The reality is cruel, Putin has held back the anger this time!

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The reality is cruel, Putin has held back the anger this time!

2022-05-19 18:15:22 17 ℃

The reality is cruel. The Ukrainian war is still stuck, the western sticks are still waving, and Finland and Sweden will join NATO.

The Finnish President Nigero was a little surprised. Putin, who talked with him, was surprisingly calm , calm, and a little beyond his expectations.

The reason may also be simple. This time, Putinqiang swallowed the anger in his chest.

In the latest statement on May 16, Putin made it clear that the relationship between Russia and Finland and Sweden did not have problems. The two countries joined NATO and would not constitute a "direct threat" to Russia.

Of course, he turned around and said: Once the NATO military facilities expand to these two countries, Russia will respond to this.

He also scolded that when the Soviet Union disintegrated, the West had clearly guaranteed that NATO would not expand eastward to Russia. But this is a lie, a "lie to Russia".

What's the meaning?

The meaning is actually very subtle, completely personal interpretation.

1. It is going to rain, and the mother is going to marry. Since Finland and Sweden are going to join NATO, then go with you.

2. With the consistent performance of Finland and Sweden, and their own military strength, it will not have a direct threat to Russia.

3. But NATO, I warn you that if your war machine is close to Russia, Russia will be countermeasure .

The biggest feeling, Putin is forbearing, holding back the irritating anger.

NATO was deceiving Russia, and now she was humiliating Russia.

You know, before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Putin made three clear conditions to NATO:

1. Ukraine cannot join NATO;

2. NATO does not deploy offensive weapons in Ukraine;

3. NATO military deployment was restored to 1997.

But now, Russia and Ukraine's conflict continues. NATO military deployment not only did not return to 1997, but also approached step by step to provide weapons to Ukraine to deal with Russia. Now, Finland and Sweden are in their arms.

The little girl next door, who has a good relationship, falls into the hand of the scum man who is the enemy of himself. The anger in Russia's heart can be imagined.

But this is reality, and reality is cruel.

It has been in Finland for more than 70 years, and Sweden has been in China for more than 200 years. Now it has given up and relying on NATO. Obviously, it is also a serious consequence of this Russian -Ukraine conflict.

On the surface, these two Nordic countries are worried that the fate of Ukraine is their fate tomorrow. Russia is too terrible, so they quickly join NATO to seek self -protection.

Finnish female Prime Minister Marlin said: We have had a war with Russia, and we do not want us and our children to have such a future. This is why we have to make these decisions today and the next few weeks. This will always be forever. There will be no more war.

But don't forget that when the Cold War is the most severe, such as when the Soviet Union invaded Prague, isn't it afraid of Finland and Sweden? Why didn't you join NATO at that time?

The most fundamental reason is that the Russian army performed too much this time. For Finland and Sweden, they didn't want to give up neutrality before, but they dared not dare, because the Soviet army may be crushed at any time. Moscow's style is known all over the world.

However, the situation has changed significantly, and the Russian -Ukraine conflict has exposed the weakness of the Russian army. The Russian troops restricted by the Ukraine battlefield did not dare to open up a new battlefield easily. For Finland and Sweden, this is exactly the opportunity to get rid of Russia.

For Russia, the war of war is to prevent NATO from the eastward expansion. The battle is still fiercely carried out, but NATO continues to expand eastward.

This is undoubtedly an insult. Putin is very angry, but anger also requires strength. The anger of fear of the other party is the anger of emptiness.

The downward strategy is to intimidate Finland and Sweden and even use soldiers, but the two -line operations obviously do not meet the interests of Russia; the upper strategy, swallow this anger, stabilize Finland and Sweden as much as possible, avoid the abdomen to get the enemy, clean up first, first clean Let's talk about the Ukrainian battlefield.

Therefore, Putin settled that the two countries joined NATO did not threaten Russia, but NATO may not deploy war machines.

Putin's spokesman Peskov even reminded that you made it clear that Sweden, "Even if you join NATO, you will not allow any foreign military base or weapon system to be deployed on its territory."

Compared with the statement that must be tough before, Russia's bottom line has taken a big step back.

When the situation has changed significantly, it is necessary to adapt to changes and quickly adjust the countermeasures in the change. How can this world unchanged and neutral? What treatments? 200 years of neutralization can be adjusted at any time, and the international treaty can be abolished immediately. This is reality.

From this perspective, Putin does have a set, with personality and spicy means. This is not false; but at the critical moment, the tolerance must also be held back, and the stability must be stabilized.

Although Putin must also know that Finland and Sweden are lying in the arms of NATO. After that, NATO will be affectionate. It is really affectionate. It ’s all other people's housework. As a neighbor, you still manage it?

Human sentiment is as thin as paper, and the world is like a chess bureau. This could not help remind me of Russia and Turkey's contest seven or eight years ago.

At that time, Russia sent troops to Syria and quickly controlled the initiative, but annoyed Turkey next to it. In November 2015, Turkey adopted a secret ambush tactics, dispatched F-16 to shoot down the Russian SU-24 fighter, and two Russian pilots were killed. This is the most humiliated moment of Russia for many years. His fighters have been intentionally shot down by the third country. Putin is very sad: Our warrior is fighting with terrorists at the expense of life, but today someone stabbed us behind him.

It is tolerance and unbearable!

But did Russia retaliate?

In the end, Putin swallowed the evil breath. Next, even more dramatic, Turkey's subsequent coup. Putin notified Erdogan in advance regardless of his suspicion. Turkey immediately changed his attitude. Erdogan personally thanked Moscow in person. Turkey became a good brother of Russia ...

Therefore, many things, you often guess the beginning, but you can't guess the results. Or Lao Tzu said well: the blessing of the blessing, the blessing of the blessing.

The war is easy to end. When the war is open, it is a Domino.

When testing Putin, it was really here!