It spent 600 billion in 3 months. Why do Russia still have money to continue the war?Putin: Early earned back

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It spent 600 billion in 3 months. Why do Russia still have money to continue the war?Putin: Early earned back

2022-05-19 18:14:12 19 ℃

As the saying goes, the cannon sounds, gold is two thousand. The Russian -Ukraine conflict has been almost 3 months today, and it still has no intention of stopping. So how much does Russia spend in this "special military operation"? Russia naturally does not take out such confidential things, but some people have roughly calculated how much Russia's war consumption is.

Recently, Springs, the editor -in -chief of the "Special Forces Reporting Network", said in an interview that according to their estimates, the military expenses spent by the Russian army in Ukraine were about 900 million US dollars, which was equivalent to about RMB 60 100 million. To this day, they estimate that Russia spent military expenses. If it is calculated, it has been equipped with equipment loss, weapon maintenance, ammunition consumption, and soldiers, etc., it is as high as 5,000-600 billion yuan.

This is undoubtedly a scary number. It is necessary to know that Russia's military expenditure is only $ 65.9 billion, equivalent to more than 440 billion yuan. In other words, according to the calculations of Americans, the Russian army almost gathered for more than a year in less than three months. But it is strange that if the calculation of Americans is true, why do the Russians not only have no bankruptcy now, but they are more and more vigorous?

In fact, what makes people fall off the glasses is that Russia not only caused the country to bankruptcy due to war, but instead stimulated the war, Russia's fiscal revenue greatly increased. According to a report by Russia on May 14th, on May 13, local time, the US dollar against the Russian Moscow Exchange fell below 63 for the first time since February 2020.

According to data on the 11th of Bloomberg, the dollar exchange rate of the US dollar has risen 11%since the beginning of the year, and the exchange rate among 31 major currencies monitored by the agency has risen the largest. Under the stimulus of Rabbles all the way, the price of a large amount of oil sold by Russia to abroad, the prices of resources such as grain, minerals, and natural gas rose together to make a lot of profits for Russia.

According to data released by the Russians, Russia's fiscal surplus in April reached 800 billion rubles, the highest level in these years. Therefore, under the stimulus of a large amount of money, the Russians are not in a hurry now, but instead steadily fight and keep the front steadily advanced. Anyway, the war is dragging down, which is beneficial to them.

Now the Russian army needs $ 900 million to continue the war every day, but Russia earned more than 100 billion US dollars a month to fill the deficit. On the contrary, it is European and American countries that more and more votes in the bottomless hole in Ukraine, and there are already countries that are screaming. Many European countries, including Germany, have stated that in this war that cannot see the chance of victory, there is no more bottom -out investment in Ukraine. Besides, the result of sanctions on Russia is uncomfortable in Europe itself.

On the contrary, Americans made a fortune. According to the US Treasury Department, the federal finances in April appeared by $ 308 billion in surplus. This is the first federal fiscal surplus since 2019. So Americans nor Russians are not afraid of the war to continue, but Europeans are not different.

As for Ukraine, one of the parties of the war, now it is clean anyway. On the one hand, the war was launched in Ukraine, and the loss of Ukraine was naturally heavy. Some people have calculated that Ukraine has lost $ 700 billion in wealth. And in addition to the loss of these substances, a quarter of Ukraine has been controlled by Russia, and millions of people have become refugees.

The most important thing is that East Ukraine is the main industrial area of ​​Ukraine. Now these places are controlled by Russia. These hens who can get golden eggs will soon create profits for Russia. And Ukraine has lost more and more. Now that the money in the United States and Europe, it is difficult to maintain the war.

Some people predict that after three months, the oil and natural gas and mineral resources stored in Europe will be exhausted, and I am afraid that they will not even help Ukraine's money. What will happen at that time, that is really "a good show".

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