C919 is here!Each price is nearly $ 100 million, why is it more expensive than Boeing 737?

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C919 is here!Each price is nearly $ 100 million, why is it more expensive than Boeing 737?

2022-05-19 18:13:57 19 ℃

The domestic large aircraft C919 is really coming. This will be a milestone in the history of the development of civil aviation in my country.

As we all know, in the global civil aircraft market, it is basically occupied by Boeing and French Airbus, and major airlines in my country have basically purchased aircraft of these two companies.

Earlier, my country was basically blank in the field of civil aviation aircraft. It was not until 2008 that the Chinese COMAC Group was established, and it officially opened the R & D and manufacture of large civil aircraft. The difficulty of making products such as mobile phones, cars, and other products does not know how many times higher.

Although it is difficult, we are still persistent. The C919 large plane has established items in 2009. After 13 years, we have finally ushered in the dawn.

C919 is about to be delivered, and domestic large aircraft are here

On May 10th, Oriental Airlines, headquartered in Shanghai, issued an announcement that 38 aircraft will be ordered, of which 28 are domestic aircraft, which is 4 C919 and 24 ARJ21 manufactured by the COMAC Group.

It is understood that on May 14, the first aircraft of C919 will be delivered to China Eastern Airlines, which means that my country's large aircraft will really be successful and will start a new era of my country's civil aircraft aircraft.

In fact, as early as 2015, the first ARJ21 manufactured by COMAC Group was delivered to Chengdu Airlines and officially put into market operation. But ARJ21 belongs to a branch passenger aircraft, that is, small and medium -sized passenger planes. In contrast, large aircraft can reflect the strength of a national aviation manufacturing.

The C919 aircraft is my country's first large -scale trunk passenger aircraft with a maximum range of more than 5,500 kilometers. The performance is equivalent to the mainstream single -channel passenger aircraft of the international new generation. It corresponds to the most popular Boeing 737 series and Airbus 320 series. The C919 aircraft has a total of 164 seats, which is similar to Boeing 737-800.

As early as 2016, Oriental Airlines became the first user in the world of C919 aircraft, and now officially placed 4 orders. It is understood that the C919 aircraft already has thousands of intentions, which means that it will compete with Boeing and Airbus.

Each price is $ 99 million, why is it more expensive than Boeing 737?

As China Eastern Airlines announced the latest orders, the price of C919 came out. Data show that the unit price of the directory is $ 99 million. It is said that the price is lower than the price of similar competitive products in the Airbus A320 series and the Boeing 737 series, but in fact, the transaction price is much lower. Take 737-800 as an example. Each is about $ 70 million, which is cheaper than C919.

Since C919 is a domestic large -scale domestic aircraft, why is the price more expensive than foreign countries?

In fact, the price is high or low. It depends on how high our localization rate is. It is understood that when the project was set in 2009, the target of 10%of the localization rate was set, because the domestic aviation manufacturing industry was too weak. However, by the first flight of C919 in 2017, the domestic rate has reached 30%, which has made great progress. And now on delivery, the domestic rate is no less than 50%, which is a very remarkable achievement.

Someone always said that C919 was an empty shell and a assembly machine, but an aircraft involved hundreds of thousands of parts and components. It is not a company. The suppliers of a country can solve it. Even Boeing and Airbus need countries. Parts and components have not achieved 100%autonomy, but they just say that they have achieved autonomy on major components.

For major parts such as engines, we still have to rely on imports, and then the price will be expensive. On the one hand, there are not many orders for C919, and the price is naturally high. For example, ARJ21, the price of foreign original parts used in the early days is as high as tens of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, tariffs are required for imported parts, and the price has increased accordingly.

Therefore, for C919, if you want to reduce the price, there are only two roads. One is to expand the scale and increase production capacity, that is, get more orders, and once the order amount is large, the price will decrease significantly. This is the case in business, and the price of wholesale is lower than the price of retail. However, for C919, it is currently a domestic market.

The second is to increase independent research and development, increase the domestic rate, and replace a large number of imported components with domestic parts. This task cannot be completed by a company, and a large number of component suppliers need to be needed. In fact, for domestic component manufacturers, once the supplier of C919 enters the C919, the huge and long -term order is undoubtedly a high -quality "long -term meal ticket".

The road to manufacturing in the large aircraft is still far away

Although the domestic rate has reached 50%, the application of these components is still on some non -core systems, and the key core system (such as engines) still needs to rely on foreign suppliers.

Judging from the list of suppliers of the C919, the body has basically realized domestic production, such as machines, fuselage, and wings. The airborne system is basically imported, such as oxygen systems, wastewater systems, etc., but now many are also joint ventures.

If the core parts cannot be autonomous, it may still be stuck at any time. For example, in 2021, COMAC was sanctioned by the United States into Meu (Mility End User List, "Military End User") list. To truly realize autonomy, it is still on core components.

However, it is very rare to achieve so many technical breakthroughs in such a short period of time.I believe that as long as we persist, we can constantly break through new technical difficulties and continuously improve the domestic rate.The aviation manufacturing industry is an important industry in which China has transformed from low -end manufacturing to high -end manufacturing. China ’s huge civil aviation passenger aircraft market cannot always be in the hands of foreign companies.In the era of global competition, only by holding technology firmly in your own hands can you be fearless.