American aid for the U.S. Army?76 -year -old Trump suddenly came out of the mountain, and he pointed directly at Bai Deng

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American aid for the U.S. Army?76 -year -old Trump suddenly came out of the mountain, and he pointed directly at Bai Deng

2022-05-19 18:14:08 19 ℃

As more and more weapons appear on the front -line battlefield of Russia and Ukraine's conflict, the United States' military aid for Ukraine is also increasing. However, what makes Biden did not expect that Putin has not shot yet. The plan for US $ 40 billion is likely to make soups, which is tantamount to worsening in Ukraine.

On May 10th, the US House of Representatives voted a providing additional 40 billion US dollars aid plan to Ukraine. However, when voting on the Senate, Waterloo was tragically. Republican councilor Rand Paul took the lead in blocking the vote because the number of voters did not reach the number 100 people, so the fastest vote will not be passed this week.

At the same time, former 76 -year -old US President Trump came out of the mountain again, and he pointed directly at Deng Deng, attacking the 40 billion support plans of the White House.

Trump said that the impact of Russia and Ukraine's conflict on Europe is much larger than that of the United States. Why do these money need the United States to come and watch, but at the same time, the United States is facing a "crisis" level of infant milk powder shortage Essence

According to relevant data statistics, the shortage of infant milk powder in the United States has begun since last year, and the shortage has now reached an amazing 40%. It is said that four of the ten babies cannot eat milk powder.

In response, the Trump Boom Boarded the government, saying that the Democratic Party gave all the money to Ukraine, and it was simply a humiliation of American baby milk powder shortage.

Trump is indeed a businessman. He knows that the United States' aid plan for Ukraine is not meaningful if he does not get a corresponding return.

Trump's milk powder is just because this incident can resonate with the American people. After all, whoever children do not feel distressed. Of course, Trump must not think about these babies who can't drink milk powder, but to be about to be about to be about to be about to be about to drink milk, but to be about to be about to be about to be about to be about The arrival mid -term elections and the next US presidential election.

Some analysts pointed out that the shortage of milk powder has been under tremendous pressure on the Bayeon government. On May 12, the White House press secretary Puski said that the White House is using all means to solve the problem of shortage of American baby milk powder. Import volume.

In addition, the US government is restoring the production of milk powder with manufacturers, but it takes time to solve this problem, and the shortage of milk powder will continue.

The contradiction has appeared, and Biden must be burnt. The American people are not fools, they also know that their money is being sent to the war machine to burn money in Ukraine.

And it should be pointed out that if this 40 billion yuan bill is approved, Ukraine does not need to pay the money. It is different from the "Rental Act" signed by Biden not long ago.

The current Bayeng government has rode a tiger. If the support of the Ukraine is stopped, the Zelezi government will inevitably be defeated, and this will also affect many other Western countries with a wait -and -see attitude. Why continue to assist Ukraine?