The American Star Chain cannot be too wanton, the Russian army S-500 is in, and the Ukraine is worrying in the future.

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The American Star Chain cannot be too wanton, the Russian army S-500 is in, and the Ukraine is worrying in the future.

2022-05-19 18:15:45 21 ℃

With the slow stagnation of the Russian army, Russia showed its own killer.

On May 18, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Borisov said that the Russian army had begun to receive S-500 air defense missiles. In April this year, Russian military enterprises stated that S-500 had mass production, and Western sanctions would not affect production.

The Russian army had previously judged that the United States will have the ability to crack down on all high -value targets in Russia from the empty field around 2030, so it must be prepared.

The Russian army requires that the S-500 can not only crack down on ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and various aircraft, but also effectively respond to the goals such as hypersonic weapons, low-orbital satellites on the earth, and meteorite. Under such expectations, the S-500 came into being.

Since then, the Russian army has conducted actual combat testing on the Syrian battlefield, and the effect is quite good.

The United States has launched a large number of satellites in the "Star Chain" plan to monitor missile launch in other countries. If the US satellites fly over the target area to take pictures, it will threaten the national defense security of other countries. Russia said that if this is the case, the S-500 will reveal the "star chain satellite" relentlessly.

The good show of the S-500 is to hit the satellites in the high altitude, so the Star Chain satellites in the United States must be careful.

The S-500 overall performance surpasses the "Sade" anti-missile system that can destroy high-altitude targets exceeding 100 kilometers, which has entered a low-earth orbit of space. The missile flight speed exceeds 6 kilometers per second, which is close to the first universe speed of 7.9 kilometers per second. Obviously, the S-500's strike weapon has a significant strategic value for Russia's national security.

The current experimental data of the Russian army shows that all ultrasonic missiles around the world are within the defense range of the S-500, and the S-500 missile can even be locked in advance in 500 kilometers. The most powerful F-22 fighter in the United States will also be completely exposed to its blow. In this regard, the United States believes that once the S-500 serves large-scale in Russia, it will greatly change the comparison of confrontation forces, and NATO will also have to formulate a new plan for response.

At present, the Star Chain satellite in the United States provides a lot of military intelligence for Ukraine, making the Russian army very passive.

It is reported that the Ukraine's "Moscow" missile cruiser attacked the Russian and Black Sea Fleet, and Ukraine was helped by the star chain satellite.

Poniakov, deputy minister of Ukraine Digital Transformation Department, said in an interview earlier that Ukraine has installed more than 10,000 star chain satellite antennas to bring network services to all parts of Ukraine. Chel Nigv.

But don't underestimate the star chain satellite antenna, which can receive real -time signals of satellites and let the network communication be unblocked. It is because of the support of the star chain satellite, the Ukraine can use the network remote control drone to conduct reconnaissance or even attack on the Russian army.

If the Russian army is severely damaged and the attack is blocked, the Russian army is likely to enable the S-500 air defense missile system to crack down on the star chain satellite and make Ukraine lose communication support. At that time, the information obtained by the Ukrainian army would be limited, and the fight against the Russian army would become difficult.

On May 18, Russia not only showed the S-500 air defense missile system, and Borisov also said that the "Preeswater" laser weapon system also began to supply Russian forces in batches. According to reports, the weapon system can paralyze the satellite on the space orbit of 1500 kilometers from the ground. He added that laser and electromagnetic weapons are expected to replace conventional weapons in the next decades.

The two killers of the Russian army will make the Russian army more confident in controlling Wudong.

However, whether Russia dares to use S-500 and laser weapons to destroy American satellites, it may be the point, because it means that Russia declares war on the United States, and the United States will definitely fight against Russia, and that will make the Russian period face more Large -scale attack.

At present, Russia will not easily use the S-500, and the biggest installation may be to deter.

In addition, in the case of a long attack, Russia was worried that the country might use nuclear weapons to reverse the war. In this regard, Borisov also gave the answer on May 18.

He said that the military standards formulated by Moscow determined that the country would use nuclear weapons only when it was "retaliated", "we will not launch an attack first." (Inoue frog)