.

On the evening of the 16th local time, a dozen bus with an international red Cross or Russia's "Z" sign in the Ukraine stopped outside the Asia Steel Factory and pulled away many Ukraine soldiers. On the 17th, there were 7 buss carrying Ukrainian armed members and left the Asia Steel Factory and went to the Russian army to control areas.

It is reported that when the media may have the so -called western "big fish" in the factory, when Putin ordered whether Putin ordered it, Peskov played Tai Chi: "I can't comment on the degree of fit of these media reports and the truth. I think this is completely the privilege of the Chinese soldiers who handle this matter. "

There are still residues in the factory, and Mali Ubol's control may be transferred to Russia

According to CCTV reports, a commander of Donedsk armed commander said on the 17th that the surrender of the Ace Steel Factory expected to be received on the day was 1,000, but there was no time to close the passage from the sky, and it was far from far away. Expecting numbers. The commander said the remaining defendant may be trying to destroy the equipment to avoid obtaining information on the Donetsk armed forces.

However, some foreign media said that the surrender means that the longest and most intense confrontation in the Russian -Ukraine conflict has ended, and it is a "major failure" of Ukraine. With the evacuation of the Ukraine's final stronghold from Mali Ubol, Ukraine seemed to eventually transfer the city's control to Russia. It is reported that when the last Ukrainian soldier withdrew from the steel factory, Russia would fully control the strategic port city of Southern Ukraine.

Earlier, there have been reports that the trapped "Yasuying" members were anxious, eating mold bread every day, and could not even drink clean water. In the case of insufficient medical conditions, some wounded can only be crowded with bandages, and some people simply were amproled, and some people simply coexisted with the corpse of the "comrades".

Since the outbreak of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, Marwol has become the "symbol" of Russia and Ukraine's determination to fight. It is reported that the Ukrainian military adhered to the steel mill for 82 days, not only containing some Russian forces, but also for the progress of the Ukrainian army in other conflict areas. However, as the Steel Factory's defenders evacuated from underground bunkers, the Russian army fully won the battle.